"You’re quite capable." Don’t ask for it. The dry word has especially aggravated the nasal shadow. How pure is the night? A child naturally doesn’t understand his true meaning and says proudly.
"That’s natural grandpa is much more capable than you!"
Don’t grin at the candlestick. "It’s just different to be competent and be confident."
"Fuck you" two people did it again.
In the process of scuffle between the two of them, suddenly there came a strange sound in the tunnel. The two men instantly separated and looked at each other, nodded and hid their breath on both sides of the iron gate.
In sight, they see
"It’s him!"
Outside the desert zenith
The crow hovers but encounters a huge wind pressure. "If you go like this, you will find someone, and you will lose your way. Let’s turn back first." The magical power of the crow is that the crow has become a crow at the moment, and people can’t tell what this guy is.
The raven came to look for Bai Shaoyun’s whereabouts, but when he turned back, he found an army of players.
And he recognized the leaders at a glance.
"Ha ha ha, those guys in desert city finally stopped sticking to the rules? I’m afraid it’s also a reflection of the moon." The raven said to himself, this news must be told to the Ghost King, and the sandstorm seems particularly heavy today.
It is the biggest sandstorm in the desert in these years.
However, the ghost king of the third prison and others have already arrived at the location of Yingyue, but at present they are still wandering in the desert, and it seems that they have not found anything unusual.
At this time, the Dark Devil around the Ghost King often picked up the words "Hey, bss Desert City, those insect departments have sent out to see the samples, and the moon is reflected in Bai Shaoyun. There is still no trace of him. I have returned now."
"Well, crow, come back first. Bai Shaoyun won’t look for him. That guy will meet again if he is still in the desert. It’s urgent to ensure our interests." This game involves too much scope, and the Ghost King must be careful, otherwise the terrible consequences will be unimaginable to him.
Desert underground
"Bai Shaoyun is not dead yet?" Shadow night face surprised expression is only a moment, don’t ask for a face of disdain. That small strength is serious, and naturally it won’t die easily, but it’s amazing to find it here.
However, when Bai Shaoyun finished appearing in front of their eyes, it seemed a bit awkward. The two of them exulted that the goods must have met the strong cave people like them, otherwise he could not be so embarrassed.
In fact, they guessed well, but the situation was much more serious than they thought, because Bai Shaoyun was fighting all the way.
But even if I come here, it seems to two people that Bai Shaoyun can be silly, but I never thought that Bai Shaoyun, a little girl, didn’t know where to take out something and put it into the concave place of the iron gate, and the door opened.
Bai Shaoyun quickly rushed in and disappeared in the blink of an eye, and the iron gate began to combine after that. The two men looked at it badly and rushed to the iron gate at the same time, but they missed the best time. The gap between the iron gates has already entered! !
"Damn it! That kid knows how to get into the iron gate. Damn it, if he does, he’ll take the treasure for himself! !” Shadow Night is the same as him. If you go on like this, it will definitely be bad for you.
"Mom hesitated for a second and now she has no regrets."
"What about the shadow?" This is the first time that Don’t Ask the Truth to say this in a serious way.
Shadow night one leng then crazy vomit up "oh"
Don’t ask for a black line.
Shadow night just laughed. "You are so gentle, you really can’t adapt to it." Don’t ask God for corundum to send this goods but deliberately get serious. "You see, this should be the key to opening the door, but what is this thing?"
"Do you want to show the colonel? He may know that "thinking of forgetting the mystery of dust, the two immediately requested communication and turned on the film and television function."
Forgetting the dust, they happened to be in the desert. When they saw the sunken door, their first surprise was the road trip. "How did this shape feel like I’ve seen it there?" The four-corner diamond is really very special.
I forgot to look at the dust, but then I smiled. "Lu Tianyou, remember what you sold me?"
Smell speech road day tour facial expression, a change "is the white stone! !”
Forget the dust and laugh. "Ha ha ha ha, it’s good that the white stone is the moon. You are waiting for a while. Bai Shaoyun, that guy, just think of him as a scout. I always feel that this treasure reflecting on the moon is not so simple! !”
Chapter two hundred and thirty Reappearance of Heaven and Man
"It’s not that simple? What do you mean by forgetting the head of the dust? "
Going forward in the desert, but giving way to the sky tour becomes cautious, especially after hearing the words of forgetting the dust, which gives way to the sky tour. Of course, this cargo is pure and broken, and it understands what secrets the dust forgot to know. After all, he was too mysterious from the beginning.
Forget the dust and give him a look. "It’s just no intuition. Do you think it will be simple after a thousand years?"
I’m so angry with my little dream * * Yeah, can it be simple? Toes know it’s not easy. Forgetting the dust to answer broke his heart.
"But what should we do? Go on like this. "
Hush, forget the dust. Hush, now they are getting closer and closer to the strongest moonlight of the purple moon, and forget the dust and gradually perceive the scope of the circle, avoiding all the dangers. At this moment, they have almost reached the entrance, but it is only the entrance. I don’t know how far it is from the left eye of the skeleton I see.
If Forgot Dust guessed correctly, the whole underground must be connected, and now they must first find the location of the two sworn enemies, Shadow Night and Don’t Ask for Heaven. According to their description, these two goods are now in the left eye position and in front of the gate, but there is no way to get in.
And forget the dust and be pregnant with the white stone of the moon
This is Bai Shaoyun’s first step in entering the key object, which also worries about forgetting the dust. However, all the conditions must be met to smell the treasure. Now it’s not just the reflection of the moon, and there is no real problem with the skeleton’s left eye. It’s still in the left eye position.
If the whole desert of death was once a city, it is different from looking for a needle in a haystack. It depends on whether they can come or not.
"Right here!" Forget the dust and stop. There is a strange feeling here in the circle.
"Here? What? Is the treasure here? " The little friend Lu tianyou was shocked. This nima is too unchallenged.
Forget the dust, there is no nonsense. Suddenly, a powerful force broke out from the fist surface and threatened to drink "three hundred punches! !”
It seems that it can crush the whole desert and make a hole in the whole ground. Forget the dust and don’t talk nonsense. Kick the road and then jump into the hole with the snow falling.
"Forget the dust and we will go back to the former city?" Snow falls in the arms of forgetting dust and looks shy.
Forget dust nodded. "Well, there is an entrance here. If there is no accident, the treasure should be in the depths."
"Isn’t it closer to the moon?" Xuefu was curious and said that it would save a lot of things if it were closer to reflecting the moon.