He has always been a man who says what he wants and suddenly becomes reserved. It’s strange that Miss Liang will be white!
People must think he doesn’t have the heart!
Poor second young master, I don’t know how long it will take …
I went to Liang Qi’s house while feeling sorry for my Lord in my heart.
There is not a big north-south road leading to the main street in Molin Town, and others are attached to the main street, some alleys and small markets.
It’s only a quick walk from the inn to Liang Qi’s house in a little over a minute.
See from * * * * the moon was so happy that her eyes lit up!
It’s not because I saw it, but because I’m particularly keen on this kind of thing. My little girl immediately noticed someone from behind!
The moon is in high spirits to meet him in and open his mouth and say with smile "from you! Where is the second young master? Still busy? "
"Never!" Liang Fengxi was slightly stiff, holding his little nephew and teasing him with a forced smile.
"Little people have seen Miss Liang!" From rushing to the moon, I smiled and greeted Liang Fengxi Jianli, and then the moon smiled. "Our second young master is already busy and resting in the inn! Er, he asked me to drop by and see what Miss Liang and Moon are doing. Hehehehehehe! "
Liang Fengxi told him to smile a little red and feverish, and smiled faintly. "My brother and I are rare. I want to stay here for a few more days!" Well, why don’t you tell the second young master that if he is in a hurry, he will go back to Fuzhou first! "
That’ll be the day!
From secretly sobbed corners of the mouth is to speak the moon has jiao brittle way "miss! How can this be! The second young master has helped the young lady so much. How do you say that the young lady has to invite others to sit down? Besides, maybe the uncle also wants to meet the second young master! "
You’re absolutely right!
From secretly nodded and smiled "is not our master’s favorite to make friends! Besides, I haven’t seen Miss Liang for days, and the second young master asked about my slave! "
Second young master, you are really in a bad mood these days! It’s a good thing that I’m clever and don’t go to him, otherwise I don’t know how many times I’ve had bad luck …
Liang Fengxi told him that two echo each other said it was a bit difficult to look at the moon again, and his eyes were a little reluctant to refuse.
After hesitating for a moment, I smiled. "In that case, I’ll go to the inn to see him!"
She still doesn’t want Li Yunhuan to come to her home. After all, Uncle Li of Weining Hou had his own feud in those days, and it was hard to say clearly.
Brother had already remembered the past at that time, and it must be unforgettable.
After many years, she didn’t want her brother to think back to that year because she saw Li Yunhuan.
Besides, it’s uncomfortable to imagine their temperament when they meet.
"Good, good! That’s the best! " Be eager from a good mood
It’s much more convenient to go to the inn than to come here, and then you can leave them alone!
"Miss Liang, why don’t you go?" From and laughed
Liang Fengxi frowned slightly and nodded and smiled. She should give her baby nephew to her sister-in-law and inform her that she would go with the moon.
When I arrived at the inn, I made an excuse from saying the room number to get the moon away.
Liang Fengxi didn’t go to see Li Yunhuan by himself.
I don’t know how to see Li Yunhuan and Liang Fengxi at the thought of the horse, and my heart jumped up slightly out of control.
She couldn’t help but sigh gently and force herself not to think about anything.
Came to his door and gently knocked at the door. A lazy voice said, "The door is unlocked! Come in by yourself! "
This guy doesn’t know who he thinks of himself!
Liang Fengxi unknowingly hooked his lips.
Push the door gently and it will open as expected.
Is a lift eye Liang Fengxi expression was slightly a stiff low shout a "suddenly" a busy back out, heart pounding.
That guy is so unruly!
The clothes are baggy, the belt is not inside, the collar is not good, and the long legs are twisted and lying on the couch.
As soon as she pushed the door and went in, she came into view. Her chest was exposed with a large piece of skin, which was particularly harsh.
Liang Fengxi’s face "rose" and she spat out her teeth lightly!
Where did Li Yunhuan think that there was such a big event? Go to Liang Qi’s house and get Liang Fengxi back so soon?
He’s knocking at the door as a buddy!
See is Liang Fengxi he also froze.
Hurriedly sat up and gathered her clothes.
To see her panic-stricken mess back out Li Yunhuan looked down at his chest with a skin and couldn’t help but smile with a low hey hey.
Well, she saw herself. Should she be responsible for herself? Or are you responsible for her?
Afraid that Liang Fengxi ran away, Li Yunhuan also dared not over-YY. She tidied up her clothes and opened the door in the past.
Seeing that Liang Fengxi was still at the door, he looked a little dull and his face was red and faint. His expression seemed to be hesitating to correct whether to go or not. When he heard the movement, he looked up and saw him twist his head and hang his eyes again.
"Phoenix!" Li Yunhuan’s heart is funny and smug, but he can’t show half a smile-he’s afraid she’ll be ashamed. Chapter 1757: Going out of Beijing. 15
"Phoenix!" Li Yunhuan’s heart is funny and smug, but he dare not show half a smile-for fear that she will become angry from embarrassment.
He casually said, "Come and talk in the room!"
It was as natural as if nothing embarrassing had happened just now.
Liang Fengxi is relieved and a little angry at the same time. This guy is really good at pretending!
If you think about that again, he won’t suffer, so he can pretend to go!
However, Liang Fengxi couldn’t say clearly whether he suffered or not.
I heard his invitation saying "Oh!" After a while, I followed him into the house.
Li Yunhuan called the man to send hot tea in.
"From saying that you are finished?" Liang fengxi laughed
"Well, there’s nothing else!" Li Yunhuan smiled and looked at her.