Thunder energy enters the forest edge and squeaks out. There is a huge blue energy rotating like a cloud, which seems to break the shackles.
"The last force seems to have broken through the demon robbery of the heart, and I feel that the horse is coming." The whispers of runes and Taoist beads on the edge of the forest bloom, and the refining speed of poor forces also expands instantaneously.
"Come to think about the fate of demons when suppressing a period of time. I didn’t expect to come to the front with the repair of stability." Lin Yuan smiled bitterly in his heart, but there was no way to intelligently accelerate refining or the consequences would be hard to imagine.
"No, it’s so huge that I can’t suppress it now."
Lin Yuan takes a deep breath and says that the plan can’t change. This is really a wise saying. He has accumulated enough strength to break through to the realm of Tao Soul, but he is given such an opportunity when all kinds of things are sufficient.
I didn’t expect that this suppression actually broke out in front of the new Capricorn, and the accumulated disaster was absolutely unimaginable
But I didn’t think that this change completely broke the previous plan. Once the thunder power was swallowed up, the purple house suddenly rolled up with undercurrents and agitated at any time to break through the shackles that stood in front of it. This situation has been suppressed again.
Since this is the case, Lin Yuan’s heart has not complained too much, but has become more determined.
"Although the disaster of demons may not increase, it will devour the energy of masculine thunder. I believe it will increase some opportunities. If we can take this opportunity to almost break through the strength, it will increase greatly, and the chances of saving our lives here will be even greater."
Secretly determined in the bottom of my heart that the forest edge breath will bloom and a horrible energy will spread across the whole day.
Chapter five hundred and seventeen-My heart is eternal
"Boom!" Black clouds instantly cover dozens of miles in Fiona Fang, and a terrorist force is pressing from the top of the head to the center of the forest edge, and a misty force is also born.
At this time, the whole person was in a state of tension, and he also felt the horror of the heart robbery.
Dark clouds seem to shock the mind. A ray of gray light instantly enters the forest edge body, and the forest edge body stops moving.
"I’ve experienced a lot of secondary demons’ disasters. This time, I will see if I can devour refining."
Think about it carefully-now he has a lot of incredible power, and his own bone runes also have mysterious energy, one of which is devouring energy
Energy will be transformed into other forces in the shortest time if it wants to enter the forest edge, even in the outside world.
At this time, he can be described as a tough one. Although the magic bullet came earlier, it doesn’t mean that Lin Yuan is not prepared at all. If he can escape from the magic bullet again, then Lin Yuan’s strength will be further improved and the most benefit will be his own realm.
No more words, too much yuan silently rushed into the demons’ disaster through the whole mind reserve department.
"boom! !”
As soon as you go in, you will see that the whole body of the forest edge is violently shaken by a shock. A demon disaster force is crashing to the forest edge like a flood, and there is a huge heart magic to form a huge energy vortex and rush into the body like a funnel.
This time, when the magic of the heart just entered, it was felt by the forest edge. It is not easy to feel better in the taste.
The appetite is innate, and no one can escape from the forest edge. As soon as you enter it, several kinds of attractive and delicious foods emerge.
Dragon liver, phoenix, bravery, delicacies, poor delicacies, spiritual essence, peaches, peaches, ginseng, fruit, ganoderma lucidum, etc. All kinds of things you want to think of are in front of you.
The same temptation makes your mouth water.
Ordinary people’s desire is all kinds of delicacies and delicacies. Cherish Qiong Brew. Even if the strong can’t satisfy this desire, those fighters who are more powerful eat all kinds of rare essence that are delicious and have unique charm, which can help improve their own strength. Eating a ginseng fruit that can become immortal on the ground will make you live a long life.
Bursts of exotic fragrance come in! !
Circling around in front of us, Rao is a well-prepared forest edge, and his eyes can’t help but stare at those treasures that lie in their throats and secretly swallow saliva.
"Those who look at the strong and concentrate on the immortal are proud of the sky above all living beings, but I live alone in the world and everything is in the bottom of my eyes. Dirt my heart? My heart can’t bear my heart forever, and the sky can’t cover my eyes and my heart! Original heart! My heart is immortal
Word by word, Taiyuan was born after the rune flashed, and burst into a unique and exclusive momentum. In an instant, the whole person was full of majesty, and he was really above all beings like a fairy, and everything was fascinated.
Desire has two tests: one is to test one’s mind’s firmness. If you get lost, you will sink. If you get lost, you will become a different person and experience their feelings. If you can’t get rid of it, you will be lost and lost.
First, Tai Yuan can resist the past with the help of runes, but the latter needs to rely on his own perseverance to resist the temptation.
At that time, it was the most dangerous moment. If you can’t get rid of it, you can’t control this force. If you want to get power, you must be prepared to pay the price.
"Lin Yuan has entered the demons disaster, which depends on himself." Tianyun looked at the people and said.
"It depends on his own strength to liberate our method to help." Although Song Changqing did not reach this level, he was still blank about basic knowledge.
At this time, Lin Yuan was caught in the embarrassing situation of having to break through, and did not hesitate to choose to break through and break into the second desire.
This went in and the whole mind was completely devoted to the disaster of demons.
But at the moment, the silent tower of heaven has changed again, and a horrible energy has once again produced energy, but it has never been crazy.
Those energies completely covered the purple mansion on the edge of the forest, and plumes of purple and gold spiritual force were born in it, mixed with Taoist rhyme.
The forest edge is silent, and the body runes become more mysterious in the disaster of demons. The energy is directly transformed into two strands, and the strands are swallowed up into the Taoist beads, and then the other part rushes out of the body and enters the body along the meridians connected with the heart.
Along the purple mansion, it is very fast to turn this moment as if there is life, and it is very fast to stimulate these energies, and it will take root in every inch of flesh and blood.
As dense as a strange network.
A lot of mysterious energy emerges, and every time it flows through an inch, there will be pure forces directly integrated into it, which will enhance the physique of the forest edge and make it tougher.
Once again, one’s body was nourished, and in an instant, Huan was furious with vitality. This force did not stop and rushed into other places again. At that time, the forest edge was broken again.
Even a little bit of energy is scattered into the whole body’s flesh and blood along the purple mansion. Every inch of flesh and blood immediately bursts with amazing power when it is integrated with energy, and it constantly devours and strengthens its own physical changes.
The body, the heaven, the earth, the aura, the mind and the magic all enter the body along the pores of the whole body, and some of them do not enter the purple mansion, but are directly integrated into the flesh and blood, and the flesh continues to grow stronger.
Outside at this moment, if someone is around, you will see that the forest edge has changed again when you don’t know it at this time. Those magical powers of the heart seem to be refined by mysterious energy as if they are no longer there.
Lin Yuan’s body is protected by purple and gold energy, and he can’t be seen from the outside world. At this time, with the increase of energy, Lin Yuan’s body seems to get some incredible stimulation, and the whole body expands violently like a balloon. In a blink of an eye, there will be some drastic changes, and it has expanded for a circle or so in several breaths.
However, after expanding to this extent, the demon body suddenly swelled violently and mysteriously shrank by one inch, two inches and three inches. "
The body is shrinking inch by inch every moment.
If anyone can look through these purple-gold energies and see the body of the forest edge at this moment, there will be a little bit of darkness in the pores of the whole body every inch, and the strange liquid with foul smell will be rejected, and a roll of purple-gold spiritual force will fall to the ground, and the foul smell is like some kind of impurity discharged from the body.
Every time a layer is discharged, the breath at the edge of the forest becomes stronger.
It belongs to that kind of strong breath, covered with self-centered momentum, and strengthened with the passage of time.
In this way, when the body shrinks to the normal size, the body expands again, expands for a while and contracts for a while. Every time it returns, a lot of filth will be discharged from the other body, but the more it goes back, the less the amount of filth will be. By the ninth time, no filth will be discharged, and his body has remained at the normal size.
The disaster of demons was actually caused by the power of the Heaven Tower of Science and the refinement of the whole body by the rune lock of Taiyuan, and several impurities were produced again.
Purple-gold energy was born, and both the Tiantai Tower and the Daozhu all sang softly, and the ripples seemed to be avenue sounds.
At first glance, the virtual black hole produces distant fighters who retreat and then retreat, and the terrorist forces once again sweep the whole sky, making everyone change color.
"This small disaster will cause so much noise every time." Tianyun saw this situation and his face worried gradually disappeared.
Lin Yuan’s body is flashing with intense light, and thick momentum bursts out like a vast expanse. A fierce shock will shock and roar all around.
"ouch! !”
Purple and golden eyes blink and burst into two sharp and fine mans. Without any expression, I opened my mouth and made an earth-shattering noise. Thick sound waves roared and waved out like a tsunami. The ground passed by his center was like the water, and thick waves rolled and burst into roar.
In an instant, the whole world seemed to be in his body.
Earth momentum instantly swept the whole world.
For a long time, the body of the forest edge trembled, and the purple-gold spiritual force poured into the body along the pores of the whole body, and the whole body repaid the amazing power again in the purple-gold light.
In those deep eyes, there is a heart that is more than a filter.