Feather pastor affectionately touched shota head "tell my sister what’s your name? How old are you this year? "
Lovely shota’s sparkling eyes and bright children are very nice. "Sister, my name is Seven Nights, and I don’t know my last name. I have no parents and orphans since I was a child."
It’s a poor child to say that the feather is in tears. She held hands for seven nights. "You’ll have a home after that, and then you’ll live here. After that, it’s your home."
So he stayed in the shop for seven nights. The clever boy was very sensible. His eyes were full of work all day. He wouldn’t let him do it, and he didn’t idle to beat his back and pinch his shoulders for the father and daughter of Feather and Uncle Luo. He also brought tea and water to the diners. Everyone liked and loved him very much except one person, of course.
Ghost face shura doesn’t like this child, especially when she sees that he sometimes rolls into the feather’s arms and acts like a coquette. She is very angry. She just doesn’t like him if she doesn’t fight.
And clever seven nights never gather around Ling Mo pupil, which is always far away from ghost face shura.
Seven nights also know that if he plays coquetry with the ghost face shura, he may be crushed to death.
In the 21st century, when I was an only child, I wished I had a younger brother or sister. Now I have a little brother like a flour dough, and I feel distressed for seven nights. It is natural to be lonely and cherish all kinds of love.
Today, Feather Zhen made a set of beautiful little clothes for Seven Nights to try on, and dressed Seven Nights like a child in the world.
Seven nights snuggling up to Feather’s side, enjoying the tenderness and love of Feather’s elder sister, her little face was full of satisfaction, and she was so gentle in front of this little girl and child that she just fell asleep with this dead little girl.
Sometimes it’s good to be a child! You can show your vulnerability in front of others and get a gentle embrace, but adults can’t (ghost face shura, don’t you want to throw yourself into the gentle embrace of feather girl? -Did I say it was her? )
At this time, there was a noise outside, and a man rushed in to report, "Boss, please go out and see that someone in our shop ate mala Tang and died of spitting blood."
"What? How can such a thing happen? " Feather Zhen quickly got up and ran to the hall.
The shop has become a mess, and many diners who have ordered food are so scared that they dare not move chopsticks and sit there shaking.
A man in his thirties vomited blood and slipped to the table in front of him. A small pot of mala Tang had not been eaten yet.
Old man Luo ran over and hurriedly squatted and shook his head with the man’s pulse. "It’s not working."
Several relatives around the man suddenly burst into tears when they heard it. They seized the feather and the old man Luo and shouted that it must be their mala Tang poison that they must pay for it. There were many people next to them who followed the input and said that they would catch the feather and go to see the official.
How is it possible that Feather Beard stayed there for a while because they pulled themselves around like puppets and lost their ideas? How is that possible? How can a good spicy dip be toxic?
Luo Feixia’s father and daughter tried their best to calm everyone’s anxiety and anger, but the more people gathered around, the more they could tell them.
Lingmo’s dark green eyes stared at the pot of mala Tang tightly. Is it true that someone poisoned the mala Tang to frame the feather?
I was thinking that seven nights suddenly came in and said loudly, "Mala Tang won’t be toxic. Don’t you eat it every day?" Today, mala Tang is definitely not poisonous. I will try it for you! " He grabbed chopsticks, divided by three and five, and pulled all the remaining mala Tang in that small basin into his mouth.
Feather Qian can’t stop her from coming. She hugged for seven nights. "Silly boy, what if someone really comes to poison in mala Tang?" Spit it out quickly. "She almost put her hand into her mouth for seven nights.
Onlookers watched helplessly for seven nights, and the child was still alive and kicking. It seems that there is really no poison in Mala Tang. The unfortunate dead person may have suffered from some disease before he suddenly died. Everyone shook his head and died of relatives so as to carry the body away, indicating that it was a little token of comfort to take out twelve silvers and give them.
The crowd dispersed, and after all this trouble, they were not in the mood to continue their business today and stop business for one day.
When they returned to the hall, they told Luo Feixia that the mala Tang materials must be carefully examined after the father and daughter. Today, everyone woke up a wake-up call, and the competition in the catering industry was fierce. If there are really malicious people who have poison in their diets, it is really unclear.
Feather pastor gently hugged seven nights and said softly, "Don’t do such a thing after being a silly child. If there is a villain’s pot of mala Tang poison, don’t you really die if you rush to eat it?" Not only can’t wash away the grievances for my sister, but it also hurts my life. "
After seven nights, I fell into the arms of Feather and said, "Sister Feather, I listen to you."
Luo Feixia said with a smile, "I know how to protect my sister after seven nights. She must be a man when she grows up!"
Feather Huan smiled and scraped her tender face for seven nights and said, "Not bad, not bad, what a little man!" "
She glanced sideways at Ling Mo-tong. "But an adult is not as good as a child!"
Seven nights also playfully stretched out a tongue at Lingmo Pupil, and Lingmo Pupil snorted. "Is your mind as naive as a child?"
Chapter 13 Little rival in love?