Alas, accept my fate
"No, you … please take a closer look."
Dugujian’s eyes still seem to refuse to give up. Generally, the sword in his hand is shaking, but the thought of the next competition or that he now feels the temperament of Lin Yuanshen doesn’t know what. Instead, his heart is more determined to believe in Lin Yuanxin.
"What are you looking at? I don’t have time to joke with you …" Zhou Dong seems to be a little impatient. At the end of the day, it is not difficult to have a big brother at the root. I didn’t expect such a thing to happen now.
However, no one thought that at this time-
"Huh?" Have been casually looking around Zhou Qiang eyes finally fell on the sword suddenly issued a awe surprised exclaimed.
This moment attracted everyone.
People’s eyes rested on Zhou Qiang’s face, and they saw this arrogant Wu Zong’s outside cousin’s face with incredible surprise and shock, and even a little bit of awe and panic.
"You … show me the sword." Zhou Qiang divided the crowd in a surprised look and took the sword from Dugujian with a dignified face and respectfully held it in his hand to watch it carefully.
At this time, other people’s thinking is not enough.
It’s just an ordinary long sword. Is there any mystery that makes this Wu Zong’s outside brother pay so much attention to it?
Zhou Dong saw that his expression changed, but he didn’t care. In his opinion, can a long sword still make him make an amazing decision?
But the bully dugu and the elder looked at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes. At this moment, their hearts could not help but beat violently and thought of more.
In a flash-
"Awesome spirit is it. It’s true." After carefully watching half a ring, Zhou Qiang’s face became more dignified. The arrogance had completely disappeared, but he smiled and asked, "This is the gentleman of Dugu family. Where did you come from this sword?"
"It was given to me by Lin Yuan." Dugu Jian Yin seemed to tremble, and he was not sure what would happen to this sword.
Zhou Qiang’s face showed a little strange God Se paused respectfully, and returned the noble sword to the sword god Se dugu with both hands. "It was indeed he. I wonder if you could tell me where the man is. I want to meet him."
"This ….. I have to ask him" DuGuJian hesitate tunnel.
"Don’t worry, I’ll wait slowly." Zhou Qiang looked very deferential
DuGuJian turned to look at his father DuGuBa and big elders looked at them and nodded and turned toward the distant forest edge and other people live.
At this time, everyone saw that something was wrong.
Ps linyuan shouted a ticket to collect and bring the group number 17795223.
Chapter 161-Decision
Zhou Qiang this change from arrogance to respect performance has been able to say the problem.
"Eldest brother, why are you so polite … a long sword? I don’t know how many there are in our Zhou family. Is there any origin?" Zhou Dong also saw the situation finally asked.
"Shut up" Zhou Qiang turned around and took one look at himself. His younger brother bit his teeth and said, "Remember how much you don’t want to give me. If you don’t want to make trouble for our Zhou family, don’t talk honestly today, or even I won’t be able to keep you in trouble."
Zhou Dong was suddenly struck by lightning, which made it clear that things were serious.
Can let oneself the eldest brother is so afraid, isn’t this sword master really a super big shot?
And those who used to ridicule Zhou Jiawu at the moment are all white and shaking. There is no arrogance before, and even after the atmosphere, they dare not go out honestly behind Zhou Dong.
Dugu bully and big elders and others are almost jumping out of their hearts. At this time, they are almost unable to restrain their excitement and excitement.
Is it true?
It turned out that Lin Yuan really didn’t lie to himself and others. He really had a well-thought-out plan. Now, when he looks back on himself and others, he suddenly feels ashamed.
The atmosphere was a little weird at the moment.
As time goes by, the forest edge still hasn’t arrived, and half an hour will pass in a blink of an eye.
Zhou Qiang, the outer brother of Wu Zong, respectfully walked in the courtyard without any impatience with God Se.
Others may accompany him to stand in the courtyard and wait for the arrival or reply of the forest edge.
After a while, Dugujian finally came back, and his face was filled with Se happily.
It also brought Zhou Qiang to wait for the answer
"Master Lin Yuan said that you should go to him alone."
Zhou Qiang heart breath a sigh of relief hand laughed "please master dugu" say turns out to be carefully arranged a dress tugged at green se gown sleeve care instrument after this just some can’t wait to follow dugujian goes to the distant residence.
They looked at his back, and the doubts in his eyes grew stronger.
"When you get to the forest edge, it’s inside. He said let yourself in. I’ll wait outside." Dugujian led Zhou Qiang to the forest edge residence and said.
"Thank you," he said, walking towards the inside.
"It was Brother Lin Yuan."
Room Zhou Qiang respectfully beside Lin Yuan tone is full of worship.
He may be a genius in the eyes of everyone in Qianxing Town or Dugu Family, but Zhou Qiang himself knows very well that he is still far away from this truly talented boy.
There are hundreds of people in the fourth courtyard of Wu Zong, and no one does not admire this young man.