Zhu Yinzhen stubbornly supplemented this series of processes by picking Xipa and drinking wine.
After they both sat in the *, Zhu Yinzhen was not in a hurry to perform the ceremony of husband and wife. Instead, he took out a knife and cut a bunch of hair from both sides. He skillfully divided it into two bundles and carried them with him. Then he solemnly handed one of them to Shen Menglu and looked at her affectionately. "Dream that you and I will never leave each other!"
Married couple? Shen Menglu looked at her beautiful concentric wreaths, but she didn’t look forward to it as Zhu Yinzhen did. As Zhu Yinzhen moved this time, Shen Menglu’s original tenderness cooled down.
"I’m just your second wife. You should be Ji Wenhua!" It is uncomfortable to think of Ji Wenhua and Shen Menglu after all.
Zhu Yinzhen’s engine is so skillful. Did he say and do the same thing with Ji Wenhua? Thinking like this, Shen Menglu suddenly felt that her hands were very unsightly.
"Back to you! I don’t want it! " Shen Menglu returned the wreaths to Zhu Yinzhen in regret.
Zhu Yinzhen was slightly stunned. Shen Menglu suddenly remembered Ji Wenhua at this time, which made him a little surprised. Shen Menglu’s childish behavior made him a little funny. "Is Mom jealous?"
"With a dead man jealous! Do you think it is necessary? " Shen Menglu cold hum a turn my back and lie down "I’m sleepy! Good night! "
Zhu Yinzhen looked at Shen Menglu’s back with palpitation and couldn’t help but give me a weak smile. He did this because he wanted to express his mind to Shen Menglu, but it backfired and annoyed her.
Zhu Yinzhen doesn’t know why Shen Menglu suddenly came to Ji Wenhua. Did someone tell her that they presided over the wedding ceremony because of his former father-in-law, Mrs. Ji?
Zhu Yinzhen sighed and lay down to hug Shen Menglu from behind. "I can explain that the master of ceremonies temporarily changed to Ji Taifu. It was arranged by my mother and I didn’t know until I got to Xitang."
Shen Menglu heard that the master of ceremonies was Master Ji? ! I cann’t believe there’s still this stubble She remembered that Zhu Yinzhen’s sudden tension before meeting the bride turned out to be this reason.
Queen Ji, what does this mean? Do you want Zhu Yinzhen to always remember that Ji Wenhua is his original match? Also wake up. Is this Princess Mu just a substitute? Shen Menglu really feels bad.
See Shen Menglu don’t do Zhu Yinzhen some worry "dream, I erase my past and deny Hua Fei, but I can swear to God that I am sincere to you! I know we are unfair, but I promise you that I will never touch another woman from now on! "
Yes! The more Zhu Yinzhen explained Shen Menglu, the worse she felt! Ji Wenhua is a past tense, yes, but Zhu Yinzhen still has a group of women with continuous labels!
"Zhu Yinzhen has been tossing for a day. Everyone is tired and sleep!" Shen Menglu said that he didn’t want to listen any more and let Zhu Yinzhen explain it. He might say something irritating! She doesn’t want to be angry with the bride by the groom on her first wedding night!
That’s it? Zhu Yinzhen is in tears!
Spring night * is worth a thousand dollars! Does he want to spend his wedding night holding a angry bride? Zhu Yinzhen is naturally unwilling!
"Since niang tired! Then listen to your mother! " Zhu Yinzhen said loosely holding Shen Menglu’s arm and getting up.
Zhu Yinzhen’s rich breath retreated Shen Menglu’s heart, and a trace of loss crossed her heart. Did Zhu Yinzhen give up like this?
Shen Menglu knew that Zhu Yinzhen had a lot of problems. Before marriage, they didn’t have a good heart-to-heart conversation for various reasons. Shen Menglu also knew in her heart that she shouldn’t take the methods around Zhu Yinzhen to wipe out women to anger her. She was fully prepared and had the courage to face Zhu Yinzhen with confidence. In the past, she also had enough measures to endure the group of women in Muwangfu.
But only today does she realize what a stingy woman she is. It is still impossible for other women to share the same man! She wants to monopolize Zhu Yinzhen! She wants Zhu Yinzhen to have her as a woman! She longs for monogamy and one-on-one love! I hope to win the hearts of one person! She finally forgot her original intention.
When Shen Menglu felt dejected, a pair of stinging bare arms wrapped around her slim waist again and silently untied her buckle.
"Zhu Yinzhen what are you doing?" Shen Menglu was surprised to hold Zhu yinzhen’s big palm, and then turned to see in dismay that Yi silk was not gua Zhu Yinzhen.
Zhu Yinzhen didn’t back down, which made Shen Menglu have a little surprise and a little chagrin.
"Mother wants to rest her husband and take off your coat for you!" Zhu Yinzhen replied confidently with an evil smile. He decided to be shameless. Since he could not predict to soften Shen Menglu, he took action to soften her.
Zhu Yinzhen pulled Shen Menglu forward and quickly picked Shen Menglu’s buckle to reveal her red Chinese-style chest covering embroidered with hundreds of grandchildren’s patterns.
Zhu Yinzhen’s eyes tightened and her mouth smiled. "Niang Chinese-style chest covering means great!" What does this Chinese-style chest covering mean? Zhu Yinzhen knows it well, but he doesn’t expect to have a child of his dreams, but it is fascinating. Of course, he must do his homework before giving birth …
Shen Menglu’s face turned red and brushed Zhu Yinzhen’s hand cold. "I don’t need you to take off your coat for me!"
That red-faced Chinese-style chest covering was worn by Mrs. Xie herself, saying that it meant good luck and that it would definitely make Zhu Yinzhen fondle her.
It’s really uncomfortable to sleep in a bright red wedding dress, but Zhu Yinzhen directly even explained his intentions in her underwear, and Shen Menglu did not know it.
But what the hell? Is she still angry?
Shen Menglu turned her back again to take off a valuable red wedding dress and then lay down again in her underwear.
This time, Zhu Yinzhen was not annoyed. She hugged Shen Menglu with her hands open again and then …
"Zhu Yinzhen is not allowed to pull my clothes!"
"It’s good for your health to sleep naked!"