If you are injured, you need to heal, and Sunday’s achievement method is doomed to strengthen yourself as long as you heal, and at the same time constantly improve your achievement method. Although in this series of processes, there will be a lot of consumption of internal qi in Sunday’s body, can Sunday care? Sunday is the least lacking; That is, it is a medicinal material that increases internal qi.
"Iron Shirt" broke through again and again, and it was easy for Sunday to practice in the ninth floor of dzogchen. With the completion of the practice of "Iron Shirt", Sunday’s defense ability immediately reached a level that made people feel outrageous.
Monster beast; Killer, almost used a variety of ways to attack Sunday, and even blew himself up more than once, but it is like this; On Sunday, however, he just never suffered any harm, and when he ate his opponent by defense; But also let Sunday’s strength progress to a stagnant situation.
This situation has been going on for quite a long time, and finally it changed when it accidentally broke into the territory of an injured dragon on Sunday and was seriously injured by it.
On Sunday, I didn’t think that I was so unlucky. Since I just wandered around, I really wandered into the territory of Xiaolong, a top monster beast. If that’s the case, forget it. People have dragon blood, and they usually sleep for a hundred years. If they don’t just bump into each other when they wake up, the territory of Xiaolong may be much safer than other places.
But Sunday is unlucky; Not only ran to the dragon’s lair, but also happened to hit the dragon when it was awake. If this is the case, it will be forgotten, and the dragon will be traumatized. It is absolutely enough to make Sunday dark call unlucky.
A blow; Just a blow, Sunday has never been found; Since the biological gap between myself and those in the fix true world will be so big. Facing the killer of the brothel; Even those monsters in the jungle can be bullied on Sunday, if it is not the black building that has brought in a lot of people from the outside world; Let Sunday feel that the number of the other party is a little tricky. On Sunday, it is almost ready to directly attack the headquarters of the brothel.
But now; On Sunday, I think I should have been invincible in the neighborhood. In the end, since I was hit by the dragon, I almost died directly. If it wasn’t for Sunday, there was space. If it wasn’t for the dragon, I didn’t dare to leave my lair. I was afraid to hit the dragon at the beginning. Sunday will become the dragon’s dinner.
That is, because he was almost killed by the dragon, Sunday took the opportunity of that time, but he went one step further and closed for several months at a time, successfully pushing his achievement method to the realm of "Golden Bell". Therefore, it was not possible to deal with the killers in the black building during that time, so that the killers in the black building had a comfortable life.
Now; Since Sunday is already a great achievement, it feels like a great achievement, just like the protagonists in the novel, after the strength has been greatly improved; Sunday naturally moved the mind of revenge, and after just stabilizing his own realm, Sunday officially began to retaliate against the black building at that time.
A realm is a kind of strength. The Golden Bell Hood is the third set of body-building techniques handed down by Zhou Jiazu, and it is also the last body-building method known by Sunday, and its power is strong. However, it is really not better than B in Iron Shirt.
You can have stronger defense ability than before without exercise, and you can’t break Sunday’s defense unless you are a magic weapon. This is even the past treasure knives and swords. Then; Sunday’s internal organs also began to accept the exercise; At present, the ability to resist the blunt attack of heavy weapons on Sunday has also made great progress.
Finally; The Golden Bell Hood also has an advantage that the Iron Shirt does not have, that is, after reaching this realm; Every poison in the world has lost its effect on Sunday, to use a popular word in Wulin; That is to say, at present, Sunday has successfully entered the realm of’ all poisons are not invaded’, and all these changes; But there is no doubt that the black floor can be used to deal with Sunday’s means to seal off one by one, and there is no need to worry about the common means of killers that can pose a threat to themselves. On Sunday, it is natural to have no scruples about the black floor at that time.

Chapter sixty-nine Guarding city crossbow
"Black floor killer you listen; Now that you are surrounded, put down your arms and come out to surrender. If you continue to fight … "Trumpet with your hands; Sunday is very boring to learn the plot in some movies; Started flirting with the killers in the black building in the valley.
It’s been ten days since I went through the customs on Sunday. During these ten days; On Sunday, I didn’t do anything else, but just stayed on the passage in and out of the black building. When I met a killer in the black building, I killed one, no matter how huge the team formed by the other party was. In the end, they can’t escape Sunday’s resistance.
Results; Ten days later, the number of killers killed in the black building on Sunday reached an amazing number, and finally the black building could no longer afford such damage; And camping into their compound, let Sunday shouting outside the valley; They just won’t come out to fight Sunday.
At the beginning; What I want on Sunday is to trap their taniguchi, as long as I don’t let those killers in and out; I don’t believe how long the materials in their valley can last, as long as there are no materials; When the time comes, they will naturally come out to fight with themselves.
Just; Sunday seems to be something less; I don’t know what’s different about the valley where they live in the black building. Since they have been trapped by Sunday for several days in a row, there is no movement, but they feed on medicine every day on Sunday. It’s almost disgusting to eat.
"all right! I admit that I can’t fight with patience, but you are killers! In that case; Then let me see what you have prepared for me! " A few days passed; See those killers on Sunday has been nothing happened; First of all, he couldn’t support it, but at that time he could only take the initiative.
On Sunday, in fact, I don’t want to take the initiative to attack. Although on Sunday, I feel that my skill has been greatly improved, it is hard to be hurt if I stand where I am. But Sunday is not an idiot; In the case of knowing something about the black building; Nature is impossible to enter each other’s territory at will.
What place is this jungle now? It’s not unclear on Sunday, so to speak. In this jungle, as long as you are unlucky; Anything can be encountered. Sunday can meet the dragon; Then others may meet a bigger monster beast. If you really want to live in this place, the average person can’t lose even nine lives.
But now; The black building has successfully established itself in this place, if they don’t have some means; Sunday that is absolutely won’t believe it.
Not knowing the opponent’s card; And know the opponent’s strength is not weak, Sunday how willing to dabble in the enemy’s camp …
But now there is no way; Those killers in the black building became little pussies, and even on Sunday, they have been blocking their doors like this; But there is no guarantee that the killers inside will be forced out by themselves. On the contrary; If you have been at the entrance of the valley, Sunday can’t guarantee that you will just bump into any monster beast to feed.
Now it seems that Sunday is forcing the other side to take the initiative to fight with themselves, but in fact; The situation on Sunday is not much better than the other party. Now that I see the other side is not forced out by myself, I am not in a good situation on Sunday; Although I know that I don’t know what I will face when I go in, I finally hesitated; On Sunday, I still grind my teeth and walked into the valley at that time …
The situation is worse than Sunday’s imagination. Although Sunday knew that it was impossible for him to spend such a long time in the black building without any preparation. But Sunday did not think of it; I have just entered the valley here, but I immediately ushered in the other party’s attack.
A flash of cold light; On Sunday, even without knowing anything, he was shot by something and flew backwards at that time. After flying away from the original place for about five or six meters; On Sunday, this just reacted, and I quickly used my heel to resist the ground, which made my flying back figure pause.
Take a breath; I never thought that I would receive such a big gift from the black building as soon as I entered the valley; Look at what you are pregnant with again, and come up in one breath on Sunday; But suddenly there is an impulse to want to’ criticisms’.
"Guarding the city!" It never occurred to me on Sunday; Since such a killer organization in Black House has even got such a thing, what is the situation? Did they rob the armory of Zhoufu?
Guarding city crossbows are somewhat similar to the ancient crossbows above the earth; However, its main material is much better than that on the earth. Although the crossbow skeleton is important, the most important place is definitely the bowstring. At present, the world has a monster beast. According to the monster beast, it is far better than the crossbow made by the tendons of cattle, sheep and other livestock on the earth. Although both the cost and the difficulty of opening the bow will increase a lot, the power will definitely increase a lot.
In this world; The crossbow guarding the city is the biggest weapon against monster beast in the city where human beings gather, and it is the most important strategic material for the country. At ordinary times, the specific situation of the guarding city crossbow in ideal city needs to be reported to the state government, if anyone gets any hall on it; That’s definitely a brain loss.
Although it is not said that there is no crossbow guarding the city, but now that such a killer organization in the black building has also got such a weapon of war, it can not be depressed on Sunday. Obviously unreasonable! It makes sense for people to get one or two of these things on Sunday. After all, people have strong strength and wide connections. This kind of thing is obtained through some channels, and the court will mostly turn a blind eye to it.
But now that a killer organization such as the black building has the courage to move this kind of thing home, this … This really doesn’t know how to make Sunday say they are bold! Still blame those officials in the court for disappointing, since such an important guarding city weapon has made people move back home.
But depressed to depressed, after throwing away his own crossbow, Zhou Zai will once again go in the valley …
With Sunday’s action; The reaction of the black building is becoming more and more fierce. One by one, a bolt as thick as a child’s arm is constantly shot from the valley. Although it can’t hurt Sunday, it is always awkward to shoot Sunday.
And then on Sunday, when jumping up and down in the valley; It is not clear that his performance will scare the killers inside into a pair of what appearance …
The size of the crossbow guarding the city is one meter wide and two meters long. Only the crossbow is as thick as a child’s arm. According to this scale, we know that its power can’t be weak. A thing used to shoot monsters; That power even the city wall may be shot through by it, if this kind of thing shoots people; A generation of grandmasters will only die.
Originally see Sunday so easily let them shoot; Those killers also despise Sunday, thinking that Sunday has no ability; It was only an arrow that killed it.
But the next Sunday’s performance is to make those killers sweat from their foreheads. Since the weapon that even the monster beast can shoot has no effect on Sunday?
I saw that there were so many crossbows in a row on Sunday, but I was not injured; Those killers were naturally frightened by their fierce performance.

Chapter seventy Enchanted shadows
"Why haven’t you killed the enemy? The bodhi old zu can’t wait to enjoy his flesh and blood. If you can’t kill him again; Be careful when the bodhi old zu takes you to count. " In the black floor killer braved the cold sweat; While constantly toward Sunday launch bolt; A young man dressed in a red robe appeared on the valley fortifications, and before he saw the situation clearly, he criticized the killers on it.
Those killers who were scared by Sunday’s performance when they heard that; His face sank at that time. However; When they saw the bearer’s appearance, they immediately put away their expressions at that time. After a respectful visit to the bearer, they replied to him with a very helpless expression: "Report back to your honor; The invading enemy seems to have become a Buddhist indestructible body, and the crossbow can’t do harm to the other side. Please ask the red-robed adults to help us, otherwise it will be difficult to pose a threat to the people according to our strength. "
"and this?" Obviously, the man in red didn’t know the situation here. After hearing the report from the killers, he was surprised to ask a question. People are already sticking out their necks at that time and starting to look at the Sunday that is jumping up and down outside.
Eyes shrink; When you see the moment of Sunday; The expression of the red man immediately changed, and he stared at the figure of Sunday for a minute or two, when he found that the crossbow really had no effect on Sunday; Immediately while unconsciously moving his ten fingers; At the same time, he ordered the killers beside him: "Stop attacking; For the master of Buddhism who has practiced the indestructible body; Your attack can’t have any effect. Everyone will take the magic shadow with me to meet the Buddhist master. I really want to see what that man can do. Since forced into our black building site?
Those killers didn’t hesitate; Directly stop the action, as if the man in red is their immediate boss, under its command; Let go of things quickly, as it ran towards Taniguchi’s Sunday …
But Sunday didn’t know what happened in the valley. When it entered the enemy valley, it immediately stopped because of the other hand’s guarding city crossbow.
Guarding city crossbow is really unable to hurt Sunday, but the impact of guarding city crossbow is not fake, when it is shot by guarding city crossbow; Even if it won’t be hurt by the other party on Sunday, it will be taken away from the original place by that momentum. Every time I take a few steps forward, I will be shot back to the original place by the other party. Although I haven’t suffered any harm, this situation is enough to make Sunday crazy.
Not bad; On Sunday, I can’t stand this kind of experience and I’m ready to think of some way to change the situation. The other party stopped the attack because of an order from the red man, and finally I let Sunday, who was driven up and down by the guarding city crossbow, breathe a sigh of relief.
The next situation is naturally simple, and it was only on Sunday that I was relieved when I found the red man and the group of killers; Just heart suppressed a sigh of relief, he naturally wanted to take the initiative to meet up with each other without thinking.
One side wants to vent its anger by fighting, and the other side regards Sunday as an intruder; For the sake of the organization to which they belong, it is necessary to destroy Sunday, the intruder. From the beginning, the different positions of the two sides doomed that they could not coexist peacefully, so they just came into contact. Immediately at that time, the two sides fought fiercely.
The man in red robe suddenly flies like an eagle before Sunday approaches, and his right claw is like an eagle’s claw; A towards Sunday eyes hard inserted in the past …
There are only a few doors for people who practice external skills, and their eyes are absolutely impossible to fall. Now that I have seen the performance of Sunday, I know that it is impossible for a general attack to hurt Sunday. The man in red is naturally aiming at Sunday’s eyes from the beginning.
The man in red moves quickly; In the case of sudden acceleration, I was really caught off guard on Sunday.
Just; The attack of the man in red finally failed, not for other reasons, but because of his red robe; It was only this time that the attack failed.
So many killers dressed in black, only the red man dressed in different colors, Sunday is not an idiot; Nature is when the other party just appears; Then I immediately targeted the red man. Although the red man’s attack was very sudden and sharp, who let his clothes have already been sold, so; Under the condition that the heart pays attention to that person; Although the other party’s attack was sudden, it was still blocked at a critical moment on Sunday.
The left hand into a fist blocked the red man’s talons before inserting them into his eyes, and then on Sunday, his right foot was silently stretched out at that time, and with a gust of wind, he also aimed at the red man’s chin and kicked it in the past, as long as it was kicked; I’m afraid the man will be kicked in the teeth on Sunday if he doesn’t die.
Just; It is impossible for a red man to be defeated so easily on Sunday, just at the moment when his right foot kicked out on Sunday; The red man’s feet were the first step to press Sunday’s right foot back again, and then his feet put Sunday’s feet on a plate. At the same time, his hands suddenly changed their tactics and hugged Sunday directly, eventually trapping Sunday’s limbs in a koala posture.
"I’ll go; This guy won’t be a back! " Sunday, who was trapped by the other party, didn’t feel any anxiety, and he was very protective of himself. Sunday is quite confident. Although the strength shown by the red man is not weak, Sunday does not believe that the other party can break his own defense. From the beginning, Sunday thinks that he is in an invincible position. Even if it is restricted by the other side, there is still no reason to be afraid.
Unlike Sunday; The idea of the man in red is much simpler, and it doesn’t matter how ambiguous his posture is now, for him; As a killer, it is natural that the first question to consider is how to kill the target more easily and successfully.
"Don’t do it quickly!" The moment when Sunday is over; The man in red immediately roared out a cry, and with his roar, the rest of the killers seemed to hear something, and directly stretched their right hand into their arms and attacked their husbands for a moment; Even nothing is clear, since Sunday felt that he had suffered hundreds of attacks at that time.