Because if you don’t die, damn it … we’re fucking dead!
Bari’s players and Lazio’s players stood in the tunnel at the same time, but they felt that today’s opponents were a little different.
A keen person noticed that Lazio players were fidgety.
They suddenly felt happy!
Isn’t this their chance?
Lazio almost lost in the Champions League away game in the last game and was recently scolded by the media.
That must be why they are so upset, right?
Playing football is annoying?
How much can the usual level play?
Seventy percent or fifty percent?
This is not our chance. What is it?
Beat Lazio at home, let’s give Lazio the first defeat of the season!
Chapter one hundred and forty-five Dream opening
When Lazio’s players in the players’ tunnel are as restless as animals in cages, Changsheng has already sat on the coach’s bench with his coaches.
Assistant coach dimatteo sat beside him.
Originally, this position belonged to another assistant coach Rudy Gonzalez.
However, since the need to contact new tactics, Rudy has not come to the coach’s seat. He is in the stands, carrying a tripod and a camera, and is responsible for video recording.
He recorded and edited the highlights of every game that Lazio players saw.
Dimatteo and Chang Sheng have only worked together for more than a season, and his understanding of Chang Sheng is naturally inferior to Rudy Gonzá lez, otherwise he wouldn’t have asked such a question: "Are you telling the truth, Chang?"
Changsheng asked him, "What do you mean, Robert?"
"If they don’t perform well in this game, they will have no chance to play until the end of this season."
Changsheng nodded: "Yes, what I said is true. I never joke about team discipline, Robert."
"But … isn’t this a bit too much? That’s almost all our substitutes and part of the main force … "
"Too much?" Changsheng turned to look at him. "No, not at all. Compared with the fact that they made Lazio a laughing stock in Europe, it’s not too much. They must be clear about this, and people are responsible for their actions. An irresponsible player is not a good player. "
Dimatteo fell silent.
Although the contact time is not long, he still understands the stubbornness of Changsheng.
Since Chang Sheng has said so, it is obvious that there will be no change in this matter.
It’s no use talking too much. Let’s wait until the game starts.
Ever-victorious glanced at dimatteo and knew what this man was thinking.
He must be worried.
But there’s nothing to worry about.
He was very, very angry when the team almost lost to an unheard-of team like Debrecen. However, after so many days, the anger has gradually faded.
He just wants to slide down the players and let them know their control over the team.
In fact, the winning team is not worried that the team will lose to Barry.
He believes that he has aroused the fighting spirit of these people to the maximum extent.
The correct view of the next game should be to sit on the coach’s bench on the sidelines and cross your legs until the end.
Bari’s players thought Lazio’s fidgeting was their chance, but just after the game started, they were stunned by a blow.
"Gill! ! Beautiful mallet! When he jumped high, in front of Barry’s door, no one could match him! He just pushed Coentrao’s cross in so easily! "
In the cheers of the commentator, Gill didn’t run with open arms to celebrate, but rushed into Barry’s goal, grabbed the football from Barry’s goalkeeper and turned to run to the middle circle.
Although the boss said that beating them proved our attitude and ability. But how do you prove it? Just beat it?
Gill doesn’t think so.
1: 0 win over Barry, that’s a victory over your opponent, but can such a result prove your ability and attitude?
Obviously not.
In order to be thought by the boss that he is doing his best, there is only one way for himself as a center, and that is to score goals desperately!
If you finish your hat trick, the boss can’t say that he didn’t perform well, can he?
In fact, Gill is not the only Lazio player who thinks so. Almost all players think so.
So after Gill scored, the other Lazio players didn’t celebrate the goal, and even didn’t hug Gill. They turned around and ran back to their own half before Gill …