He smiled faintly and said to Song Changgeng, "You must wonder why Nu Wa Saint sheltered phase liu for three transgressions and five times. In fact, it’s normal that you don’t understand. You spend most of your time practicing and don’t understand these things. If you read more books, you will understand. As you can see, phase liu’s Hydra is a snake head, except for the head in the middle.
In fact, the real phase liu has nine heads and a snake body, while Nu Wa. Empress is a snake body. They are all born with a snake family in the wild. The characteristics of this family are that they have a snake body instead of a snake, and they are basically human, and the human form is a congenital Taoist form, so this family is the most intelligent, but unfortunately there are too few, so they take care of each other.
Because of this, when the head of phase liu IX was destroyed in the Lich War, Nu Wa Niangniang rescued his undead leader and let him hide and recover. After he was killed to stop Dayu from controlling water for his own benefit, Nu Wa Niangniang sent his leader overseas again. Everything was concerned about the feelings of the Lich clan and the feelings of the same clan, so it was not good for my master to hurt each other too much. "
Song Chang-geng couldn’t help feeling depressed when he heard the explanation of Blissful. He looked down. He felt suffocated in the tepid battle. Suddenly, his heart moved, and an idea rose in his heart. The more he thought about it, the more likely it was. He picked up his mouth and said to Blissful Reality without looking back, "Even so, I’m still upset. No, I don’t care about that. You take care of your master’s body and I’ll help."
After that, I jumped out of the cloud. The real bliss wanted to stop it, and just reached out and called’ Hey!’ Song Chang Gung has jumped, and he can’t help but get angry. He said to himself, "Why is this guy like this? He didn’t listen to me for a long time. What’s the use of not saying whether you can reach out to this level of fighting? Do you really dare to hurt others? "
Song Changgeng didn’t hear what he said, and he doesn’t have time to listen to it now. After jumping from the cloud, he began to transform in the air, only to see his body grow up in the air and reach a height of more than a hundred feet in an instant. Although it is much smaller than phase liu’s baizhang big head, a thousand feet snake body and an ethereal fairy, it can’t be ignored.
Compared with the mortals living near Mount Fuji below, who were devastated by the immortal fighting and fled for their lives, they seemed to be as small as ants. Song Changgeng, a hundred-long giant, has attracted the attention of two sides. After he became bigger, the splendid cloud clothes and the mirror armor of heaven in the ruyi cloud belt also became bigger, and then they changed completely before landing, a hundred-foot golden armor.
This is the first time that he has changed in front of people since he became the first turn of this nine-turn Xuangong. He was very excited, so he didn’t notice that when he stood on the ground, many fleeing enemies were trampled to death under his feet. When other enemies saw a baizhang suddenly appear out of thin air, they all began to kneel on the ground and kowtow to pray without listening. Unfortunately, they were too young, and Song Changgeng didn’t hear them at all.
After becoming a hundred feet tall, he felt full of strength, standing between heaven and earth, and his heart was full of lofty sentiments. Because of their fighting, the sage Nu Wa, who paid attention to this place 33 days ago, shook his head and laughed. A beautiful fairy standing beside her in Yunchuang also had great magical powers, and naturally she could see things here.
Seeing Nu Wa Empress shaking her head and smiling, she said, "This little guy is really interesting. Presumably, he rarely gets bigger, so he is so happy. But I haven’t seen such a great magical power among humans for a long time, but things seem a little tricky. How did they fight on both sides? Isn’t it interesting to watch? I think it’s funny for the saints in Sanqing and the second saints in the West now, empress. Shall I persuade them? "
Nu Wa Empress shook her head lightly and frowned and said, "This phase Liu Zhen won’t let me worry. I protected him several times, but for the sake of my kin. At the beginning, he stopped Dayu from harnessing the water for the sake of his own cultivation, and finally he died, but he didn’t learn the lesson. How can I provoke the lucky people now? Last time it was Dayu, I could still let him fake his death. What about this time? Let’s see. They can laugh if they want. "
Although the fairy had a modest smile, she was born proud in her eyes, especially when she looked at phase liu. When she saw that Nu Wa Empress said so, she couldn’t say much, so she had to continue reading. She saw Song Chang-geng shouting for a while, and then she let off enough. With a good drink, she saw a purple light rush out of his body and drew an arc to meet the sky and landed in his big hand.
I saw a purple hammer in my hand, and it was covered with’ crack!’ Straggling purple thunder and lightning, Song Changgeng put the’ purple electric hammer’ at the maximum he could bear, only to see a hammer almost as big as he was more than 30 feet in his hand. The straggling purple electric made the surrounding air seem anxious, and many Japanese men and women kneeling below had already started to burn for no reason.
Scared of these guys dispersed in a hubbub, they never dared to be around him again. Song Chang Gung didn’t look at them at all, but shouted to phase liu: "phase liu, as a uber, you are entrenched overseas, luring mankind to go astray. In those days, you even sent these enemies to China to harm the people and teach them to eat each other. As a human being, how can you be rampant?
We came down to crusade against the enemy, but you just killed them. Human beings naturally have their own things to deal with. You, a Uber, dare to interfere in our human affairs. It’s time to kill them.
Moreover, it is said that in ancient times, you used people as food, which is really hateful. We human beings were made by Nu Wa Empress with her own blood, which is equivalent to her children. You are her kin, and you actually devoured human beings. How many times did the Empress shelter you? Since you met me today, it’s your bad luck. Now you hand over the hibiscus tree to live on an uninhabited island, and swear not to interfere in human affairs. I will let you go for the sake of the empress, otherwise, you will be killed! "
Without waiting for it to answer, he shouted and stepped on the ground, only to hear’ bang!’ With a dull sound, the earth under his feet seemed to be torn apart like a blank sheet of paper, and he had jumped into the air, brandishing a purple electric hammer and hurling it at phase liu’s body. Those nearby enemies had no time to flee for their lives, as if falling dust, screaming and falling into the cracked ground.
Song Chang-geng’s words are what he just thought. Now that he wants to come to Nu Wa Empress and other saints, he has boundless magical powers. He has nothing to do but sit at home and spy on the Three Realms. Since Nu Wa Empress sheltered phase liu, he will use this to impress Nu Wa. Which one do you choose between his children and his kin? Of course, in the end, Song Chang-geng wanted to come here, so that he would have a chance to destroy phase liu and the future trouble of this Middle-earth.
In fact, he thought it was true. Nu Wa really hesitated at this. In those days, for the sake of his kin, although he hated Nu Wa by devouring human beings, he still sheltered him in his do or die. What now? One is an outstanding person among human beings, and the other is a relative, which really makes it a little difficult for her to decide to help there, but if she doesn’t reach out, don’t let them fight like this?
After thinking about it, she said to the female fairy around her, "Jinfeng, go for a moment. That little guy killed phase liu. Now, although phase liu barely has Jin Xian’s cultivation, the actual strength is the spirit fairy, and the injury of the Yuan God is not good. I’m afraid the great magical power can’t be put to good use. I’m afraid it’s no match for the little guy. Go and stop it and let phase liu hand over the hibiscus tree to the little guy and let them stop.
At the same time, you tell phase liu that this is the last time for me to help him. Three rescues have done my kindred’s kindness. At the same time, you warn phase liu that human beings are made like my son. If it harms human beings again, I will kill it. Go. "Say that finish sighed, eyebrows wrinkled up gently, among the eight saints, her strength is the weakest, but also the most soft-hearted, for human beings, for the demon race.

Chapter six hundred and forty-one Fighting snakes in the wild
Fairy Jinfeng got the will of Nu Wa Empress and left the lower bound for thirty-three days, but because she hated phase liu, she deliberately walked normally, and didn’t force it. She deliberately gave Song Changgeng their time. Of course, Song Changgeng didn’t know these things. When he finished speaking, he jumped up and smashed it with a purple electric hammer. When phase liu saw it, the head of the central government spit out a few obscure voices, and then a light gray mask rose on him.
When Song Chang-geng hit it with a hammer, a wave of ripples rippled, and the seemingly weak mask was not damaged at all. Instead, Song Chang-geng bounced back. He jumped up and slammed the hammer again as if he were crazy, and the mask began to be unstable after more than a dozen hammers in a row. When the ethereal fairy in the distance saw him, he had to stop attacking and see what he could do.
After all, this is not a life-and-death struggle. Since Song Changgeng has reached out, he can’t fight again. That’s too bullying. Of course, it’s not good to bully snakes, so he hides back to watch the battle. However, seeing Song Changgeng’s bravery, he can’t help but shake his head. At the same time, the original Buddha, who is far away in Biyou Palace, also shook his head at the Tongtian hierarch next to him. "You’re an interesting apprentice. You’re going to use the magic weapon as a soldier, hehe!"
Saint Tongtian’s rare face turned red and forced himself to defend himself: "He is a little fellow who has been practicing for less than a hundred years. He just got a baby and naturally doesn’t know how to use it. What’s so strange about this? Do you think he told our former disciples? Those guys don’t know how many yuan meetings they practice. If you are not a refined guy, your standard is wrong. "
The primitive Buddha shook his head and smiled. He didn’t argue with him any more. He continued to watch, and suddenly he said,’ Hey!’ He said, "This little guy is so cunning that he came up with such a way. It turned out that it was all fake just now." The sage could not help smiling when he saw it. The disciple rarely gave himself a long face, which made him feel very good. At the same time, he had face in front of his second brother and felt that his second brother was not so annoying.
It turns out that when Song Chang-geng just smashed it, even phase liu thought that he couldn’t make a magic weapon, so he didn’t care too much about him in his heart. He didn’t want Song Chang-geng to paralyze him. When he was a little distracted, he had already brought two instruments of Tai Chi beads into the hammer. I saw a black-and-white dichromatic figure of more than ten feet, which fell on the mask before the hammer, and just broke a hole in the mask with a spin.
When phase liu didn’t react properly, Song Chang Geng’s hammer had been stretched recently. The purple lightning that had just disappeared from the hammer suddenly twisted into an electric column with a thickness of more than ten feet, and went in along the hole. In a blink of an eye, phase liu’s body was smashed, and he saw the purple electricity scurrying around, and a burnt smell floated out, as well as the screams of phase liu’s nine heads.
The mask also disappeared at the same time, and Song Chang Gung jumped to phase liu’s side, brimming with hatred of snakes, and violently lifted the hammer and smashed it. Several hammers were lightning-lit, causing phase liu to roll on the ground in pain. He still had a third of his body, so he rushed out of the ground and rolled on the ground, with huge stones flying around, and the ground was like a spider’s web.
Song Chang-geng used his own skill to support the attack of the purple electric hammer, which made him feel hard. Seeing that phase liu was hurt by himself when he was not on guard, he didn’t hit it with a hammer. Instead, he released the four swords in the’ Tongtian Sword Dan’ in his right chest and rushed in along the gap that was opened by electricity. Although phase liu’s body was strong and it was difficult to rush, there was the essence of the original four swords in those four swords.
The spirit saw phase liu’s reiki flesh and blood as if it were a cat’s. It was fishy, and he rushed out without Song Chang-geng’s call. He just got into it. phase liu was suddenly unprepared to hurt his flesh, but he soon got it under control, but when the four swords rushed in, ate JingXie and destroyed his flesh and blood, he couldn’t help it any more and screamed.
At the same time, his body rolled around, and Song Changgeng couldn’t avoid being drawn by his big tail, flying in the air, spitting out a mouthful of golden blood in the air, like a golden thread crossing in the air.
Bang!’ After falling to the ground with a loud voice, Song Chang-geng felt his chest was on fire, and he was miserable as hell. After a while, he barely sat up and looked around at phase liu, whose skin was constantly cracking. The wildness in his heart seemed to be aroused. Regardless of his body’s discomfort, he gave a howl, jumped up, jumped up and hugged phase liu’s big tail, which was about to be lifted up.
However, after several tugs, he felt that he couldn’t pull all his strength. Suddenly, he realized that he was empty and had a change, but his physical strength was not enough. When he understood it, he was dumped by phase liu’s tail again. At the same time, when he vomited blood in the air, phase liu endured the pain, controlled his tail to catch up, and violently smoked it down, throwing him directly from the air to the ground.
Just listen to’ boom!’ A sound, Song Chang Gung has disappeared, and there is only a big hole with a width of more than three hundred feet on the ground. phase liu felt relieved at first sight, and began to concentrate on driving away the four swords in the body. He bitterly refused to do so at the same time, and vowed to eat this guy later, even if he was afraid of offending the heavenly saints. Anyway, Nu Wa Empress would shelter herself and be afraid of anything.
At the sight of this, the ethereal fairy and the Blissful Reality in the distant air were all a little stunned. The ethereal fairy felt as if she had returned to the era of the universe, and the spell became an auxiliary, and the physical strength became the mainstream. The Blissful Reality lived for thousands of years. The first time she saw such a brave thing, the giant and the serpent fought. What did this have to do with? He couldn’t help but turn his head a little. What did this Song Changgeng think?
Can’t he use magic to attack far away? Why do you want the body to rush up? It’s reckless. As soon as phase liu concentrates on it, the four swords will act badly in his body, and it means a little to be forced out. After all, there is no one to preside over them. They are just moving by the instinct of the spirit. phase liu is malicious while pushing, so he must clean up this guy for a while, and it is unforgivable to hurt himself.
Just thinking about it, I suddenly felt surprised. When I looked up, I saw a purple fire with a height of more than 100 feet in the hole where Song Chang-geng was smashed. There were countless creatures hovering in the purple fire. Although it was a virtual shadow, the ferocious and fierce qi was foaming at the mouth. Even the strong in the universe like phase liu felt a thrill, and I didn’t know what had happened below.
Then I saw the purple fire rising, and Song Changgeng’s baizhang body rose slowly from the ground. He was burning with a baizhang thick purple fire, and there was a virtual shadow of all kinds of creatures in the universe. At the same time, his face was distorted and full of ferocious, but his eyes were surprisingly calm, and his mouth was still covered with golden blood. His body was even more than ten feet older than before.
There is no anger and other feelings in his eyes, but he is calm and almost heartless. He glanced at phase liu and said calmly, "You are very powerful, and you can hurt me like this. You are the first guy who has hurt me so badly since I debuted for a hundred years. In order to commemorate, I want to absorb the flesh and blood and soul, so that you and I can be integrated and become my food, and die!"
When he spoke, he had moved from static to dynamic, and suddenly rushed over. The purple fire was elongated, just like a meteor. Although his heart was a little empty, phase liu still didn’t put Song Changgeng in his eyes. He waved his hand in the past, but Song Changgeng didn’t seem to see it. He didn’t flash or hide. He was greeted directly, hugged his big tail and stepped on the ground.
The earth cracked and opened at once, and his legs immediately sank in. He quickly ran a force to his feet and pushed the earth away, which prevented the subsidence. At the same time, his hands flashed golden brilliance, scratching phase liu’s scales and grasping them into its flesh and blood. phase liu couldn’t help but scream, but he was interrupted before he finished, because Song Changgeng didn’t know where the strength came from, so he pulled phase liu’s tail and swung him up.
After the volley drew a circle, he crashed to the ground. phase liu’s sharp screams came to a screeching halt like a rooster with his throat cut, and then he heard a bang. His body was smashed to the ground, and immediately the earth fell apart and a long pit appeared.
Then Song Chang-geng caught up again and swung it again, as if he were whipping the ground with a whip. phase liu couldn’t shout any more. He saw that this was not a problem. Not only was his body out of control now, but at the same time, the four swords were tattered in his body, tearing his flesh and blood, which made him unable to lift his strength painfully. At the same time, Song Chang-geng’s hands grasping his tail were actually absorbing his strength.
He was cruel, and suddenly rushed out the Yuan God, and turned into the middle-aged man. He rushed over to Song Changgeng and stared at him viciously at the same time. phase liu Yuan God rushed out too fast, and Song Changgeng didn’t have time to watch out, so he rushed to the front. phase liu was going to use Yuan God to rush into Song Changgeng’s body. He also saw that Song Changgeng’s Yuan God was not yet formed, and his Yuan God was stronger than him, so he might succeed.
Don’t want him to just get to the head of Song Changgeng, but see the lotus crown on Song Changgeng’s head suddenly release a soft circular mask to protect Song Changgeng’s head, and he failed to bump into it several times. At this time, the purple fire outside Song Changgeng has been entangled, and the virtual shadow of those creatures in the fire is obviously a Yuan God, and it has actually begun to besiege the Yuan God of phase liu, and phase liu feels that the purple fire has the characteristics of swallowing.
Just now, these were just a few breaths. I was a little stunned to see the ethereal immortals and the blissful real people in the sky, but the heavenly sage who was far away from Biyou Palace sneered, "A small snake dares to go wild. The Lotus Golden Crown I personally forged can calm my mind, subdue evil life and defend against all kinds of spiritual attacks. I want to go in with the Yuan God, and I think it’s beautiful."