"You put this tea set away and let the green slaves put it away." Xiaozha confessed 1 and hurried out.
"It’s … Zagreb … Father-in-law …" Mammy Qian looked at the master and servant and laughed coldly. The sound was not as mild as before, but bitter and sharp.
Green slave in the side door hand unconsciously shake up just want to hide in front of the man cold voice came over.
"Where to?" Mammy Liu leaned lazily in the main seat
"No" green slave came very consciously.
"The emperor came over last night?" The little boy drank late into the night in the garden, and she couldn’t help going to bed first.
"Yes" green slave nodded with fear in his eyes.
"Do you know what happened to the emperor?" Even she has noticed the strangeness these days.
"I don’t know" green slave shook his head.
"What did the Queen say?" Mammy Liu continued to ask
"No" last night, I always took care of Xiaozha Huang, and I was also happy to lead the way and serve him.
"Tell me what the emperor has asked you recently?" Mammy Liu propped her head on one hand and became more and more relaxed.
"Military affairs" has always been asked, which is the most frequent recently.
"He hasn’t found it yet?" Mammy Liu frowned slightly. If we find the war, it will be explosive.
"No" She has been looking for it, and she has never seen or heard of the Queen and Xiaozha.
"Does the queen really have a military symbol?" Sister Liu’s doubts are just words.
"Never seen" green slave truthfully told.
Mammy Liu pondered for a moment and then asked, "Is there anything else?"
Green slave hesitated for a moment is still respectful way "small Zagreb".
"Really, what can I do for Xiaozha?" Mammy Liu sneered with some disdain.
"Ask the empress if she is still secretly sad and secretly cries every day." Qingnu answered that she felt distressed in her clear eyes.
"No matter how good it is, that girl is still sad." Mammy Liu suddenly frowned.
Green slave holds her head down and hands behind her back tightly, except for fear or fear. Even if she doesn’t torture her as a child, she still can’t get rid of that fear. The queen has long been eccentric, but she dare not betray this Lord at all.
"Does Jou-fei come here often recently?" It seems that I haven’t noticed this girl for a long time.
"I have just been here and just left."
"What to do?"
"Chatting about the Emperor" was deliberately said by the soft princess just now, and she could listen to it for nothing.
"She is very good at timing!" Mammy Liu’s eyes flitted across a trace of Yinzhi lazily. "Lead the way. I’ll be careful after I live next to you. If the queen sees the clue, take a closer look at your face!"
Green slave gasped and hurriedly led the way. The original pure eyes were full of horror.
….. the dividing line …
Imperial house
"How did the Empress come?" Father-in-law De is surprised. This Lord usually comes here in the afternoon.
"The emperor is still busy? Have you had lunch? " Zi Xuan asked and looked at the house.
"Not yet, Empress. Wait a minute. I’ll go in and leave." Grandpa De hurried in.
The couch behind the curtain is asleep.
"The Queen Mother is here."
Duguying turned over and opened her eyes lazily. She looked sleepy and didn’t know that she had drunk too much yesterday. She slept until now this morning.
"The Queen Mother is here!" Father-in-law de was in a hurry to say
Duguying still looks lazy or "let her in"
"Yes", my father-in-law didn’t say anything more and retired. The white master had his own discretion in his heart.
Zagreb was smart enough to stay outside the curtain with her father-in-law. Zi Xuan frowned and walked in slowly, bypassing the bead curtain. Then he saw the cold king lazily leaning on the couch, still looking tired.
"Why did the queen come at this time?" His memory remained in the garden yesterday, deliberately provoking her.
Although I have been prepared for it for a long time, I still can’t control my heart. I really forgot what I said last night.