Now in the second game, I face Lazio and play the Rome Derby.
He had some bad luck in fighting the fire this time.
Rome derby, Rome is at an absolute disadvantage.
Ranieri seems to know this. So before the game, he didn’t provoke Lazio, nor did he show any ambition.
He is very low-key.
Don’t talk about this game.
Even when the reporters forced him to talk, he didn’t talk.
If you push hard, just be silent.
A group of reporters really have no good way to face such a person who has lowered his posture and can’t get in the oil and salt.
For them, this is probably the most boring Roman derby.
There is no suspense about the result of the game, and now even the process of the game has no sense of expectation.
What else can I see?
Did Chang Sheng look so cocky at the post-match press conference?
Chapter 53 The outbreak of genius
If Ranieri doesn’t play, the current Rome derby is really nothing to watch.
The local media in Rome have paid little attention to the Rome Derby. If there is a Roman derby, it will be reported as a general game. It will not increase the intensity of reporting and increase the number of journalists just because it is a Roman derby.
This league will be reported as usual.
And Chang Sheng doesn’t take the initiative to provoke each other before the game.
He doesn’t think it makes much sense to do so.
The whole world knows the feud between him and Rome, which need not be emphasized repeatedly by him.
Anyway, just win Rome.
It’s as simple and common as eating, drinking and breathing.
Normal people who will eat, drink and breathe every day?
Lazio challenged Rome away in the Rome Derby this weekend.
In this game, Lazio continued their tactics with Atletico Madrid, that is, possession and speed.
For such a Lazio, Rome has no choice.
Ranieri can’t help it.
But since it’s the same city derby, it can’t just end unremarkably.
"mario gotze! ! !” The commentator gave a loud hiss.
In his roar, in front of the door of Rome, Gotze was opening his arms and preparing to turn and run!
Other Lazio teammates rushed at him.
The man who scored the goal is this young Gotze!
"mario gotze! He scored! This is his first goal on behalf of Lazio! "
"Sixteen years and one hundred and sixty-six days! Mario gotze! He broke the record of the youngest foreign aid goal set by Bojinov in Serie A on January 11th, 2004! Now he is the youngest foreign aid goal scorer! "
"Although it didn’t break the record of the youngest goal scorer in Serie A created by legendary striker Amadie of Rome, it is still great to be a foreign aid for the youngest goal!"
When mario gotze scored, the commentators roared with excitement.
When Motta scored his first goal for Lazio before, they were not so excited.
Because this is really a historic goal!
As these commentators said, mario gotze, at the age of 16 years and 166 days, became the youngest foreign aid to score goals in Italian football history!
The record of the youngest scorer in Serie A belongs to Lazio’s arch-enemy in the same city, Rome.
Amadie, a legendary striker in Rome, was called "the eighth emperor of Rome" by Roman fans.
He played for Rome in Serie A at the age of fifteen years, nine months and six days, becoming the youngest player in Serie A history, a record that no one can break.
Just eight days after his first appearance, he scored his first goal in Serie A for Rome at the age of 15 years, 9 months and 14 days.
This is also the youngest goal scorer in Serie A history.
Similarly, this record is still difficult to break.
And it will be hard to be broken in the future.
Although no one can surpass Amadeus, Gotze’s performance deserves any praise.
Chang Sheng also stood up and applauded Gotze’s goal.
Although he has joined the team for several months and made many appearances in the league, his statistics are still blank.
No goals, no assists.
If it hadn’t been for his outstanding performance in the Champions League, he would certainly be under greater pressure now. Even Chang Sheng doesn’t know if Gotze can hold up enough.
As a result, the Champions League saved Gotze and helped him find his state and confidence.
When the state is good, it’s really a dream come true.
Now he has not only assists, but also goals!
Chang Sheng thought that in the time and space he was familiar with, Gotze’s performance was already excellent. He was a phenomenal player, the core of the attack in Dortmund, and the object that the world’s giants competed for.