Chang Sheng just smiled and said, "Because the China team already has a very good head coach, I don’t think I can do better than him, and I don’t think there is a more suitable candidate in the world at present."
It is obvious that Changsheng is talking about Gao Hongbo.
Vidy and Wang Qiang looked at each other.
They have different opinions, otherwise they won’t come to the winning team.
If they think Gao Hongbo has done a good job, what ball do they need to choose a coach?
"But Gao Hongbo led the team …" Vidy said with a frown.
"Is there a problem?" I know he lost to Japan in the Asian Cup, but isn’t it normal for China to lose to Japan now? Although I also know that Japan and our problems, football is football. Football should pay attention to objective laws. This law belongs to football and can be bypassed without the will of any chief executive. "
Always win to teach two people.
He wanted to say these words before crossing, but he never got a chance to say them, and he often ignored them when he whispered them lightly.
Now it’s different. Crossing has made his personal status rise rapidly, and his influence has expanded several times.
Now he can directly sit down with the full-time vice chairman of the Football Association and the owner of the Football Management Center for dinner, and naturally he is qualified to say these words.
He doesn’t know whether the Football Association really doesn’t know these questions or is playing dumb, but he just wants to say them.
He will do his duty.
A crazy fan who love China football.
Now that he has changed the fate of China in the Asian Cup, can he further change the fate of Gao Hongbo … the fate of China football?
Who said that you can coach the China team if you want to contribute?
Once he coached the China team and the Football Association, he became a subordinate. It is hard to say something, and his opinions may not be taken seriously.
But now, instead of being the head coach of the national team and the Football Association, he has to beg himself.
He is more detached and speaks with more weight.
"Gao Hongbo led the China team to make progress in the past two years, and everyone can see it. When he took over the national team, we ranked eleventh in Asia and one hundred in the world! It’s all below 100 … But what’s the ranking of the national team now? The new ranking hasn’t come out yet, but now it’s the fifth in Asia and the sixtieth in the world. What does this say? Isn’t that good enough? Do you still want us to be the first in Asia and beat the host country and Japan in the Asian Cup, so that the team can finally win the Asian Cup? This is unrealistic. "
Ever-victorious stand hand on the chair and stare at two people.
"Football has rules of football, I still say this. We have fallen behind too much. It is unrealistic to expect to get better. We have to come step by step. The achievements of the China team have been very remarkable. In the complicated football environment of China, there is no one who can do better than Gao Hongbo."
However, he knows these conditions about Changsheng, and it is always necessary for Changsheng to push wherever he goes. He really didn’t talk nonsense about wild speculations.
He didn’t think about it before, but if the Football Association really can’t meet the requirements of winning, then … the plan of asking winning to coach the national team won’t work.
Do you want to find other famous handsome men?
At this time, Changsheng continued to say, "If you want to find other coaches, I can assert that you can never do better than Gao Hongbo."
This surprised Wang Qiang as if Changsheng knew what he was thinking.
Changsheng certainly knows what they are thinking, because he came through.
He knows exactly what will happen after that.
So now he will turn the tables and change the future.
"Gao Hongbo has been working in the national team for almost two years. He finally got familiar with his post. It is the World Cup qualifiers. Now changing coaches may make the team’s performance worse, but it is absolutely impossible to be better. This is the objective law of football, and the most important thing is that I think Gao Hongbo’s China football has found a correct development direction. The physical fitness of China football is excellent in Asia, but it is worthless in the world. I am in Europe and I know very well what the highest level football in the world is like to my body. It is required that the China team should go with the overall cooperation of the current technical flow to make up for our lack of personal quality, so that we can have the technical and tactical ability as the Japanese team and have better physical quality than them, so that we can at least recover to the first-class level in Asia. Now you are going to change coaches. Isn’t that a forced interruption of this process? China football has finally found a suitable road. Why not let Gao Hongbo continue to lead the team? "
Ever-victorious words made Vidy and Wang Qiang speechless.
It took Vidic a long time to say, "But the World Cup in Brazil …"
Changsheng smiled. "Can you change your name and be promoted to the World Cup in Brazil? Anyway, we haven’t entered the World Cup finals for many years, and I think it’s more important now than the World Cup. If a head coach always coaches for two years and leaves this team, what is the long-term prospect? The club needs a long-term plan, as does the national team. When the China team has a long-term plan and can finally implement it to enter the World Cup finals, it is only natural that you will try your best to find a handsome man. "
"That’s true, but the World Cup in Brazil …" Vidy has some words that are not easy to say directly.
However, Changsheng knows very well that the World Cup in Brazil is a big event for Vidic.
If he doesn’t care about the World Cup in Brazil, it means that he hasn’t achieved his most important goal.
This is the disadvantage of the General Administration of Sports appointing the leaders of the Football Association and implementing the rotation system.
Every leader has his own period. After the Football Association and China football, he will lose it. He asks for good results in his national team and he will be promoted to a higher position.
When every leader thinks so, it is naturally impossible for China football to have any long-term planning.
Don’t even think about the 100-year plan or the 10-year plan.
Changsheng also knows that what he said before is not attractive enough for Vidy.