Chen Yi stared at Zhang Hao Nima. It should be so straightforward, but it is better to send people to the fence. Chen Yi’s heart is in pain and tears, and it is also mixed with grievances and forced laughter.
"Oh, oh, I see." Gao Chengfeng was slightly disappointed to bring a statue of a great god.
Zhang Hao looked at Chen Yi and was very proud. Isn’t he arrogant? I finally pinned down this so-called analyst
"It seems that I am still an analyst, and I don’t know whether it is true or not." Zhang Hao casually said Chen Yi’s identity
This sentence floated to Chen Yi’s ears like music. Looking at Zhang Hao at the moment, what do you think is pleasing to the eye?
Gao Chengfeng, the "analyst", was a little surprised that the tall professional team would appear in their small Internet cafe team.
But Gao Chengfeng took the words and let Chen Yi collapse instantly.
"It’s not bluffing, is it? I’ve heard that many teams have met fake analysts, and their theories have been exposed for a long time." Gao Chengfeng was a little wary
Chen Yi is a complete collapse. This group of people have such an attitude. In an instant, Chen Yi has stabilized his breathing. He told himself to calm down. It seems that the day after tomorrow is really not lonely.
"Well, we are going to train analysts. Can you point out tactics?" Gao Chengfeng looked at Chen Yi. Since he is an analyst, he must have some ability.
Chen Yi has calmed down and said slowly, "Let’s fight first, and then I can make some plans."
"I’m going to be true and false. It seems very bad." Gao Chengfeng didn’t understand this guy.
Zhang Hao is very embarrassed. This ya is funny as always
Zhou Xiong and Wang Dongdong have finished a game and see Zhang Hao coming to say hello.
"Hao elder brother" two people all shouted.
"Well" Zhang Hao nodded.
Looking at this scene, Chen Yi is quite interesting. It seems that Zhang Hao is very popular, and this team has a faint meaning of Zhang Hao’s core.
Erhong ignored Chen Yi. He has been playing games except for his brother. What’s worse, he doesn’t know the analyst.
A few minutes later, Chen Yi looked at the second macro and shook his head slightly. This scene was seen by Gao Chengfeng, and his lips moved. He didn’t say anything, but he already had a small expectation in his heart.
Erhong finally finished playing, and helped his teammates to win the game smoothly. The five people of the Tauren team took their seats and logged in to prepare for the group platoon.
I’m not surprised to see Chen Yi, a team that is almost all diamonds. If you can’t get to the diamonds, you really don’t want to be a champion.
However, the only thing that surprised him a little was that Wang Dongdong and Zhou Qiang actually reached the diamond level. Although it is not so rare, it is definitely not much.
Sure enough, the master is in the people. If Chen Yi wants children to train more and supplement their advanced theories, Chen Yi’s saliva will come out.
Thinking about confrontation has been
When Chen Yi saw this array, one leng controlled the flow and Chen Yi carefully observed it.
Although he told Zhang Hao that he would help them win the national championship, he was just talking casually. Although he is very good, his opponent is not weak either.
This array is one of Cai Liangyan’s plans. After repeated trials, the effect is the best, so Zhang Hao and others chose this array.
Chen Yi looked at five machines and his eyes wandered on everyone. He was analyzing everyone’s potential.
The bureau is normal, but Zhang Hao has a little trouble. They are purple, and they met a blind monk who came to fight against the wild when they were playing red.
However, Zhang Hao was very patient. Pig sister and the blind monk struggled for a minute, and they were deadlocked without hitting both sides. Finally, the blind monk Nai withdrew first. After all, it took more than a minute.
If we consume this blind monk again, it will be useless.
1 minute Zhang Hao gank middle road Chu Xianwei pig woman waved chains and cooperated with Gao Chengfeng in the middle road to take the opposite head.
Then they followed the instructions and quickly swam to force the regiment to help Lu Erhong take the opposite head.
Three people working together to dismantle the tower will expand the advantage.
"It’s interesting." Chen Yi looked at this group of guys. It’s a good tactic to know that he is surrounded by gangs and he is more optimistic about Zhang Hao. He has great potential to play wild.
However, Chen Yi didn’t know that many great god lecturers had helped the Tauren team before him, otherwise there would be no progress now.
In 15 minutes, take the dragon in gank Middle Road again.
In 19 minutes, Jiefang Middle Road forced Tuanlu to successfully take the passerby’s head and then broke two towers.
In 2 minutes, Zhang Hao Pig Sister has already got a blue shield, an ancient golem and a giant belt.
A fleshy pig sister is simply conan the destroyer.
Protecting Wang Dongdong ad in this way is also a big killing, which completely destroys the opposite confidence and instantly surrenders to a wave of gg.
"Breathe relaxed and happy." Erhong was very relaxed, and then he finally noticed Chen Yi.
There seems to be some provocation in the second macro of "What’s up, analyst"
"Not so good"
"What did you say?" Erhong’s tone was not good. He didn’t think anything was bad about this analyst at all. In his opinion, he just pretended.
"Not so good" Chen Yi repeated it again.
He has seen the doorway. The Tauren team has a core problem. If it is not corrected, it will die miserably when it enters a higher-level league in the future.
Chapter 219 Genius or Madness
Zhang Hao looked at this guy with interest and didn’t know what he was trying to say.
Fortunately, Gao Chengfeng was calm. He looked at Chen Yi and said slowly, "Then tell me about our shortcomings just now."
"field sleepwalking"
"You can beat the other side to surrender in 25 minutes by sleepwalking in P field." Erhong couldn’t bear it. In his view, it was an Esby.
Gao Chengfeng stared at Erhong and motioned Chen Yi to continue.
Chen Yi didn’t care about Erhong’s attitude. "I don’t know what you think. I know that if it weren’t for Zhang Hao, you would be nothing."
Zhang Hao one leng didn’t expect to have his own business.
"Think about what you can win in this game."
"Fuck well, of course," Erhong said naturally.
"Idiot" Chen Yi has no mercy.
When Erhong Hua comes together, if he doesn’t agree with each other, he will say, "Mom, what position are you in?"