At this moment, the corpse witch king is shaking out a death rule, and a horrible death shadow is thrown at this dozen swords containing Xia Man’s kendo rules.
Hissing, hissing
A burst of flesh burning sound rushed out, and the dozens of sharp double sword mans were actually swallowed up by this horrible death shadow that came out of the corpse witch king.
Like eating, it made a "click click" sound and ate more than a dozen swords and dragons of light.
The corpse witch king’s body is full of light, and the white light rises into the sky again. If the stars cover up the moonlight, it contains a horrible death breath and goes straight to Xia Man’s direction.
The rule of death: The Lich King has realized that the rule of death has reached a satisfactory level thousands of years ago. This white light constantly conjures up a ferocious and horrible skull and ghost pattern, growling and urging a cold and cold breath to rush to Xia Man.
"I didn’t expect you to grow up so fast. It seems that this body must be extraordinary. It would be nice to be refined into a witch soldier."
After Xia Man’s release of thirty-one kendo rules, the Lich King laughed and solved the problem, and the Lich King also followed this white light beam with deadly force to Xia Man.
"No, this old monster is coming. What can I do?"
Xia Man’s heart is anxious about the strength of the corpse witch king. He will die. He will never dare to regret it. At this moment, even being covered by the ten-square tripod and being covered by the corpse witch soldiers can’t handle it. Don’t deal with the corpse witch king.
"What should I do? What should I do? "
Xia Man is anxious, like a cat on hot bricks. The momentum of the corpse witch king is getting closer and closer. There will be a moment before arrival. Will you deal with the corpse witch king and the corpse witch soldiers at the same time? Xia Man is definitely a dead end.
At this time, the ten-square Yuan Ding corpse witch soldiers are gradually showing white jade, and the black fog in the corner of the sky is particularly conspicuous.
The corpse witch soldiers seemed to respond to the corpse witch king and generally gave a seesaw-like penetrating sound.
With this sound, the corpse witch soldier’s ten-meter-high body suddenly urged a white jade general brilliance to condense into a horrible white jade skeleton pattern, and the scope of the ten-square tripod was roaring.
"The rule force, the corpse witch will even carry the death rule force. This time it’s really a big play."
Summer pretty wry smile at the corpse witch king instantly to corpse witch WuBing again this kind of change seems to want to escape completely this time.
Xia Man’s figure is like the wind shaking his hand, waving a white jade, and the black flame rises into the sky. A palm-sized black banner is quietly suspended in front of him. The top skull pattern in front of him is particularly harsh and impressive. It was at the beginning that the corpse witch king gave Xia Man three pieces of Wubaozhong magic flame banners.
"All-powerful" Xia Man explodes and drinks like a lion roaring. The white vitality is not bad. He rushes into the magic flame banner and absorbs Xia Man’s vitality. After that, the magic flame banner skeleton pattern suddenly lights up. The stars in generate are even brighter and brighter. Direct bullfighting.
Hissing, hissing
At the same time, the magic flame suddenly became bigger, and the windward became long enough to change to 100 meters. Fiona Fang became a giant banner, and the black magic flame became monstrous, just like the extinct magic flame formed a monstrous sea of fire. This magic flame, the banner of Xia Man, was crazy, and it was impressively launched the self-explosion program in Wubao.
At this time, Xia Man wanted this method to detonate the magic flame banner.
The quality of a witch treasure that was collected and scraped by the corpse witch king must be not bad. At this time, it was detonated by Xia Man, and a strange pattern was drawn in a black streamer of 100 meters and went straight to the corpse witch king.
Swish swish swish.
The flame shuttled around, and the gas kept burning, breaking layers of gas and blocking the night like a meteor hitting the corpse witch king.
"Grandma Wubao blew herself up, which should stop the corpse witch king from taking back the ten yuan tripod for a moment, so he can run away as soon as possible."
Xia Man frowned and his face was full of dignified color. At this time, it was a close call and there was no relief at all.
Summer pretty drink one hand after another to pinch out twenty-nine kendo standard sword tactic twenty-nine golden and silver dragons rushed to destroy the heavenly sword array sword light enveloped the corpse witch witch soldier.
Hissing, hissing
These 29 swords and light dragons roared one after another, and turned into a road like a snake. The sword light came out of the body and formed a bright edge in an instant. As soon as the sword awn appeared, it immediately surrounded the corpse witch soldiers and the corpse witch Ministry of War.
Die, die, die