After half a ring, he said, "It’s really a good word. I wonder which poet wrote this word?" Is it that Su Shi again? "
Meng Qi shook his head and said, "No, this is another poet named Li Bai, who is also a great writer. He is also a great poet that Meng Qi admires very much. "
The fifth princess nodded thoughtfully, and then suddenly said to Meng Qi, "My name is Ao Jiao."
Hmm? Meng Qi paused, wondering why Princess Wu suddenly said this. Of course he knew the name of Princess Wu. She must know that she knows her name, so why tell herself? Is there any special meaning?
Meng looked at the Fifth Princess with a strange and inquiring look. But the Fifth Princess just smiled and didn’t explain anything.
After a while, he said, "Didn’t you say that we are already friends? If you are friends, it is natural to call each other names, so you can call me by my first name. "
After listening to Ao Jiao’s words, Meng Qi is considering the reason why Ao Jiao came here specially. As a result, Aojiao stood up and said to Meng Qi, "Well, I’m leaving. Remember, my name is Aojiao. I will come again. " Say that finish is turned and went out.
Looking at the open carved thymelaeaceae door swaying gently and then making a "tickle, tickle" sound, Meng Qi still couldn’t understand why, after World War I, it seemed that his relationship with her had deepened.
In principle, Meng Qi won Aoyan (Yincui gorge) by fair means, and everyone in the Dragon Palace should be quite dissatisfied with himself. How does this Aojiao turn out to be the opposite? Maybe there is an attempt. Meng Qi thought, and subconsciously pinched his chin with his hand.
But strangely enough, Meng Qi’s chin has always been smooth and smooth, without a beard. Sometimes Meng Qi stops admiring those who have a beautiful beard.
So after touching his chin, Meng Qi came to my mind and shook his head. Since I can’t figure it out, I don’t want to. After pouring another cup of green tea and gulping it down, Meng Qi looked back at the fluffy bed. I feel as if I can still sleep in a cage.
After Aojiao came out of Meng Qi’s room, she thought, Look at that guy’s doubtful face, I’m afraid he’s still worried about my plot.
Shook his head and remembered what the great prophet said. Is this guy really the only thrill? At the thought of this, Aojiao’s face suddenly showed pink.
Fortunately, she is already wearing a towel at this time, and others can’t see it. Otherwise, in public, being seen this shy appearance, Ao Jiao really wants to find a hole to drill in.
Back to his bedroom, Aojiao took out the warning sign. I saw that there were four lines of light characters on the white jade piece, which was only two fingers wide and only a palm long:
Plum blossoms bloom alone in winter, and thousands of grasses compete for spring, and no one comes. When you are in a winding path, you can pick the fragrance of the twelfth lunar month.
This is an ordinary Yongmei poem, but it is a portrayal of Ao Jiao’s feelings in this life. Although the prophet can only help people draw such proverbs, they are not only unclear, but also not necessarily accurate.
However, what Ao Jiao predicted was one of the few remaining great prophets in this immortal world. The accuracy of what he said is naturally guaranteed, and the first two sentences of the poem have been confirmed. At this time, Ao Jiao has no doubt whether the latter two sentences are accurate.
"Let you pick it?" Looking at the five-character quatrains that were looming at that time, Ao Jiao muttered to herself. In fact, she didn’t feel that way about Meng Qi originally, but to be honest, her affection is a little bit. After all, there are several excellent poems from Meng Qi.
But it’s just a little affection, just like when she was in the game, she was able to let her third sister go easy on her. This is the greatest degree of affection.
But everything changed after she took off her towel. There was never such a person. Aojiao’s peerless appearance has that kind of charm, even if he is a man of profound cultivation, he will be taken by accident. It’s the first time that a man like Meng Qi appeared, plus the proverbs of the great prophet.
Unconsciously, that good feeling turned out to be a quiet change. Maybe this relationship is not love, but at least Aojiao is willing to try and be friends first.
But don’t many things start with friends?
Chapter DiErQiSan Small gambling delight
Chapter DiErQiSan Small gambling delight
As AoJiao looked at the four-character quatrains in a daze, AoYan came in from the outside. In her own bedroom, Ao Jiao didn’t pay much attention to it. She didn’t expect anyone to come in.
And even if someone comes in, her maid will notify in advance.
However, it is natural that there are special cases and different notifications when her sister comes in. Besides, even AoYan needs a rest after a fierce battle with Meng Qi.
Plus AoYan’s cultivation is better than AoJiao’s, and AoYan came in and noticed AoJiao’s trance, so she quietly walked beside AoJiao and looked at the jade piece in her hand.
After a while, Aoyan suddenly said aloud, "Hey, what is Gillian looking at?"
Aojiao was startled by this sudden sound. When people shivered, the jade piece almost fell. Ao Jiaojiao turned around angrily and said, "Sister Yan hates it. She startled people."
AoYan don’t talk, just looked at AoJiao canthus bent into a radian, and then grabbed the proverbs jade piece from AoJiao’s hand, and then pretended to hold it, while watching it, she also read the four-character quatrains above.
After reading it, Aoyan said with a teasing face: "Gillian, what does this mean?" Why can’t I understand it? What do you want to pick, what do you mean? "
Like the content on this jade piece, although it is Aojiao’s private, others don’t know it. How can Aoyan not know it? Aojiao knew that she was teasing herself on purpose. Her face turned red and she stretched out her hand to get it back.
But AoYan ready, AoJiao this rob nature is dashed. Ao Jiao said angrily, "Damn it, give it back to others quickly." Although he is angry, he is very cute in Aoyan’s eyes.