"No, it’s a real gun!" RuXiaoNan holding the head up the body.
Xuanji stepped on the clutch to the end, but the car suddenly roared behind him, constantly hitting the road behind their wheels and sparking a string of golden sparks.
"Mrs. Mubolun’s Soul, put it away," Xuanji woke up. "There’s a sharp turn one hundred meters ahead. I’ll let you drive there. You hide in the abandoned mine. They’ll chase me after you drive. He’ll send someone to pick you up …"
Ru Xiaonan held her head and the car body moved to the right quickly. Because of inertia, she hit the left door.
"I’m not going to run away alone," she cried out in pain. "They’ll kill you."
"Hold on" XuanJiLai no longer advised her to straighten the car and throw it forward.
The words just fell from their car, and then a huge explosion rose, and the flame rose like a fried mushroom cloud, making a hot smoke.
RuXiaoNan give him a look out from the back window of the car, and a car is following behind them as if it were going to crash.
"It’s going to hit!" She exclaimed.
At this moment, there was a sharp bend in the road ahead. In the late summer, the right foot was switching between clutch and brake, and the car body almost turned sideways.
The car behind them couldn’t dodge out of the dirt road and overturned on the side of the road.
RuXiaoNan couldn’t help but praise XuanJi driving skills in my mind.
No wonder Qing Mo Yan always lets Xuanji cars follow them. This guy really has two brushes.
"There’s one car left," RuXiaoNan looked at the back again. "How did they know we found the soul of MuBolun?"
Xuanji stared at the rearview mirror from time to time. "They may not know."
RuXiaoNan bit his lip.
She’s a little white
If these things are caused by Mu Shiyu, the Mu family, as Qing Moyan expected, then he will spare no effort to kill his brother Mu Bolun.
RuXiaoNan clutching his pocket, where MuBolun’s soul symbol was filled.
Never hurt it.
Now it is not only the soul of Mu Bolun, but also Yu Jingqi …
In the night, Xia Guo Yu Jingqi became a royal family at a young age, and she must not let his soul dissipate like this again.
The car behind them suddenly hit, and their car lost its balance. The car body turned sideways on the dirt road.
"Madam, bow your head!" Xuanji sounds in my ears
RuXiaoNan with a bow.
The overhead window glass smashed into pieces and fell on her head.
Because the car behind it hit directly too fast, it knocked their car to the ground and rolled back a few times before stopping, and the car was scattered all over the floor.
RuXiaoNan screaming was stuck in the seat bottom gap.
RuXiaoNan didn’t dare to look up until everything was quiet again.
The car turned over, and her big head was stuck in it.
"Xuanji?" She tried to call
However, there was no sound to respond to her.
"How are you in Xuanji!" RuXiaoNan looked at the cab through the crack. XuanJi leaned sideways and his forehead was covered with blood.
RuXiaoNan heart thumped a.
She tried to climb out of the window, but the gap left by the car was too small for her to get out.
"Where else do you want to run?" She heard a strange man
"I didn’t expect this car to be interesting."
RuXiaoNan looked out from the broken window and saw two men coming from the opposite car.
RuXiaoNan bite a tooth root reached into his arms and pulled out a sign.
The instant killing spell formed in her mind.
Even she herself feels a little incredible, and she is so calm at this time.
If it were any other situation, she would never have thought of such a curse.
Grandfather didn’t teach her Yin and Yang to kill people.
But now she does not hesitate to make a choice.