"But is the trade union of refined pharmacists in Mucheng, a city with a poor appearance, more powerful than that with a neon thief?" Any suspection.i war day curious asked
"How is this possible? Look at the brush-off, brush-off, brush-off, brush-off, brush-off, brush-off, brush-off, brush-off, and brush-off.
"Since the strength is so strong, can’t you get the first place?" Any suspection.i war day small muttered
"Smelly little, what do you know? Only 25-year-old people can attend the refined pharmacist conference. Although our refined pharmacist union is the strongest, they are all very old. A few decades old are considered to be a hundred years younger, that is, they belong to the prime of life. At the age of 25, refined pharmacists are afraid of the school’s imperial overseas Chinese defects. Rui Kangmo is a thief, and the six temples are copied.
"Well, you mean let me help you to attend the refined pharmacist conference? But my level is not high. How can I participate? " Any suspection.i war days asked doubtfully.
"But I’m going to ask you to help me to attend the refined pharmacist conference. Don’t underestimate yourself. Although I don’t know what your golden flame is, I know that it is definitely not an ordinary flame. If you promise, then you don’t have to worry about our environment. I don’t have to worry about it. Mark aowei v さ feed >
When I heard Zangluo’s words, Huangfu Zhantian was greatly moved. If that’s the case, I really don’t need to worry about anything. But is what he said true? Besides, he doesn’t look like a master. Don’t be happy then, it won’t be fun.
Thinking of this, Huangfu Zhantian asked, "The conditions are really attractive, but can you make the decision?"
Hear any suspection.i Zhantian question Zangluo immediately nasty "you are so small that you can’t see the rabbit without spreading the eagle. Well, to tell you the truth, although I’m not the president of the refined pharmacist union, there’s nothing too big for the refined pharmacist union, but I’m absolutely in charge of this when I speak. You can rest assured" After that, his face suddenly showed a proud color.
When I heard Zangluo’s words, Huangfu Zhantian bowed his hand and said, "Well, in that case, I promised the six-Dan medicine. Can you show it to me?" Any suspection.i war days after finish eyes staring at ZangLuo put the table that a pile of six prescriptions.
See HuangFuZhanTian that ZangLuo didn’t good the spirit way, "look, since you promised, I’ll honor what I said. You can take these prescriptions, but let me see your alchemy first, or I’m not sure."
Hear Zangluo words suspection.i war day root ignored directly stretched out his hand and caught the six Dan medicine prescription and then look at it carefully.
After reading the first one, Huangfu Zhantian went on to look at the second one. After reading these prescriptions, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly became happy. How can the refining of six Dan medicines be similar to that of five Dan medicines? However, it only requires that the energy of refined pharmacists be increased, which is no problem for Huangfu Zhantian.
I’m afraid this Zangluo won’t rest assured if he doesn’t have anything to do, and I’m afraid he won’t get strong support from this Zangluo if he doesn’t have anything to do. Besides, although this Zangluo seems to be an ordinary old man, listening to the words in his tone, he must have a high status in refining pharmacists’ unions.
First of all, refining is the popular Dan medicine, which means that if you eat this Dan medicine, you can increase your speed a lot. The specific increase depends on the quality of Dan medicine, and this increase depends on the level of the plane god. The higher the strength, the higher the rising speed, but the plane god level strong eats this Dan medicine, but there is nothing.
After all the materials for refining popular Dan are prepared, Huangfu Zhantian will take out his own herbal tripod from the small world, and the small world will get it back from the small secluded place when you come back. After all, the small secluded place has the blood evil spirit to honour him with that ring, so you don’t need yourself.
When the Herbal Ding was taken out by Huangfu Zhantian, he kept squinting at Huangfu Zhantian, and Zangluo’s eyes started to stare. Although this medicine Ding looks very ordinary, I don’t know why he feels that this medicine Ding is definitely not as popular as this performance. Section 1144: Popular Dan
Although I really want to know in my heart, at this time, taking out the hundred-herb tripod has been the first step in refining medicine, that is, it is not good for him to disturb the warm furnace, so he can endure his curiosity and watch Huangfu Zhantian refine medicine.
Warming furnace process Huangfu Zhantian took about three breaths. This warming furnace process is good, but Zangluo didn’t feel the heat, which made him curious. Ordinary refined pharmacists had to get at least one wick incense when warming the furnace, but he poured out three breaths for such a short time, but he didn’t say much.
After the warm furnace is completed, Huangfu Zhantian will take out a crystal nucleus of the popular beast, which is the main material for refining popular Dan, and then put it into a hundred herbs tripod for extraction. During the extraction process, the crystal nucleus of this popular beast, Huangfu Zhantian Raytheon Jinyan, kept baking and soon extracted a trace of brown powder from the surface until finally the brown powder disappeared, but the blue crystal nucleus has turned into a drop of blue liquid, which looks so thorough as if there is no trace of impurities.
Watching Huangfu Zhantian bounce this drop of blue liquid into a jade bottle, Zangluo’s heart was severely hit again. Because of this popular Dan, he also refined it, and it was easy for him, but he never extracted such a pure essence. It seems that it is either this medicine tripod or the golden flame credit. It seems that this time it is a true bet to find the treasure. Thought of here, Zangluo’s face can’t help but show a bright smile.
I didn’t care about Zangluo’s reaction. After Huangfu Zhantian extracted the crystal nucleus of that popular animal, he then extracted his medicinal materials. The refining of popular Dan still needs a lot of auxiliary medicinal materials. These medicinal materials must be extracted [
Any suspection.i war god attention action is like flowing water, without a trace of crude and hesitation, as if it had been refined for hundreds of times.
Finally, all the medicinal materials have been extracted. With a wave of his hand, a gentle Raytheon Qi wrapped the drop of turquoise liquid and put it into the Herb Pot. Following this drop of liquid into the original Herb Pot, all the medicinal materials were controlled by Huangfu Zhantian to revolve around this drop of turquoise liquid rapidly, and these medicinal materials were integrated into this drop of liquid.
At this time, the celestial body Raytheon Qi of Huangfu War suddenly strengthened, but the temperature inside the Herbal Ding increased dramatically, but the outside was not aware of the scorching temperature. The liquid inside the powerful high-temperature baking Herbal Ding was shrinking and finally narrowed into a cyan Dan medicine the size of a thumb, but the surface of this Dan medicine was not flat. However, after seeing the formation of this Dan medicine, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. At this step, the popular Dan base refining completed the last step.
Seeing that Huangfu Zhantian finished refining Zangluo so quickly, there was not much reaction, so his heart was numb by the shock of Huangfu Zhantian, and there might be too much reaction.
In the end, this process was quickly completed. When this popular Dan with cyan breath was taken out of the Baicao Ding, Zangluo flashed in front of Huangfu Zhantian and stared at this popular Dan carefully. But when he saw the popular Dan, he said two words: "pervert!" Because Huangfu Zhantian refined this popular Dan quality, it has reached the quality. If you don’t know Huangfu Zhantian’s age and he is refining for the first time, I’m afraid Zangluo will be a pharmacist who has been refining for decades.
"Congratulations, you are only 26 refined pharmacists!" Zangluo smiling congratulations to suspection.i Zhantian way
"Er … I don’t know if the seven refined pharmacists can pass the exam?" When I saw these six prescriptions, I knew that I would be able to refine them successfully. When these six popular ones were refined successfully, my mind suddenly became active. Since six is so good at refining, is seven Dan medicines as easy to refine as six Dan medicines?
"Seven-Dan medicine is almost the same as six-Dan medicine, but it is not so well refined. You should know that every level is a spiritual Dan medicine, and the biggest feature of spiritual Dan medicine is that it contains aura. Actually, seven-refined pharmacists have entered the category of spiritual refined pharmacists. It is the process that seven-refined pharmacists can’t fully master the additional aura of Dan medicine that makes such a seven-refined pharmacist come out, and seven-refined Dan medicine contains a little aura, otherwise it can be regarded as six." Zangluo made no secret.
Hearing Zangluo’s words, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly felt a little disappointed because his Raytheon Jinyan was not really a flame, and he didn’t know if this Raytheon Jinyan could add aura to the elixir. If not, wouldn’t he be a generation of refined pharmacists?
"Then how to attach this additional aura?" Any suspection.i zhantian very studious asked
"It’s very easy to add aura to Dan medicine when it’s about to be released, but aura is an invisible and intangible thing in refined pharmacist’s soul. My personal feeling is that you should first pay enough attention to this Dan medicine and then nourish it with your own soul force, so as to add aura. Of course, this is my vulgar statement, but it should be very helpful for you now. Why are there so few refined pharmacists at the spiritual level because people’s souls are very complicated? If the soul force is not enough, people will forcibly refine the spirit. I’m afraid it will damage the soul, but if the soul is strong, it will not damage but also increase the soul force. "Zangluo said with a smile, although he really wants this suspection.i Zhantian to be refined into seven pharmacists, but this is not something that can be forced.
"Well, can I try it?" Huangfu Zhantian hesitated for a while, but he really won’t back down when it comes to soul power. His soul power is much stronger than many people. I don’t know if I can refine Dan medicine. Section 1145: Are you human?
"It’s ok to try, but I have five pieces of Dan Fang Qi in my hand and they are all difficult to refine. Are you sure you want to try?" Zangluo took out five sheets of paper as thin as cicada from Nazhen and handed it to Huangfu Zhantian.
"I’ll try!" Huangfu Zhantian took the five pieces of paper and looked at it. It’s not very difficult to refine the seven Dan medicines. The main reason is that Dan medicines don’t need too much aura. Of course, there are also seven Dan medicines. Because of their stronger efficacy, the refining process of Dan medicines is more complicated and more medicinal materials are needed.
After reading it, Huangfu Zhantian didn’t rush to refine the medicine, but made a circle in his mind to make sure that there was no problem. After that, Huangfu Zhantian set out to extract the essence of medicinal materials. This refining is a seven-Dan medicine Yishen Dan. The main material of Yishen Dan is a three-color liquid, which is orange, milky white and yellow. A rotating turntable keeps rotating, and the three colors are completely different, but they are magical. Compared with these three kinds of liquid, they are three kinds of liquid that are beneficial to the fusion of soul.
I’m afraid it won’t take so long for a person of the same level to make up for the loss of energy because of Raytheon’s self-cultivation function.
However, in order to increase the success rate of refining Qidan medicine, Huangfu Zhantian will warm up the soul when extracting every medicinal material, so that the essence of each medicinal material can be increased, and maybe it can be refined into Qidan medicine after success [
In this way, I plan to keep every medicinal material warm until the last time. After all these medicinal materials are warmed up again, I feel that my soul force seems to have increased a lot, which makes me very happy.
After all the medicinal materials were extracted, Huangfu Zhantian put the essence of those medicinal materials into the Herb Pot in an orderly way according to the ordinary alchemy process. After some refining, Huangfu Zhantian waved his hand, a drop of tricolor spirit liquid was produced and then put into the Herbal Pot Pot. Those medicinal materials that had been fused together were fused together. After these, Huangfu Zhantian continued to refine medicine. This refining lasted for more than six hours. Even Huangfu Zhantian’s physique and energy felt a little tired from the mental level. Although the physical energy was still very sufficient, there was no problem, but it came from mental exhaustion.