In fact, Chu Yifeng’s dragging Sun Shan and Ding Xiangbin over has already shown that his attitude even if the original rank patrol envoy wants to become a member of the new watch city, there will be no distinction between primary and secondary.
Everyone nodded, and they all wanted to sit in that position above ten thousand people, but now no one except Chu Yifeng has the strength, so they don’t want to see others sitting in that position. Chu Yifeng’s proposal is just what they want.
After these ChuYifeng didn’t wait for all forces to discuss what the result was, he left the alliance of the fix true boundary early. With this beginning, it should be established under the threat of the demon race, so ChuYifeng doesn’t need to worry about it.
The mysterious medical school that left Chu Yifeng from Hengyuan Star and went straight to Qingtangxing.
When he came to Qingtangxing, Qingtangxing was no longer beautiful. The barren hills were everywhere and desolate. Chu Yifeng knew that it was difficult to be immune to the chaos in the fix-true world in the past hundred years with the strength of the Xuanyi medical school. If he had not suffered great disasters, he might have moved to other places.
Chu Yifeng thought for a moment and didn’t continue to look for Feng Wanying’s body. He didn’t see Feng Qian Shan again, and he didn’t know what to say. He just saw Qingtang Star as beautiful as heaven become like this. Chu Yifeng couldn’t bear it. After all, it was the place where he met Feng Wanying. So Chu Yifeng arranged a nine-square and ten-thunder array in the original Qingtang Star’s residence, buried a best spar in the ground, and then carved three words on the stone outside the large array: Chu Yifeng.
After this, Chu Yifeng calmly went all the way to the demon domain. His existing plan is very simple. After the panda’s cultivation is completed, he will enter the celestial world to find the soul bead.
When Chu Yifeng didn’t leave Beigu Star Field, he heard a news that the alliance of fixing truth was established. The Presbyterian Church is in power, with a total of nine elders who are jointly elected by the Shura Sect, the Blood Sect, the Demonbane Sect, the Qingyun Sect, the Pupil Mountain, the Northern Solid Star and the remaining forces.
The original four major forces, the devil and the Tao, each held a seat of elders.
Tongliangshan won the position of two elders at most because of his contribution in the process of overthrowing Watchcity.
Most of the rank patrol envoys followed Sun Cong to Beiguxing, so she occupied a seat.
Although Ding Xiangbin has some forces, his strength is so poor that he can only compete with other forces for the remaining two elder seats.
After hearing this, Chu Yifeng smiled and knew that this was the result of the struggle and compromise of various forces. However, the alliance of fixing truth has become a force to fight back when the demon race meets again.
People will always eat, drink, and enjoy themselves. Once the alliance for the cultivation of the true nature was established, the cultivation of the true nature was also quiet, so the business in some originally prosperous places of entertainment gradually prospered, and the cultivation of the true nature seemed to have returned to its original appearance, except that there was no patrol to arrest people everywhere.

221 celestial encounter with enemy
In the universe, a mountain appeared out of thin air, which was bigger than the average planet. It was very regular, like a cone, only slightly undulating on the mountain wall, but it still reflected light.
Chu Yifeng and Crane Feather don’t need to transmit array to fly slowly from the universe. Qi Duan has already entered the celestial world with a lone wolf and many demon masters. At this time, Crane Feather is the boss in the demon domain.
Chu Yifeng asked the crane feather around him, "Is this the place where the demon clan practices?"
"Yes, this is Qianqiu Peak!"
Chu Yifeng frowned slightly and asked, "How did Qianqiu Peak come from? Is it born like this? "
"Of course not, but only the eldest brother knows the specific origin." He Yu said that there is still a little pride in his eyes.
"Handed down from the divine world? So the demon domain is still connected with the divine world? " Chu Yifeng was very sensitive to the problems.
"God-man can do anything, of course, and he will be connected with the fix-true realm. If not, how can the demon realm be sealed up and how can the celestial realm appear? Although the eldest brother and the idle clouds are powerful, they have not yet taken off the fix-true realm. How can they have that kind of skill?"
"You mean that the demon realm and the celestial realm were separated by the man of God?" Chu Yifeng asked in shock.
"hey!" Crane feather just laughed.
Chu Yifeng asked in his heart, "Did the demon king ask you to tell me this?"
"Sort of, but I also want to tell you to be careful when you touch the roots of idle clouds after entering the celestial world. I’m still waiting for you to protect me when I’m robbing." Crane feather said with a smile.
Chu Yifeng picked his eyebrows noncommittally, but the conversation turned: "This artifact is too conspicuous here. Isn’t anyone interested in it?" You also send someone to watch it. "
"Ah, this is an artifact who can do. You can try it yourself if you don’t believe it. " Crane feather funny looking at ChuYiFeng.
Chu Yifeng’s eyes lit up: "Can I try?"
"Sure, but don’t say I didn’t remind you that Qianqiu Peak will fight back." The crane feather looked at Chu Yifeng with a smile in his eyes.
Chu Yifeng’s hand was flashing with lightning, and a thunder rattled the surprises. It means that a silver-blue-black space crack reflected by lightning suddenly appeared next to Qianqiu Peak, just like Qianqiu Peak bounced back immediately after lightning hit Qianqiu Peak. And the target of the rebound is Chu Yifeng, the initiator.
Chu Yifeng didn’t escape and let the lightning hit him, but now there is no trace left on the Qianqiu Peak, and the space cracks are closed helplessly.
"Ah, that is, you dare to play with thunder and lightning like this. I can’t imagine what it will be like when you rob. Maybe you fall asleep. You can easily rob it. " Crane feather looked at Chu Yifeng and shook his head and sighed.
Chu Yifeng doesn’t know what it’s like to be robbed by God. But certainly not as crane feather said, you can spend the robbery by falling asleep.
"Shall we go in?" Chu Yifeng asked.
"no way. You’re not a demon and you can’t get inside. Let’s wait here. " With that, Crane Feather laid out a table in the universe. Two chairs waved and two pots of wine were set on the table. "This is a good wine made on the purple emperor star."
Chu Yifeng is not in a hurry. I sat down with peace of mind and poured myself a glass of fairy drunk and said, "I drank it more than 200 years ago."
"Please …"
Chatting while drinking Chu Yifeng heard many secrets from the mouth of Crane Feather.
Chu Yifeng naturally won’t get drunk when he drinks too much, but he always thinks of pandas when he has no taste, so he takes out a coffee pot and cooks several cups of coffee and puts them on the table. One crane feather frowned and asked, "What is this and how does it taste?"
"Coffee pandas love to drink. You can try it and maybe you will like it."
However, I didn’t wait for the crane feather to drink, but I suddenly heard a roar coming from Qianqiu Peak, followed by a black shadow flying and shouting, "Ah, big brother, I smell the fragrance of sunspots. I guess it’s big brother coming."
Chu Yifeng cheerfully watched the panda fly from far and near, but the panda picked up the coffee pot first and poured it into his mouth without fear of scalding heat.
"Ah-"With a carefree voice, Kung Fu Panda drank the coffee pot upside down and sipped his mouth.
At this time, the panda has long been able to become human, but it always looks like a pair of pandas. It seems that being accustomed to this appearance around Chu Yifeng will make nature feel comfortable.
After drinking coffee, the panda came to Chu Yifeng and gave him a bear hug.
"Heyu, I’m going to the celestial world."
"Well, be careful all the way."
"Goodbye eagle head.
Crane feather smiled and shook his head. I didn’t expect that Kunlun beast still kept the habit of calling others by their real names after so many years.
A moment later, Chu Yifeng took the panda and bid farewell to the crane feather, returned to the realm of repairing the truth, and told Sun Cong to continue looking for a suitable body, and then once again came to the tower of the Purple Emperor Star.
However, Sun Cong didn’t tell her that her body was integrated with the soul nature of Feng Wanying. She was really afraid that Chu Yifeng would kill her soul directly after she knew it.
The Purple Emperor Star is still very lively, but it is all a demon race, and Crane Feather has not set his own base camp here. He means that it is too close to the celestial world.
Chu Yifeng, regardless of these, the panda had already got into Chu Yifeng’s space before he came to the celestial passage flashing with lightning and skyfire. Chu Yifeng spread his knowledge of gods and tried to control his energy fluctuation and entered the passage.
In a flash, thunder and lightning and skyfire are all coming at Chu Yifeng, and Chu Yifeng’s letting thunder and lightning and skyfire add to his body does not stop the passage. There are not only thunder and lightning and skyfire, but also strong tearing force. The junction of two spaces is the place where the space fluctuates. Being in it is like being hit by water in different directions.
Chu Yifeng’s powerful mind controls his own energy fluctuation and the fluctuation of the celestial world, and slowly flies in the direction of the celestial world. In front of him, all kinds of light flashes. Chu Yifeng feels as if he has got into a kaleidoscope.
I don’t know how long it took before all kinds of lights suddenly disappeared, and a piece of silver light suddenly lit up the sky. Chu Yifeng opened his eyes and saw that he had come to another space.
The aura around seems to contain silver light, which is exactly the same as the celestial energy that Chu Yifeng knows. The fluctuation in this space is exactly the kind of fluctuation he saw in the celestial channel.
"Is this the fairyland?" Chu Yifeng looked around. This is a valley where there is no legendary fairy grass and Qionghua, and there are no rare birds and beasts. It’s just a bare place. Not only is it nothing special, but it’s desolate, but it’s full of aura.
Chu Yifeng was at a loss when he suddenly felt someone detecting this place with divine knowledge. Then came a voice: "Chu Yifeng! Somebody grab him! "