Zhang Zhongxuan, who hasn’t set up the Tong Ren Tang for a long time, looked at the wide street and couldn’t help saying, "I wonder if there is a Tong Ren Tang for saving the world in this city?"
"Zhang Gongzi." A bright and clear voice came, and then the people around got out of the way. A well-dressed middle-aged man led a follower towards Zhang Zhongxuan.
Zhang Chong Xuan Shun’s reputation went, and he felt that the bearer was very familiar, but he couldn’t remember who he was.
The man walked up to Zhang Chongxuan, smiling, and said, "Doctor, I wonder if you remember the boy?"
Hearing someone calling him an imperial doctor, Zhang Zhongxuan suddenly remembered someone and said, "You must be An Sok."
"I can’t believe that the doctor still remembers me."
Zhang Zhongxuan smiled faintly and said, "How do you know that I am an imperial doctor?"
An Sok confidently said, "I guessed."
Zhang Zhongxuan nodded and said, "How have you been these years?"
An Sok sighed with emotion: "At the beginning, thanks to the advice of the imperial doctor, I came to Aoki City. I started as a coolie, and now I am rich. I originally wanted to go back to Xingcheng to thank Zhang Gongzi personally. Who thought that my wife was pregnant, so I had to stop temporarily. Now Zhang Gongzi has come to Aoki City, please be worshipped by Song An."
Zhang Zhongxuan quickly held An Sok and said, "It’s not necessary."
Song An obstinately passed Zhang Zhongxuan, but he had to give up when he couldn’t kneel down. He said, "Since Zhang Gongzi has come to Aoki City, he must visit my house, or he will look down on me An Sok."
Zhang Zhongxuan saw that An Sok looked sincere and said, "All right."
Song An followers went before him, and all the people in the street naturally made a way, while Zhang Zhongxuan and An Sok walked to the biggest mansion in Cangmucheng.
Along the way, Zhang Zhongxuan learned about some conditions in An Sok, in the city of Aoki. An Sok is already a famous figure. Almost 50% of the real estate in Aoki City is monopolized by An Sok. Even when the Tong Ren Tang was founded in Aoki City, Song Anshi gave a hand behind it.
As soon as I entered the mansion, a pregnant woman came out and said, "Xianggong, you’re back."
Song An Shuang lang should way. Pointing to Zhang Chongxuan, he said, "Madam, this is Zhang Gongzi. That is, the black curtain doctor who reborn me at the beginning. "
The woman gave Zhang Chongxuan a bow and said, "The Song family has seen Zhang Gongzi."
Zhang Zhongxuan said with a smile, "Brother Song is really lucky. I think his wife’s face will definitely give birth to a pair of twins."
An Sok’s eyes lit up and said, "Really?"
Zhang Zhongxuan nodded his head.
Song An said, "To tell you the truth, my wife is pregnant in October and her stomach is getting bigger day by day. But I just couldn’t give birth. I went to Jishi Tongrentang for medical treatment, but they said that my wife was not different, just wait, but you know how urgent I am to be a father. "
Zhang Zhongxuan smiled, naturally knowing that An Sok wanted to ask him for help to have a look, and said with a smile, "You don’t have to worry about this. You can invite a midwife tonight. I guarantee that you will meet two fat children in vain. "
An Sok smiled and said, "Haha, An Sok is relieved to have this sentence."
At this time, the Song family took Song An’s hand and said, "Xianggong, let Zhang Gongzi be the adoptive father of the children."
An Sok nodded and said, "This nature. I don’t know if Zhang Gongzi hates it. "
Zhang Zhongxuan smiled and said, "It’s flattering to let me be the adoptive father of the children."
Song Anchao came down and said, "Somebody, go and prepare the banquet."
Zhang Zhongxuan quickly said, "I think I’ll forget about the banquet. I just ate at Qingyun Mountain."
"Qingyun Mountain?" Song An said, "Did Zhang Gongzi meet Brother Li Muyang? He is the most hospitable person. Whenever someone goes to Qingyun Mountain, he treats me warmly. When I first came to Cangmucheng, my first meal was a bowl of vegetarian noodles he invited me when he came down to sell vegetables."
Zhang Zhongxuan said, "I think it should be the same person as you said."
Song Anchao’s servant said, "Although Zhang Gongzi had lunch, he didn’t eat dinner. You go down and arrange dinner. "
The servant heard An Sok. Nature should be down, and the song. I also went into the room to rest under the help of the servants.
An Sok invited Zhang Chongxuan to sit down and asked someone to serve tea. He said, "Zhang Gongzi, you have come to Cangmu City this trip. I wonder if you have any big plans?"
Zhang Chongxuan looked at An Sok. An Sok is obviously not an ordinary person. He has an unusual mind. He can guess the key to things even if there is no basis. Take Song An’s knowledge that he is a black curtain imperial doctor. Zhang Chongxuan said: "Why do you say that? “
An Sok sprinkled: "Although I have been in Cang Mu Cheng, but looking at ji Tong Ren Tang and the semicolons in Ji Courtyard and gambling hall in Cang Mu Cheng, I know that Zhang Gongzi will either not make a move, and it must be an amazing move."
Zhang Zhongxuan laughed: "That’s not right. I came to Cangmu City by accident. I just want to find a mountain with a good environment as a place to set up a faction."
"Li Pai!" An Sok exclaimed, you know, that’s what a generation of grandmasters can do. Song An saw Zhang Zhongxuan at a young age, but it was unexpected that Zhang Zhongxuan had reached the point where a generation of grandmasters had arrived.
Zhang Zhongxuan picked up the teacup on the side, sipped his tea and said, "Yes, but I don’t want to make it too public for the time being."
An Sok stood up and said, "I know what Zhang Gongzi means. If I respect Song, then I’ll leave it to An Sok."
Zhang Zhongxuan waited for Song Andi’s words, nodded and said, "As for Li Muyang, you tell him that the school I want to start is Chongxuan, and he naturally won’t say much." Zhang Chongxuan said that he grabbed a corner of the tea table on the side, pulled off a piece, and stretched out his hand and carved a pattern on it, which was the mysterious lotus that Chongxuan sent once believed in.
After talking for a while, An Sok naturally went out to do some work, while Zhang Zhongxuan rested in Song An ‘an’s advanced guest room. Zhang Zhongxuan was lying in bed, thinking about what to do next. Now, his body really flows by itself, and he doesn’t need to rest at all. It’s just that he found that after this descent, to be exact, since he practiced God’s tactic, his mind began to get more and more, and he often thought about some things.
After lying for half a while, Zhang Chongxuan felt a little confused. He stood up and asked the servant to get a pen and ink. With the memory of Qingyun Mountain, he began to think about how to establish a heavy Xuan school. He thought about drawing a model, and it was already dusk before he knew it. It was not until Song An came to invite Zhang Chongxuan to dinner that Zhang Chongxuan stopped.
An Sok looked at the model on the desk, revealing the color of shock. An Sok still knew a little about architecture. At the beginning, he also worked as a builder, but looking at the model drawn by Zhang Zhongxuan, not to mention the vivid pictures, those designs were in An Sok’s eyes, which was wonderful.
An Sok sighed: "Zhang Anzi is really outstanding. It’s really admirable to look at this picture you drew."
Zhang Zhongxuan clapped his hands and said, "No, this is just the idea of the first cloth. I will tell Zifeng to handle it."
"Purple wind? Is it Zhao Zifeng, the first businessman in the world? " An Sok cried.
Zhang Zhongxuan didn’t know about it, saying, "I haven’t heard of it."
An Sok patted his forehead and smiled: "I am stupid. Zhao Zifeng works for Zhang Fu. Who else is Zhang Gongzi talking about?"
Zhang Zhongxuan didn’t want to be too distracted by these things. "Has the midwife come yet?"
An Sok heard that Zhang Zhongxuan asked about the midwife and knew that Zhang Zhongxuan was going to help his wife see a doctor. At the moment, he said happily, "Here you are."
Zhang Zhongxuan gave a sigh and said, "Take me to see your wife."
"yes." An Sok also forgot to invite Zhang Zhongxuan to dinner, and directly took Zhang Zhongxuan to the Song family’s rest room. The Song family was lying in bed, with two maids standing on the side and an old woman in her fifties and sixties, presumably a midwife.
"My Lord." Three people in order to salute Song An.
An Sok nodded and said, "Get out of the way and let Zhang Gongzi have a look."