Everyone looked back at her there, and her expression said, "My" xianggong "was poisoned and my servant girl was seriously injured. I will go to Lighthouse Village to find an antidote in the near future. If I come back and find my" xianggong "…"
Fengyun light words haven’t finished yet. A short man next to the village head smiled and said, "Madam, you can stay assured to find the antidote. Your" xianggong "and your servant girl will be handed over to us. It’s the antidote …"
He looked at Feng Yunqing with a flattering smile.
Fengyun said coldly, "If I can find the antidote, I will naturally bring it back for all of you to share!"
They breathed a sigh of relief, but they also felt that this was not the best way, despite doubts.
Cuffaut didn’t want to yell, "Shut up, everyone. You don’t even know if you’re poisoned. How can you make your own decisions?"
Fengyun light sneer at a tone not light not heavy "village head just didn’t respond? That village head is not poisoned! "
She glanced at everyone. "Believe that you are not poisoned, please feel that you are poisoned and stay!"
They looked at each other, but no one wanted to leave.
They’re not stupid. They were scared just now, and it’s probably them.
Believe that the village chief himself is not poisoned? That’s a joke, risking your life.
Fengyun lightly saw that everyone didn’t mean to leave, and then slowly walked outside the dean. "Since you refuse to leave, you believe me. I will definitely live up to it. I will come back with the antidote and visit you. Please protect Erliang and I" xianggong "!"
First, the short and thin man nodded. "Madam, you can rest assured that we will not let anyone hurt your husband and two brothers!" "
Li Er saw that the situation had changed to the previous step. "Three grandmothers and three grandfathers told Erliang to take good care of three grandmothers and three grandmothers to let Erliang follow you to the dragon’s den!"
Fengyun shook her head lightly. "It is enough for you to have this heart. Take care of you. This place in Sir Zhong Lighthouse Village may not be a deep end!"
She took a deep breath and looked at the door. "I’ll wait for Jinyu to come back. Jinyu is here at least to ensure that your poison won’t be released for a while!"
—————-Chapter 74 Beauty’s skin is a person or a ghost.
Chapter 74 Beauty epidermis is a person or a ghost
Fengyun shook her head lightly. "It is enough for you to have this heart. Take care of you. This place in Sir Zhong Lighthouse Village may not be a deep end!"
She took a deep breath and looked at the door. "I’ll wait for Jinyu to come back. Jinyu is here at least to ensure that your poison won’t be released for a while!"
Xiao Jinyu went back to the house hand in hand with Xia Yu at sunset. As soon as she entered the room, she saw everyone waiting for an expectation and looked at him.
As soon as he entered Li Er, he ran out of the room and shouted, "Master Wu, you are finally back. Grandma has been waiting for you for several hours!"
Fengyun heard Li Er loosen Xiao Linchu’s hand and went out.
Xiao Jinyu was surprised when she was carrying a flower hoe outside. Behind her, there were all kinds of herbs in the medicine basket.
While Xia Yu is holding his hand frowning brows suspicious looking at full courtyard strange salt lake village people.
Fengyun walked out in a few steps. Before she spoke, Xiao Jinyu asked, "What happened?"
Li Er two things after probably said it again Xiao Jinyu frowned and strode into Xiao Linchu’s house.
Feng Yunqing added, "He was trying to contain the villagers in Shili Township by getting the female voice of the yellow moth, but he didn’t expect that the voice was so powerful that it was so simple not to stop loss!"
Xiao Jinyu squatted down to feel Xiao Linchu’s pulse for a moment. He looked back at Feng Yun and said, "How did this happen? This seems to be more than just a soft sound! "
Fengyun gently squatted and held Xiao Linchu’s hand and frowned. "I don’t know Jin Yu. I may have to go to Lighthouse Village alone and leave it to you and Xia Yu. You must protect yourself and Xiao Linchu and wait for me to take out the antidote!"
Xiao Jinyu shook her head and stood up. "Sansao Lighthouse Village doesn’t necessarily have an antidote for you …"
He didn’t say anything. Even her red monkey poison may not have an antidote.
They went to the lighthouse village, which is the only way to do it.
Fengyun shook his head lightly and said, "Xiao Linchu did this because he got Miaoyin. Now I know that I have to go to the lighthouse village where Miaoyin Drug Control Station is located!"
Xiao Jinyunai looked at Feng Yunqing. "Sister-in-law’s soft tendon dispersing poison was not supposed to kill anyone, but Brother’s soft tendon dispersing poison had been poisoned before!"
Fengyun closed her eyes lightly and put her cheek on the back of Xiao Linchu’s hand. "I don’t know. I think it’s too difficult for us to walk all the way to the entrance of Lighthouse Village and we can’t get cold feet again!"
Xiao Jinyu nodded. "Let Xiao Yu go with you. She has lived in the village for so many years, but she can take care of you …"
He still tried to persuade her not to make a decision without authorization when her third brother was unconscious.
He believes that the third brother can obey his command all the way, but he doesn’t believe her. He thinks it’s better to stay here and wait for the third brother to wake up at this time.
However, it’s not good for him to see that Fengyun has made up his mind. How can he stop Xia Yu from following, and then cure Third Brother himself as soon as possible, and then go with Third Brother to find them?
Fengyun nodded and looked at Xiao Linchu, who was unconscious on the bed. "Those villagers outside Jinyu are poisoned by themselves. They are indeed poisoned. I will tell you the wonderful tune that you can control them at an appropriate time!"
Outside, Li Er two just greeted all the villagers and dispersed Xia Yu for a while, only to find that she was beaten with a bloody yellow moth girl.
She is Li Er, with her hands on her hips, yelling, "Li Er, get your ass over here!"
Li Er came running with two farts. When he saw the yellow moth slouching there, his hair stood on end. He didn’t dare to go near the yellow moth with a frown. "What to do?"
"Do you see people’s parents as beautiful and bully others?" Xia Yu pointed to the yellow moth and glared at Li Er.
Li Er two shook his head "who bullied her? It was she who begged her to be beaten, so she poisoned Third Master and put Third Master in a coma! "
Xia Yu a foot may be dipped in the past "even if she has something wrong I ask you, you haven’t had a bad heart? Didn’t do anything bad? "
Li Er two hurriedly escape "even if there is so what? I think she’s a blessing. Besides, I touched her and kissed her. She turned into a monster and scared me. I tell you she’s a monster … "
Xia Yu chased him and beat him, but his mouth was poor as he fled. "She should be thankful that a monster like her can get close to her. What are you doing kicking my ass? If I tell you not to be your mother, I won’t dare to hit you. Do you understand the reason why you don’t do it? "
"You women in Lighthouse Village are so fierce to get married. It’s strange that Xia Yu isn’t a monster … oh, help …" Li Er was finally caught by Xia Yu riding on his back and screaming.
Xiao Jinyu and Feng Yun came out together when they heard the sound. Xiao Jinyu looked pale. "Xiao Yu, what are you doing?"
Xia Yu got up from Li Er and wrinkled his nose. "He bullied the yellow moth girl and said that he was frivolous and she was first …"