Before his words were finished, not only Li Yingqiong was annoyed, but even Yu Yingnan and Qin Hancaly were much more unreasonable than the ugly young man who came first because of listening to his words. Li Yingqiong was furious and shouted, "What a bold demon boy! He didn’t say anything for no reason, and he dared to insult us without words. Look at the sword!"
Say and a finger, purple sword light will fly forward. When the ugly boy who came first saw Li Yingqiong’s indiscretion, he began to do it, calling them demon children. Because of his ugly appearance, he was the most vicious person to call him a demon child, and he couldn’t help cursing: "What an ignorant girl, who is afraid of you guys?"
Said, two brothers fly sword has long been put away to meet them, but the two lad sword light although good, but which is the enemy of the purple Ying sword, two times just a handover. The two teenagers were already tired, and they couldn’t help but be surprised at each other’s flying swords. They couldn’t help but feel remorse in their hearts, but Li Yingqiong was filled with anger and hate, so he refused to relax a little.
I saw a purple rainbow hovering like a dragonfly. The light of the flying swords of the two boys was gradually reduced, and the situation was quite weak. Originally, Yu Yingnan and Qin Han Calyx also wanted to attack with swords, but when they saw that the two boastful boys could not even beat Li Yingqiong, they didn’t bully them at night. The two stopped trying to pounce on the two big birds and began to prey on the array.
Qin Han calyx actually resented the rude export of the handsome boy later. However, she has never seen from people’s words and actions and the number of flying swords that people are not evil and evil. This is the sea. She knows that the other party must be a first-class overseas scattered fairy, and what the ugly boy said between words just now seems to have been said before, so she refused to start work easily.
Her mind since the other party is scattered fairy, rather than those vicious demon first-class. When they come out, they can always be reasonable. They originally wanted to stop Li Yingqiong, but the two sides have reached a deadlock. Both sides are a little angry, and the situation can’t be eased. She can only pull Yu Yingnan to sit tight and wait and see, and look for opportunities to deal with it.
Three swords fought in the air for a while, but the two brothers were surprised that the enemy was flying swords so badly that they wanted to lead the enemy to the platform, but they were forced by the sword and could not withdraw, and their faces were flushed with anxiety. There’s nothing I can do.
Qin Han calyx saw that the two sides were at loggerheads. But the enemy was defeated, so he advised Li Yingqiong, "Sister, forget it. We have work to do. Give them a break. No one has lost anything. Let’s just leave here. "
Her words were only exported, and a sword of light among the two boys had been strangled by purple light, and it was immediately broken, and the green awn fell like rain. The other sword of light saw that the purple light was slightly loose, and it was quickly taken back by a boy. They shouted and flew straight to the hall. The handsome boy looked back at them in the flight, and Yu Yingnan now his eyes were full of hatred.
Li Yingqiong won, and her anger was slightly relieved. She listened to Qin Han’s calyx urging her to leave. She wanted to chase after her, but she didn’t continue to see them. She also knew that this was somebody else’s territory, so she couldn’t stay long. When she looked up, she saw that her own carved Buddha slaves were still flying in the air, obviously afraid to come down, and she couldn’t help but be timid and angry about it.
She was about to fly up, when she suddenly heard a scream of jiao, and two green lights flew out of the hall. When she landed, she showed a young woman in light makeup, followed by the previous two brothers, and flew out together. As soon as she met her, the young woman shouted angrily, "Who’s a cheap maid, who dares to destroy our son’s flying sword?" Common name! "
Li Yingqiong’s temper was already hot, and she was still angry. When she met her, she swore at her. Where could the other party be presumptuous and Qin Han’s calyx not answer? She flew her purple sword out early. When the young woman saw Li Yingqiong’s sword light, she seemed a little surprised and shouted to her second son, "Let me capture these three cheap maids alone. You can’t start work."
Two lad knowing, going to duck, stand by, Qin Han calyx see that the young woman’s sword light is not the enemy of the purple Ying sword, but much better than the previous two children, Li Yingqiong can’t win for a while, and the young woman is obviously as good as herself as an expert in the then period. I’m afraid Li Yingqiong is no match for the other side.
She turned to Yu Yingnan and said softly, "My brother said that this purple Ying Xianjian, if you want to wield the most powerful force, must be Yuan Ying’s cultivation, and it must be combined with the green Suojian. However, when the two swords were not combined before, they had once defeated many different artists with one sword, and did not meet many opponents. But this young woman’s flying sword has such skill, and I’m afraid people here are not easy to provoke.
If we let Ying Qiong continue to fight, it will be even more difficult for us to get away if we hook up the enemy’s assistant again. Now we have a lot of time to come out, and we have to go back to Ziyun Palace together after our brother comes. Now it has been delayed for some time to meet these two children’s stories for no reason, so we have to beat her together and hit the road early, so as not to miss my brother’s things. "
Speaking of which, before Yu Yingnan answered, he put up his own Great Yan Seven-Star Sword, and Yu Yingnan did not lag behind. He released his own Nanming sword from the fire, and prepared to ground the enemy’s flying sword. As long as she failed, she immediately flew away here, and then returned from Ziyun Palace, asking his brother about the origin of the people in this palace, and then making a dispute.
Who knows that as soon as the young woman met Li Yingqiong, she knew that she was not an enemy. While drinking two children, she secretly prepared the method of capturing the enemy there as early as possible. It was also a coincidence. Just as the young woman’s spell was not applied, Qin Han’s calyx sword had already flown, and Yu Yingnan’s sword followed. The young woman knew that it was fierce when she saw the light of the sword, and her heart ached.
Qin Han calyx two people previously to the two children, because see each other is neither a demon evil first-class, the people in the temple are bound to be buhaore, so just want to give a little warning, make it retreat, and leave a little bit of show, but at this time they don’t want to make trouble, eager to get away, so at first they will fly their swords and fully display their swords for a time.
That young woman is fighting alone, but she is not an opponent. How can she stand the combined attack of three swords? A purple brilliance and a scarlet brilliance, the silver light at seven o’clock is just a joint effort in the air, and the young woman knows that it is not good. At the same time, she is acting in the dark, and at the same time, she has a royal sword. When she is distracted, she can’t get away with it, and she immediately flies the sword like a broken rainbow.
Li Yingqiong’s sword light wants to go down and hurt the young woman. Qin Hancaly knows that once it hurts people, I’m afraid there will be no room for change. He quickly shouted, "Sister Qiong, don’t hurt the enemy. Let’s go and let her go!"
As she was talking, she stopped Yingqiong’s purple light with seven silver lights, but suddenly she heard two children clapping their hands beside the young woman and laughing, "Where are you going this time, three ignorant wild girls?"
A word outstanding, Li Yingqiong three people suddenly feel dark, evil wind everywhere, thousands of red lights in the shadow like arrows, with the sound of wind and thunder, coming from all directions, Qin Han calyx shouting is not good, busy and Li Yingqiong two people say hello, three people will be sword light together, body and sword are one, want to rush out, the enemy’s law has moved, the three people trapped.
When the two were just trapped, the young woman patted her plump chest and said to the two children, "It’s really a good flying sword. If it weren’t for the mother’s early use of the five elements of Gankun, I wouldn’t know what to do if I moved the front and back Jiugong fairy array of Dashumi, which was set by your grandfather on the stone platform in front of the temple, to the enemy and trapped them in the array."
You can’t see the outside of the array, but people outside the array can see the situation clearly when they stand in the eyes of the array. The two boys saw the three women flying together in the dark for a while. Although there was no other action for the time being, they couldn’t fly out. The three women’s faces all showed an anxious look. They couldn’t help but be happy and felt that it was a trap to feel avenged.
The handsome boy’s face was full of color, and he sarcastically said, "Don’t succeed, three little girls. It’s only a dream that you want to escape. You have been trapped in this big sumeru by my mother’s secret magic method, but because of your luck, my grandfather was taking part in the magic method of the celestial fairy que when he joined early, and his fugue was too clear.
On my way home, I’m going to visit my great uncle in the starry sea again, but I haven’t returned to the temple yet. Although my mother trapped you and didn’t obey my grandfather’s orders, it’s just inconvenient to hurt you.
If you want to save your life, please follow my advice, and give the fairy swords used by the three of you quickly, and pay back to my mother and son. My mother thinks that you are young and ignorant, and you will be merciful, so that you can escape by bird. Otherwise, when my grandfather comes back tomorrow and learns that you are deceiving others, it will be too late to regret it. "

Volume 25 Union Lian Heng Chapter two hundred and fifty God Baby Yi Jing
Li Yingqiong felt a little angry when he heard this, but Qin Han’s calyx, because of the boy’s words, suddenly remembered that he had heard from his mother in Huangshan in the past. There are many immortals in the world, and among the immortals of various factions of good and evil, the most famous one, though many, was mostly hidden to avoid doom because of the future robbery at the end, and there was also a scattered fairy on the edge of the South China Sea besides the camel and the couple.
In order to be an old man of Bai Zhuyan, whose surname was changed to Zhou, who became a Taoist in the early Ming Dynasty, he was not a very powerful figure, but after he became a Taoist, he could have pulled out his house and soared because of an unexpected fate. There was only one son, who was killed by an enemy a year before he became a Taoist. He and his family could not let go of his son, so they all stayed on earth.
This matter has been widely circulated. Although he didn’t succeed in soaring, he also got a gobbledygook, which is said to have described the secret of the law. Therefore, although he became a Taoist for only a few hundred years, he was afraid to provoke him because of the fierce law, so he lived with his family and became a scattered fairy in the world.
In addition to his wife, Aunt Yang, his daughter Yi Jing, and two sisters, Lin Mingshu and Lin Fangshu, there are also Yi Sheng, the son of Li Jievi, and his son who married his daughter-in-law a hundred years ago, Wei Qingqing, a green fairy, and their two grandchildren, Yi Ding and Yi Zhen. This family is all proficient in swordsmanship and array, and stands out as a family.
Their family first lived and practiced on the Flying Whale Island in the Stars and Seas of Kunlun Mountain, and later gave the palace on the island to their son Yi Shengdi, a martial uncle, to live in. It was not until the middle of the Ming Dynasty that his family moved to the South China Sea. In the South China Sea, Yi Zhou used great magical powers to find the shells of several thousand-year-old mysterious turtles and many strange underwater corals. And many treasures, built a palace.
Yi Zhou also knew that his palace was too dazzling and gorgeous, and it would be difficult to ensure that there were no talented people to peep at it. Not only did he cover his palace with phantom array, but he also refined a magic weapon in front of the temple, in which he set up a big sumeru positive and negative Jiugong fairy array, which was an ancient fairy array. Among them, the magic is unpredictable and the changes are endless.
People who don’t know how to be ignorant are trapped in it. Except for life and death, they can’t get away from it. Although it is not as good as the disillusionment of life and death set up by real people with long eyebrows in Lingcui Peak of Ningbi Cliff, it is also very powerful and because of this. Good and evil people don’t bother with them.
Just listen to the lad said the name of the temple, Qin Han calyx still feel familiar, by this time the handsome lad said in detail, it suddenly occurred to me. If it’s Yi Zhou, I’m afraid that the three of me are really hard to get away from, and she can’t help but get anxious. If the three of her own are delayed here at this time, isn’t it necessary to delay my brother’s things?
I just can’t think of an idea. After listening to the handsome boy, he said, "Eldest brother, mother has gone back and ordered us to use array method to trap them here. However, these three maids refused to admit defeat, but you can see that the two birds were so stubborn after being trapped in it. It’s really irritating. They ruined our magic weapon and opened themselves up, which is understandable.
But I shouldn’t have destroyed my mother’s flying sword together, which is obviously cruel. In my opinion, my mother has moved the law. Grandpa came back. Good and bad are hidden, but there is only one left and right. Why don’t we put these three girls to death, get them three good swords and two big birds, and compensate our brothers and mothers? "
As soon as he said, the other ugly boy seemed to disagree, and stopped him in a low voice. They argued for a while, but neither of them could agree with him, and they couldn’t help arguing.
Li Yingqiong’s three men were still unable to rush out of the law, and they trespassed in the dark for a while. From time to time, they heard the voice of the two boys arguing, which seemed to feel that they were not far from the near side, but they still couldn’t see anyone by all means. The three men were malicious for several times at the expense of the real yuan to secretly transport Xuangong, and they flew their swords together and rolled across the sound, but they always fanned the air and were laughed at by the two boys.
Three people in the mind the more indignation but can’t do each other, can only be silent according to a direction dashed forward, many hours in the past three people all feel some true yuan weakened, suddenly saw thousands of red shadows around, like a golden snake flashing, three people don’t know what the enemy is doing, therefore, Yu Yingnan suddenly heard birds singing from the thousands of red light.
A joy in the heart, three people Qi Xin force, two boys changed, and they broke through the block and even joined the ancient god dove and the Millennium spirit vulture. The handsome boy bitterly tickled his teeth and insisted on moving kill array to ruin three people, but the ugly boy said nothing, and the two men argued louder and louder, and three women could hear him in the array.
Three women who meet two big birds, because there are two big birds walking instead of walking, all feel back on the bird’s back. The two dharma protectors meditate and restore their skills. Although the delay is longer, the three people and two birds have gradually recovered some strength, but after calculating, they have been trapped for nearly a day, and all three feel heavy.
It’s Yu Yingnan’s turn and Li Yingqiong’s turn to protect the law, because during this time, no matter how three people and two birds go up and down in the sky, they are always on the rampage, but they are always surrounded by darkness, and it’s hard to rush out. Now Yu Yingnan listens to the two boys’ voices and knows that the enemy’s law is fierce. Although he is flying far away, he is still within dozens of feet of Fiona Fang in the array.
She thought to herself, we have wasted a lot of effort, but it is useless. It is always not a way to go on like this. So he called Ying Qiong, stopped flying, stopped flying, and three people and two birds gathered in one place, only running the sword light to protect the whole body, waiting for a gap to watch the changes in the array, and at the same time, the three people were agitated.
Three people and two birds were grounded soon, and they listened to the enemy whispering there. Yu Yingnan was angry with him in his heart, but suddenly he had a brainwave. When she remembered Yuanjiang, her brother gave himself a magic weapon named Suzaku Chong, which is a former ancient treasure. It is spiritual in itself. Once used, it can ignore any obstacles and attack the enemy in a short distance. Although it seems to take a lot of effort to use it, she estimates that her own skill should be enough to use once. I don’t hesitate at the thought of this. From the dry Kun bag at my waist, I got the crystal-like small shuttle, recited the formula and operated Xuangong, and input my own strength. I thought about talking to two boys in my heart. Suddenly, I saw a red light flashing without it.
Li Yingqiong’s eyes lit up when she took out the magic weapon. After the magic weapon flew out, she was so happy that she followed Suzaku to the ground and released her purple sword. She made an idea in her heart: We just tried several times to cut the enemy with flying swords, but all failed. Instead, we were ridiculed by others, because we failed repeatedly, so we stopped.
Now that two or three hours have passed, the enemy must think that we won’t go in vain again. Maybe we have let our guard down at this time. Besides, now that the British man has used that strange magic weapon, maybe it will work.
Moreover, she heard from Song Changgeng that this purple Ying sword is a psychic treasure, which has spirituality in itself. Even if she can’t use the imperial sword, she can automatically attack the enemy as long as her mind moves. Besides, now it has been painstakingly refined by her. This sword is a magic treasure refined by a real person with long eyebrows in the past years, which is extremely magical and has endless uses. That’s why she put her sword out for testing.
The two boys are the grandsons who scattered immortals around here. Just now, the young woman was their mother, Wei Qingqing, who had something to do in the temple. Just now, she took time out to meet the enemy. As soon as the enemy was trapped in the array, she went back to the temple. When she went, she repeatedly told the two children that they could only take their flying swords alive and pay back their lost swords. It is not allowed to move the law together and hurt them.