On the seventh day after Meng Qi and others arrived, the originally silent inferno camp was moving. I saw a group of inferno people swarming out of the inferno camp at once, jumping on the first line of defense of hundreds of mountains from the ground and in the air, which turned out to be a kind of cover-up.
Many monks are pale. How many people are there in this inferno? There are more than ten thousand monks in this camp alone, and there are infernos rushing out one after another.
And this is nothing, finally turned out to be a team that controls a large number of wild animals. Those savage beasts who have no reason at all are like obedient cats and dogs under the authority of inferno people. Many Mormon monks actually rode on those wild animals and regarded them as mounts.
Meng Qi saw the friar riding a savage beast and charging together, and only one name came to mind-heavy cavalry! And this heavy cavalry doesn’t need Terran knights, they can trample all kinds of bad terrain. There are many that can fly in the air.
What they are wearing is the kind of inferior armor that is good in defense but very heavy. This kind of thing is too heavy for monks and has no effect. But it’s really nothing to those wild beasts with infinite strength. They are like huge meteors, and they don’t need any attack means at all, but they just hit the defense line of the demon monk so hard.
Demon monk more than all kinds of defense array under the collision of those pretty beast knight, turned out to be a face of broken seven array is stopped. At this time, the monk of the demon clan is the one who reacts, offering a magic weapon, and throwing it away without money.
But for those ordinary inferno people can also cause some damage. But for those savage knights, it is basically anodyne, and Meng Qi’s men also took part in this battle. Meng Qi looked at those savage knights who walked very leisurely and thought for a moment. He said, "Don’t use the method of killing, use those powerful instruments or methods, and ten people hit and attack one person’s upper body."
Although the defense of those savage knights is strong, their armor is also extremely heavy. Meng Qi is trying to knock down the knight riding on the savage beast. Because Meng Qi found that it was not that those savage beast knights didn’t want to use their magic tactics to attack, but that all their strength was used to resist the heavy armor and the force of collision.
So as long as they are shot down from the wild beast mountain, they are a stone and cannot move. But ten people attack together still doesn’t work, Meng Qi is to let twenty people attack together, which is to shoot down hundreds of savage beast knights from savage beasts.
Sure enough, as Meng Qi expected, once you get down from the savage beast, those infernos are hard to get up. Even if you can get up, the speed is outrageous.
Chapter 47 unstoppable
Chapter 47 unstoppable
Of course, although it was knocked off the mount, it was still difficult to do harm to them. However, Meng Qi specially found a few monks who refined the magic weapon or heavyweight magic weapon, and asked them to make the magic weapon the biggest and biggest, and then aimed at the savage beast knights who slowly returned like worms.
The monks who were found by Meng Qi suddenly understood what Meng Qi meant. Their magic weapon has no other function, just two, hard and heavy. Although bringing the magic weapon to the maximum speed will basically not pose any threat to the monks, once it is hit, it is not fun.
Now, those barbarian knights without mounts are like targets. Those monks can easily crush it into a meat pie.
When Meng Qi saw that this method could work, he immediately told the leader who had been guarding this section. Soon, there was basically no way to deal with the savage beast knight, and finally there was a way to deal with it.
But this method is not very clever, let twenty people attack at the same time, but also need that stupid way of magic weapon multiplier. There are fewer people refining that kind of thing, so this method can only be a little to ease the situation.
And the magic door for the death of the monks is not care. Because those inferno people are dead, but those savage beasts are not serious. After returning, there are other inferno people who put on that kind of armor, and then sit on the savage beast again and become the new savage knight.
But fortunately, although the brute force is infinite, the burden on him is really amazing. After more than ten rounds of impact, those savage beasts finally gasped and couldn’t launch that horrible charge. But although those savage beasts have no strength, the inferno people’s attack has not stopped.
Many ordinary inferno people are almost not afraid of life and death rushed to the demon side of the circle. Although most of them only begin to understand the order, but their number is more than double that of the demon family here. And that constantly pouring out inferno camp is still not stop spewing inferno.
Several times, the defense of the demon race was in jeopardy. If it weren’t for Meng Qi’s three teams, each of them formed a formation and charged several times, the defense of the demon race would have been broken. You know, it’s just been an hour since we met.
And just these charges, Meng Qi’s men lost hundreds of monks. Meng Qi that call a heartache, he no longer let his monks out, just guarding, at the same time, he went to see the leader in charge of defense here.
"Good, so can’t ah, inferno offensive is too fierce. Seek support from the clan as soon as possible, otherwise, I’m afraid we can’t hold on for a few hours until the strength of those wild animals recovers. " Meng Qi didn’t say a word of nonsense when he saw the good commander, which directly explained his purpose.
At this time, the good commander was already burned, but he didn’t dare to be angry with Meng Qifa. He knew that if it weren’t for Meng Qi just now, I’m afraid he was already lost here.
Therefore, he said politely, "Commander Meng doesn’t know something. I have asked for support from my family. But they told me that the situation was urgent everywhere now, and there were not so many people coming to support me. They just asked me to insist, but it was really impossible to retreat to the second line of defense. "
This second line of defense is the line of defense arranged by Meng Qi. Meng Qi frowned and said, "Is this the case? Commander Liang, let’s get ready to retreat now. We can’t hold on here. "
The good commander nodded and said, "But these guys from the inferno have never stopped attacking. How can we retreat? Once a large number of monks retire, I’m afraid this line of defense will be broken immediately. At that time, the demons will pursue the situation, and we are afraid that many people will not escape. "
Meng Qi was silent, and the situation now is that someone should stay and delay the time so that the rest of the monks can retreat. Of course, it should be impossible for these monks to survive.
But if Meng Qi leads the elite, it can save some strength. But I’m afraid the loss will not be small, but how could Meng Qi do that? He looked at the good commander. If he didn’t speak, Meng Qi was ready to retreat with his own people.
When the good commander saw Meng Qi like this, the last bit of luck in his heart also went up in smoke. He gritted his teeth and then said, "Commander Meng, it’s like this now. I’ll just stay here and delay some time for you." You are retreating to your defense line with the people below. "
When Meng Qi saw that Commander Liang finally spoke, Meng Qi nodded, and then said, "Commander Liang quickly asked your people to gather. I will lead my monks to another wave and buy you some time. But you must be fast. " Say that finish Meng Qi is turned away.
And the good commander’s look changed, and suddenly he said to a monk around him, "Let the people gather quickly, and you also go."
The friar around Commander Liang changed his face and said, "Dad, do you really want to stay?"
Commander Liang nodded and said, "There’s nothing we can do now. If we go on like this, I’m afraid all our people will be killed here. You are the hope of our clan. You take your clan and follow Meng Qi to the second line of defense. Remember that you must listen to his command. I have heard about Meng Qi, and he is still very good. If someone wants to devour our clan after my death, you will join Meng Qi’s army. He was originally composed of monks of many ethnic groups, and he may be able to survive in this battle under his hands. "
"But that guy is only a baby in the middle stage. Can he be reliable?" To tell the truth, although I heard about Meng Qi’s deeds a few years ago, this monk who thinks highly of himself doesn’t think much of Meng Qi.
But the good commander shook his head and said, "This man is not simple. Look at those monks under his command. I don’t know how much better than our people, son, listen to dad. Take my people with me, and we must not die in this battle. Otherwise, how can I face my ancestors down there? Well, time is running out, go! "
The son of the good commander went out with tears in his eyes, but after his son went out, the look of the good commander was no longer a face of bitterness. Eyes turned out to be a bit glorious. If Meng Qi saw this good leader at this time, he would surely find him different.
I saw the good commander toying with a flying sword in his hand, and then muttered, "Hongshui, I have wronged you for following my worthless master for so many years." Let’s join hands again today, even if we die, we will kill the sons of bitches of the inferno! "
The flying sword, which was originally dull, suddenly emitted a very dazzling light blue light, which seemed to cheer because of its master’s passionate fighting spirit.
"Night ghosts, you take the friar rushed out to disrupt the inferno’s offensive. But remember not to fight, and save three points of strength to rush back. Hu Xiao, you can’t continue to fight after the ghosts rush out, and expand the results of the ghosts. Once I lead the rest of the people to attack, you will immediately meet us back and we will come back together. Hear! " Meng Qi doesn’t care about killing this time. He just needs to chaos the inferno’s offensive, so that he can leave for himself. Thank you for your time.
"yes! Subordinate to order! " Night ghosts and Hu Xiao answered separately, and then they were ready to attack. While Meng Qi is always watching the charge of two people.
Night Ghosts really deserves to be the team with the strongest impact under Meng Qi. Just launched an impact, it tore a great hole in the inferno attack camp. And did not stop, continue to impact inside, and the inferno people who were washed away wanted to surround the hole, and then surrounded the night ghosts and his team.
But just as they were about to close, Hu Xiao rushed out with people. Hu Xiao people are divided into several teams, constantly interspersed back and forth around the torn hole, and will want to crowd the inferno people into chaos. However, after all, the inferno people gradually settled down into the formation. Just after the inferno people settled down, they were ready to fight back. Meng Qi attacked with Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan and Aizhuo water.
With a sharp knife like Ai Zhuoshui, the appearance of the inferno who finally stabilized was disrupted again. And rushed out a distance of ghosts and Hu Xiao said are no longer continue to fight, immediately retreat. Soon it was with Meng Qi, then turned around and killed him back.
Of course, this time the charge was also a small loss, but Meng Qi didn’t stay after returning, but went to the rear of the defense line. At this time, the less heads of the vipers were already waiting for the retreating troops. Meng Qi stopped staying and said loudly, "Keep up!" Say that finish is to take the lead.
The young clan leader of the viper clan looked behind him with a sad look, and then shouted, "Keep up!"
Although the people of the Viper clan retreated more than half, the rest of the monks were holding the attitude of death, so it turned out to be a stall for the inferno for three hours.
Three hours is enough time for Meng Qi and them to walk far away. Moreover, after the inferno people captured this place, they also need to take a break. You know, although the vipers suffered casualties of 3,000 monks, they also lost 5,000 monks.
They have a total of 20 thousand people, and the loss of 5 thousand is already a lot. And along with Meng Qi, there are 5,000 people who retreat from the Viper clan, but the number is large, but few of them are profound. None of them are Godsworn Yuan, and none are Godsworn Yuan Ying. Meng Qi is not afraid of them.
Because he was running for his life, Meng Qi was much faster than when he went. It took nearly a month to go, but only ten days to come back. After returning to his camp, Meng Qi finally breathed a sigh of relief. First, he let the night ghosts go down to rest, and then he arranged the viper clan. Although the overall cultivation of the viper clan is not high, it is also a strong force.
Meng Qi, who has seen the power of the inferno people, knows that if the inferno attacks on a large scale, without these vipers, he would be hard to resist.
So Meng Qi well settled the viper clan before going to see Cheng Rewei.
Chapter 48 Absorb strength
Chapter 48 Absorb strength
After Meng Qi told Cheng Rewei the fighting capacity of the inferno people, Cheng Rewei also frowned. The most troublesome thing for Cheng Rewei was not the fighting capacity of the inferno people, but the inferno people Meng Qi said were all fierce and not afraid of death.
Although they have temporary positions, I’m afraid they can’t be infernos as Meng Qi said. But fortunately, Meng Qi brought back five thousand vipers, although the cultivation was not too high. But it is also a great force, so that the number of monks in Meng Qi’s hands is around 10,000.
With this nearly 10,000 people, Cheng Rewei has more room to play.
"The hundreds of mountains are not as open as the wild land outside. Even if we have the help of the magic monk who is familiar with the hundreds of mountains, it took nearly half a year to gain a foothold. Those magic people want to come to us. I’m afraid there will still be a period of time. During this time, we should strengthen our vigilance. But the most important thing is to let the vipers listen to our command, otherwise, if they fight alone, I’m afraid they can’t stop the demons. " Cheng Rewei thinks that if the ten thousand people can listen to their own command, then according to Meng Qi’s inferno fighting capacity, she is confident that she can still stick to it for a period of time.
Meng Qi nodded, knowing that this was an extremely important matter, so he said, "Well, I will meet the young patriarch of the viper clan later. If you are EU, please come with me."