Li Mochou knew that he was so ambivalent, so he was funny in his heart, but he was not good at revealing his husband’s face to face. She asked, "I want to ask you a few words and you should answer me well."
"The emperor built a large-scale military corvee, wasting people and money, but you arranged to instigate it?"
"How can I have that ability!"
"Now everyone is extravagant, and everyone is exploiting the people by comparison, but you let them?"
"If I can make people do this?"
"Yes, today’s courtiers who are fond of extravagance and efficiency are dim, but which one is your sin? I have seen myself guilty but I have never seen you like this! "
Li Mochou at some point is a didn’t hold my breath laughed out nature is MuFu don’t agree with a look.
"If I hadn’t secretly helped them at the beginning, I would like to come to Tubo. Today, the emperor’s throne is still unstable. Maybe he wouldn’t be sitting in the dragon chair at this time. If someone else wants to come, it will be stronger! It is because of my selfishness that I have become such a situation, and I have long guessed all this. "
Mu Fu was never like this before. He was able to manipulate people’s minds and play with potential. He was so cold-hearted that he was really rare. But now Mu Fu has become like this, even Li Mochou has never seen him like this.
"Mu is what you would have guessed? Can you guarantee that a new emperor will be better than today’s one? It’s always good to be born in sorrow and die in happiness. You used to be so smart, but you’re confused today! "
"Mu I know that your compassion is not wrong with you. If you really want to do something, you might as well finish the great event as soon as possible. Do you want to do it then? Guotai Min ‘an is close at hand. "
Li Mochou twist the eyebrow holding his belly patiently appealed to fall into confusion MuFu.
In fact, he has always been so kind-hearted and soft-hearted, which always makes her look distressed. When Li Mochou didn’t know it, she also had a faint feeling of relief and strengthened her thoughts.
She wants to be with their children, stay with him for a generation, support him and help him.
Mufu didn’t say anything, but nodded and said that he was white and sent Li Mochou back to this high platform. It was inconvenient for her to stay.
Li Mochou was sent back to Mufu’s room and he sat alone in the room. The so-called melancholy remorse was not at all. His face was as always with a pleasant smile.
In Mu Fu’s view, today’s dialogue is nothing more than hypocrisy. It is good that one of the ten sentences is true, because only in this way will Mochow believe him without thinking.
In other words, Mu Fu had known the situation today, and he would not regret it or make a general choice.
The ups and downs of rivers and mountains and the change of dynasties can always be avoided with death and blood, but a troubled time will usher in a prosperous time, right?
Mu Fu, such a hidden person, how could he show such an expression about what he already knew?
Chapter 187 Chapter 187
"Ah, have you heard? Today, the grandfather and his wife gave birth to a small male full moon. Are you in charge of handing out eggs and cakes to eat? "
"Go for a walk, lady gave birth to a little male ah that’s really a good thing! I told you that good people like Gongye and his wife will have children and grandchildren in the future. "
"That is! Grandpa and his wife will have a full house of children and grandchildren in the future. Why don’t you see a big banquet in the village for such a big happy event? "
"What do you know, your grandfather is like those who are rich and heartless and know that they are enjoying themselves? Gongye must have his own plans. "
After Mufu and Li Mochou children were born, they didn’t throw a big party as most people thought. Instead, they invited some close people to have a meal together. That’s all. Mufu sent someone to send some food to the refugees he took in, so it was considered as a good deed.
Of course, this move is praised by everyone. In fact, it’s not that Mufu doesn’t want to hold a big banquet, but it’s better to keep it simple and low-key
Qiao Feng and Arju, who live in seclusion, also learned about this, and specially ran back with a wedding present. Arju gave birth to a baby two years ago, and now it is time to be naughty and lively, so they naturally take it wherever they go.
Speaking of the first two years, Duan Zhengchun has stabilized the situation in Dali. He thought about Qiao Feng or sending a field and thinking about recognizing his daughter and son-in-law. Unfortunately, this time it wasn’t Dao Baifeng who didn’t give him a good look, and Zhu didn’t agree that Duan Zhengchun was also kind, but both sides were ashamed, so it was no longer the case.
However, Qiao Feng Arjun and his wife have always been good with Mufu, and their feelings are even deeper. They often come and go to Ginseng Village. This time, it coincides with Mufu’s full moon. How can they not come?
"This child is so cute with red lips, white teeth, white jade and snow that he will be loved by everyone in the future!"
I’ve seen two children. I don’t think so. You know, after all, this parent is a rare person with good looks. Plus, this child has been so beautiful since he was a child. How can it be worse in the future?
Just at that time, Mufu gave their first child a name, which was taken from The Book of Songs, Elegance and Martial Arts, and "Zhaozi came to Xu Sheng’s ancestral martial arts was blessed by Heaven in Vance"
The name Sinian entrusted Mu Fu with deep expectations and good wishes for the child, and the arrival of this child also means that Mu Fu is about to really start that road.
When Xiao Sinian was just able to speak, another small thing happened.
Before the Great Song Dynasty, most of the national strength was lost, and Xixia Kingdom had been recuperating. At this time, it even issued a list of husbands to neighboring countries to invite Princess Yinchuan of Xixia to recruit a horse.
Speaking of today’s Xixia king, he is just a weak crown. Even though he married a fairy princess in southern Liaoning two years ago and gave birth to an emperor, there is no princess Yinchuan of the right age to be married!
It turns out that this Yinchuan princess who wants to marry her husband is now the Xixia king’s sister. Because this princess has been loved by the princess since childhood, that is, now Wang Taifei Li Qiushui has been saying that she should choose a good husband for her.
This recruitment meeting is not only for countries, but also for martial arts experts.
The most funny thing is that I have already married my wife and even given birth to a doll. Mu Fu and Qiao Feng have also received this recruitment list.
At that time, when I got the news, Li Mochou was holding Stoudemire for a while and couldn’t help laughing. He even teased, "Mu really makes people happy. Look at this unmarried princess who even hit you."
"Someone cares about your husband, but you are a silly girl. Can you still laugh?" Mufu quite some nai surprised and caught a glimpse of Li Mochou this girl can never be a heart.
"Someone caring just said that we longed for the man’s good eyes. I’m happy. Will you come? Why not laugh? " Li Mochou coaxed his own eyes without lifting a eyelid, and then casually said, "But if someone really wants to hit on you, no matter what princess she is, I can still call her back and forth."
"Look at this vinegar! I’m not interested in this matter, but it’s not bad if you can make a profit or two. You can rest and I’ll consult with Mr. and them. "
MuFu corners of the mouth slightly become warped turned and went to the room, he will know that this girl hold bad where she is that kind of generous person!
"My Lord, Xixia may still have other ideas about this!"
In this way, it is not limited to the status of the princess’s husband. Even married people like Mu Fu and Qiao Feng have received the list, which is not only a simple matter of husband’s wife.
Mufu covered his hands and paced, then turned around and asked, "Who have we arranged in the Xixia court? Or can there be one? "
Wu Lishi got the message, "Gongye means to let us be the princess Xu of Yinchuan?"
Mu Fu raised his eyebrows. "Why not?"
Chapter 188 Chapter 188
But Mrs. Wang’s request is not so easy to solve. As far as Li Mochou is concerned, the border of Gusu alone can’t find a suitable candidate. Wang Yuyan and Li Mochou have good feelings. Li Mochou really treats her as a sister and marries her sister at will!
This is Li Mochou’s distress, but it’s not good to disturb Mufu, is it?
"What bother don’t bother, Rosa is my sister! I don’t have anything on hand recently. I’ll just help you inquire. If my aunt asks you again, you can ask her to come to me. "
Mufu didn’t want to see Li Mochou upset, but he helped to solve it. In fact, Mufu also knew why Mrs. Wang didn’t ask him to say this. He was not afraid of it. He looked after Mochow and Rosa and wanted to find another way.
"That’s great. I found that Rosa’s sister seems to have a heart. I asked her, but she refused to say that you should pay attention to one thing or two when the time comes."
Wang Yuyan is so clever that she is just as shy as A Bi. How could she secretly set her mind on it?
Mufu suddenly felt a little headache. It seems that it is not easy to raise a girl. Just getting married can worry him to death.
"I remember it’s Mochow. You can beat about the bush and test it again later. If Rosa really likes someone, this person is also a good one. I will definitely find a way to become them. You can reassure her that my aunt has me to say that she is not worried."
Just as Mu Fu was busy collecting suitable men for Wang Yuyan to be husbands, Duan Yu made another moth.
Xixia is looking for a husband from all over the world. Duan Yu is in Dali too. The future Dali emperor is naturally also a promising candidate for Xu in Xixia, so Dali also received the list of Xixia’s husband.