Chapter 7 Nothing to read (3)
Yang Muyu asked curiously, "Where is the lodging of the noble disciple?" He is not a particular person, so he doesn’t think it’s a big deal for three or four people to live in a room. You still care about this after living in a hut for 15 years?
"Son, look at the hillside over there." Du Yun pointed to the distance.
"Ah?" Yang Muyu looked at it from a distance, and sure enough, not far from Du Yun’s point of view, there was a hillside that was not too high. The hills were all well-manicured grass and some flowers and trees, but on the mountainside, there were independent small buildings with small yards, with unique and diverse shapes dotted on the hillside.
"The mountain is all some expensive interface childe used to rent the dormitory, of course, if you are not satisfied, you can also apply to winner college to build your own house, but the house built when I leave school is unconditionally owned by winner college. Son, I rented one halfway up the mountain for the time being. If you are not satisfied, I will apply for construction. " Du Yun laughed.
"Are you stupid?" Yang Muyu looked at him like an idiot and built a small building just to live here for a year and a half, and then he had to give it to Tianyimen unconditionally. Unless he had a worm in his head, he would never do such a stupid thing.
"Father God!" Yang Tie sealed the sound waves with psychic force and laughed. "I think this proposal is good. I’ll go and see the terrain around here later."
Yang Muyu gave him a hard white look and snorted: "Money is not spent like this."
"No!" Yang Tie seldom laughed. "Didn’t the father just say that he would annex the winner’s gate? I just invest a little in advance. Hey hey … "
Yang Muyu almost stumbled and fell to the ground. What theory is this? He just said it. It’s inevitable that the city of Qingyao will fight against the winner’s gate. How easy is it to annex it?
Yang Tie helped him and smiled: "It doesn’t cost much for Father God to build a small building."
Du Yun smiled and said, "Other places are fine, but the cost of this place is definitely not small."
"Why do you see it?" Yang Tie asked.
"nonsense!" Yang Muyu stared his one eye sneer at a way. "If anyone wants to build a small building in Qingyao Palace in Qingyao City, I will even discount his legs-Tianyimen and Qingyao City have the same name, but since they are open to business, they can’t weaken their name."
"Wait and ask!" Yang Tie still didn’t give up the idea of building a small building and didn’t know whether to invest in advance.
Between three people talking and laughing has walked to the front of a small building halfway up the mountain. Du Yun took out the key and gestured with a smile: "Look here, son. Are you satisfied with it?"
"Good location is ok!" Yang Muyu seems to have looked at the terrain halfway up the mountain, and his vision is very broad. It’s not too high. So as not to run up and down every day, of course, he has barely cultivated the four products of spiritual power and once cultivated the art of wind protection. The dance of soft light is a rare art of wind protection. But he has always been a lazy man. It’s always good to walk less.
"This flower is not good!" Yang Tie looked at the ground lock in the yard and gently pinched it without a key. The lock has been smashed and pushed open the courtyard door. He shook his head at a few drooping begonia in the yard and said, "I don’t know what taste the original people had to plant such tacky flowers?"
"I look ok. Don’t be so particular. " Yang Muyu laughed. When you are away from home, everything can be the same as in Qingyao City or Crescent Bay. Let his temper mess around?
Du Yun looked at the lock that was crushed by Yang Tie for a long time before he was sad and said, "Iron Master, you … even if you are strong, you don’t have to make it here. How can this yard be locked at night?"
"You are stupid!" Yang Tie grumpily scold a way: "You’ve been with Mo Qing for so many years, but you’ve raised a whole body of fat and full of roundworms and climbed into your head?" Can the lock of the winner’s door be used? Just find a locksmith to change it. " He has walked to the front of the building with the same method to crush the lock and push the door directly.
There are simple furniture in the small building, in fact, some heavy guys who are not easy to take away want to come-students who rent here are not necessarily spendthrift, and they took away all the furniture that can be moved here when they can’t say for sure.
Du Yun cried sadly: "Not to say that everything is complete? Why is it so little? "
Yang Muyu is busy: "Nothing, just look at what’s missing and buy it."
Yang Tie didn’t express his opinion again, looked around and smiled. "Fortunately, the East Room under the housekeeper Du separates you from the ghost servant, and the west is also separated from the front for studying and entertaining guests. The son always has to pay students to come and play, and the back is the kitchen. In the middle is the hall stairs, and behind the kitchen."
Yang Muyu looked down the stairs, but it was shiny and tight on the surface of the small building, but it was not so good inside. Even the paint on the wooden stairs had peeling marks and it was not very clean.
"Childe, let’s go up and have a look?" Yang Tie said to Yang Muyu.
Yang Muyu nodded and walked up the stairs. There are also three small rooms upstairs, but I don’t know who lived in the middle and the bedroom. I just used a bookshelf to block it. Now the bookshelf is naturally empty and there is nothing.
Yang Muyu turned around along the bookshelf, and there was a bedroom separated from the back of the bedroom with a secret door, presumably a bathing place. He pushed open the secret door suddenly, and a dark shadow floated out of the open window silently.
Yang Muyu was taken aback and instinctively "ah" and Yang Tie flew over quickly and asked urgently, "What happened to Father God?"
"Nothing. A big bat scared me." Yang Muyu laughed and said it was funny. A big man was afraid of a bat, so he walked into the bathroom as he spoke, and suddenly a little purples on the smooth bath attracted his attention.
"Look Yang Tie-"cried Yang Muyu.
Yang Tie looked down his eyes and frowned, and then a finger wiped it. The deep red was obviously blood and had been dry for a long time.
"Congratulations, childe!" Yang Tie laughed. "Originally, the owner of this small building was probably a female classmate."
Yang Muyu immediately understood what was going on when he stayed. He suddenly blushed for a long time before he reluctantly said, "That’s not necessarily because the boy accidentally hurt his hand or something …"
Yang Tie laughed and didn’t argue with him. He laughed and said, "Son, I won’t clean up here if you don’t go to the door for a walk."
"You?" Yang Muyu shook his head and said, "Come back to me. What can you do besides killing people?" While speaking, he has turned on the faucet in the bathroom. Fortunately, there are both cold water and hot water. After all, it is a place for your ladies and gentlemen to stay. The general things are still complete.
Digging out the rag from the starfish soul, Yang Muyu rolled up his sleeves and was about to tidy up the room. Yang Tie’s fingers appeared in the room bit by bit, and many of them were like water mist, which filled the whole room. In an instant, all the furniture, walls and floors were filled with a layer of water mist, and then the water mist added layers of black liquid with dirt to slowly flow down the furniture and walls.
About half a cup of tea, the water mist has turned into clear water, and the house originally covered with a layer of ash has been cleaned.
"That … this …" Yang Muyu opened his eyes wide and said in his heart, "Can psychic powers still be used like this?"
"What is this secret skill?" Yang Muyu asked.
"Well, gadgets …" Yang Tie laughed. "It’s just using the water vapor in the air to solidify and clean the furniture. You’d better go out. I’ll pack this thing soon. If you want to learn it, you must at least have the spirit force to do it …"
Yang Muyu is completely wilted, but the water vapor in the solidified air actually needs spiritual strength. He doesn’t have to think about it for the time being.
And Yang Tie immediately moved the bookshelf to the other side regardless of what he thought-Yang Muyu watched him take out the same things from the wonderful bag like a magic trick, such as natural brocade beauty screen, huanghuali wood furniture, books, scrolls … Finally, when he took out a pale pinkish purple mosquito net, Yang Muyu asked in distress situation: "Did you know that I was short of these things?"
"I’m not the Hao family who can predict the Oracle?" Yang Tie laughed. "How can we know that God the Father is missing these things?"