But he still underestimate Ronaldinho’s ability.
Ronaldinho confirmed a pair and his position before catching the ball. When he found that the other side was very close, a set of ways to get rid of it came to his mind.
This is really a genius. This method has never been practiced in training, but Ronaldinho knows what technical moves to take to get rid of the defense at this time.
Seeing him lean back, the Porto player who defended him
Then his left foot reached out, and when the football rolled over, he didn’t stop it directly, but … his left toe turned up and picked it!
The football just flew straight up and flew past his left side!
When that defend Ronaldinho Porto player saw the football fly, he froze!
Because his front view was blocked by Ronaldinho and he didn’t see Ronaldinho’s previous movement, he naturally didn’t know how the ball flew-how did it suddenly jump up and fly past him just now? As if there is life, I know that I avoid obstacles!
He was scared silly.
I don’t know what to do
The hand that clung to Ronaldinho’s jersey also loosened consciously.
Ronaldinho conveniently turned and moved from the right.
One man, one ball bypassed the defender from two completely different directions, and that’s the breakthrough!
"Emperor, what do I see? Genius performance! "
"Unbelievable! Unbelievable! Ronaldinho should get rid of personal defense like this! This can’t be copied … Let me go to Bogkampo first and score against Newcastle United! "
"Ronaldinho Ronaldinho Ronaldinho Ronaldinho Ronaldinho Ronaldinho Ronaldinho-! ! ! !”
The commentators are crazy.
Even the Portuguese commentator was dumbfounded to see this scene.
Porto didn’t expect Ronaldinho to break through the defense so easily, and their defense line was stunned.
And Ronaldinho ran with the ball from this place and killed Bai Ya!
"Here we go again! Valencia is coming again! "
In the commentator’s roar, Ronaldinho went through the gap in Porto’s defence and faced Bai Ya directly!
Bai Ya must be the most bitter game, because he always faces the attacking players directly, and the defenders on his side are just like decorations!
Bai Ya crustily skin of head to attack again.
Once he was shot by Reyes with a spoon. What will happen this time?
Ronaldinho didn’t keep dribbling until he passed the goalkeeper.
When he thinks the time is right, he shoots directly!
The football went through Bai Ya’s legs by surprise!
It was too late for Bai Ya to take back his legs when he felt his crotch cool.
He slumped to the ground and the football flew into the goal from behind him …
“2! ! Valencia leads Porto by two goals! Can I say that there is no suspense in this final? "
"Ronaldinho Ronaldinho Ronaldinho Ronaldinho Ronaldinho! ! ! Ronaldinho! A perfect solo performance! This goal is definitely the best goal in the Champions League this season! "
"Ronaldinho! Vallucia 2 is ahead of Porto! No matter how much Porto’s former tactics were aimed at Valencia, they could not escape defeat in the end! The reason is simple: Valencia has stars like Ronaldinho and Reyes and Porto lacks such people! "
"Young people often laugh at the end in the direct dialogue between the two rumbled … Mourinho looks a little ugly …"
"These two balls seem to be a flash of personal ability, but they actually have something in common, that is, before they finally show their personal ability, teams send them back to make a foundation, so that they can finally give full play to their personal skills!"
Ronaldinho and his teammates embraced to celebrate the goal in the praise of the commentators.
It’s the 61st minute, and there are still 30 minutes before the end of the game, but Ronaldinho firmly believes that his team will win, and he is about to win the first Champions League since he came to Europe!
Now look back and see how right he was when he chose to join Valencia instead of waiting for Barcelona.
If he had gone to Barcelona, he wouldn’t have a chance to be on this big stage now.
Barcelona season is not even eligible to participate in the Champions League!
Changsheng laughed, laughing heartily and excited.
Like Ronaldinho, he knew he was going to win!
At this point in the game, Porto can’t stop himself.
What else can they do? I blocked myself, Cambiaso and Deco, Ronaldinho and Reyes. You sent everyone to block my core, and my other players are not vegetarians.
Moreover, the two-goal lead has already occupied the wind, and now the initiative is on our side.
I want to attack, I want to attack, I want to control and defend.
And you, Porto?