It’s a pity that Jinyang simply takes its essence and makes it into a walking stick. Carving it into some simple gathering arrays and attack arrays can produce some low-level magical effects, which are similar to some simple magic in the West, attracting people’s eyes and ears when they have to.
On the other hand, he wears an odd bronze bracelet composed of blades connected. On the one hand, it is the most powerful magic weapon for Jinyang’s attack at present.
If you look closely, you can find that each bronze leaf is different. Bronze has made several spells for a moment. Actually, this bracelet is not big if it is used against China monks.
However, if you add huge poison to deal with foreign powers in the sneak attack situation, it will definitely have unexpected effects.
Pick up a piece just sent by szilard. The New York Times was very interested and flipped through it, so he saw the expected one.
"Yesterday at midnight, a natural gas pipeline in our city exploded, but fortunately, it didn’t damage the surrounding building walls with a little damage, so the municipal government woke up all the citizens to prevent the explosion of natural gas facilities from happening again, endangering others and their own lives …"
Jinyang slammed the whole newspaper into a ball and threw it into the garbage can not far away. It was very disdainful to grin. "What a fucking hypocritical natural gas explosion?" According to the layout of natural gas network in new york, will a real explosion blacken the nearby walls? These politicians are really fucking hypocritical. "
"But without them, the executioners of the Vatican would have been involved in the investigation, and we might be preparing to pack up and run away. Because of these lovely people, we can put sniper bullets into the heads of these old Americans again and again for a lot of dollars."
Li, the bald man who was driving a car, also smiled. "Boss, themis, the greedy guy, has given us a lot of help in building five offshore oil wells, but I send him 100 thousand dollars on time every month. What do you want to see this greedy little low-level priest in person?"
Jinyang carefully studied the bank check with Arabic numerals one and six neatly written on it. Suddenly, he heard bald Li’s words and raised his head slightly with an evil smile and gently put the check into his pocket inlaid with ancient patterns.
Jinyang slightly mocking smile way "lee move your brain themis how that guy is worth me to see him in person? But there are only a few priests in his Brooklyn chapel who still have a little position in this chapel. His position just helps us to introduce the priest Mr. Dees, who is really in charge of the chapel. "
Bald Li seems to understand something, smiled meaningfully and continued to concentrate on getting up. From time to time, the car slowly pulled over.
"Chief, turn left 500 meters ahead and you will find the Ruisi Chapel in Brooklyn. I will keep approaching, or the church body will immediately notice that I am full of bloody magic. Although my ghost body has solidified a lot, I want to get in touch with the holy light before reaching the realm of the ghost king."
Looking at the car slowly, Jinyang Baldheaded Li muttered, "It’s really strange. What’s the same practice of The Hunger’s Dead Sutra? You are not afraid of the holy light? I can’t stand this ghost at all. If you hadn’t given me the jade symbol, I’m afraid I would have been evaporated thousands of meters away. Hum, sooner or later, I will blow all the churches to pieces. "
Bald Li coldly looked at the church spire higher than other buildings, and once again looked at himself. I remembered that I was almost beaten to death, and suddenly my teeth became gnashed. The whole face became ferocious and horrible, and blood streaks immediately covered my face.
Jinyang immediately smiled and looked around, but no one saw the cold light in his eyes. Li Tianling hurriedly lost the Taoist real yuan in the body and shouted, "Bastard, put away your ugly face. Do you want to scare the citizens of the street to death? Or do you want to attract the judges? "
Bald Li suddenly felt that his ghost was shaking violently, and a strange energy different from the dark energy of his body was suddenly instilled from the sky like a clear spring, and a tingle suddenly woke up. The blood on his face suddenly disappeared and he was grateful. He looked at Jinyang with fear and said, "I’m sorry, boss, I lost control."
Jinyang smiled and put his hand on the bald Li’s shoulder and said firmly, "There is no need to be sorry for ten years of friendship and ten years of life and death. Do we still need these hypocritical things?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"Boss, I …"
"Don’t make me sick. Find out what the biggest car dealership in Manhattan is. It needs 140 thousand dollars. If they dare to cheat freya, let some idiot in Wesley kill them later."
Li, an instant bald head, immediately came to his senses and said nothing. He nodded firmly and got up and ran away.
Jinyang shook the exquisite cane, felt the aura of the cane increase little by little, slowly transformed the whole cane structure, increased its hardness and walked forward with a smile.
Chapter 11 inexplicable sage repair
Jinyang strolled slowly to the church like a gentleman. The charming smile of noble classical decoration attracted many passing ladies to pay attention to him.
In my heart, I secretly lamented that this foreign minister of Buddhism has its own unique features, and every move is affecting others.
In his mouth, he muttered, "An idiot is not a hero if he knows that he is defeated, but he is just looking for death. Real heroes live to the last, and the dead are just losers!"
"President Kim, President Kim"
Suddenly shouted slowly into Jinyang’s ear and wondered, "Principal? Don’t call me! But this is authentic Chinese. "
Hurriedly looking back, a young man took an old woman and ran quickly. Intuitively, he could tell that both of them were authentic Chinese, and this young man made Jinyang feel familiar that he must have seen it somewhere.
Jinyang tried hard to find out the name of this Chinese guy from the memory like the ocean, but he couldn’t think of anything except that the guy studied in his own technical school.
Although Jinyang’s brain is highly developed, it is still quite difficult to remember thousands of names in the school inadvertently.
As soon as the Chinese-American old woman ran to Jinyang’s front, she knelt to the ground trembling, her eyes wet and her face grateful, and she kept kowtowing to Jinyang.
Jinyang suddenly felt a quiver in his heart, which was the kind of inexplicable trembling. He quickly picked up the old woman and said in orthodox Chinese, "What are you doing, old man?"
His heart is very puzzled. How can a Taoist heart tremble inexplicably when it has been practiced for tens of millions of times for decades? Over the years, it’s true that people have done a lot of killing and arson, but if you want to say good things, you can count them with one finger. Even if you let the young man go to school, you don’t have to kowtow!
In Jinyang’s memory, kowtowing is an extremely serious etiquette. In the past few decades, I have never kowtowed to others except when I need to kowtow to the teacher.
He knew that in the country where he once lived, the common people were so simple, and it was common for him to kowtow when dripping water, pouring water and pouring water to repay gratitude.
"President Kim, we poor people who stole out know that you are a saint. We don’t want to report your kindness. After our family sneaked into the United States, there was a child. His father had a coolie in the factory. He has been in poor health. This time, he was seriously ill and had no money to treat him. The hospital saved his life. I really don’t know how to thank you for kowtowing to you."
At some point, he hurriedly took the young people around him and said, "Fu Er, come and kowtow to President Jin. He is a great benefactor of our family."
As soon as the young man listened to his mother’s words, he was ready to kneel down to thank Jinyang, a benefactor almost as old as he looked.
"Get up!"
Jinyang suddenly set up the young man with a cane and said coldly, "If a man has gold on his knees, how can he kneel casually? Since you call me a principal, I will teach you today that no matter what kind of difficulties you are in, men can’t kneel casually. Remember, it’s your chance to get into school. If you can’t learn well, you can’t catch it. Then get out!"
The young man suddenly stood there, and Jinyang’s words were like an awakening to him. He quickly and firmly shouted, "I am grateful to the principal for your teaching and I will thank you for helping my father."
Jinyang sneer at a way "help? Work hard! I’ll give it to you, and you’ll give it back to me one day. If you can’t give it back to me, you’re a waste. "
Looking at a young man with an angry face, Jinyang ignored him and smiled at the old man. "Where are you going, old man?" My driver is nearby. Maybe I can ask him to give you a ride. "
The old man hurriedly exclaimed, "I may or may not have asked for a protective talisman for you at the Jinzheng Temple on the First Avenue yesterday, but I’m afraid you don’t believe in the Buddha. Today, I’m coming to this church to pray for you. Although I don’t believe in the emperor, I think you will be moved by the emperor to bless you."
Jinyang’s eyes can’t help but get a little moist. Memories flow like running water to stop Master Shanmen.
Lotus flower a flash moist gas suddenly disappeared.
Watching simple Chinese women walk slowly with young people finally dissuaded them from going to church to pray in Jinyang.
Jinyang smiled slowly, and unconsciously, he gradually liked this feeling of being appreciated. Over the years, he has never considered anything else.
Am I a good person? Put a butcher knife and become a Buddha?
This sentence suddenly flashed through Jinyang’s head. Jinyang asked himself that he had never seen this sentence in a place, so it emerged from the bottom of his heart.
The warm feeling of golden sunshine on Jinyang’s body made him feel calm. At that moment, Jinyang had a strange illusion that the poor Buddha’s body had a slight growth, and it felt as if his body had awakened.
A sense of joy rises slowly from the bottom of my heart. Suddenly, the Buddha’s power in Jinyang body grows rapidly. Unconsciously, the Buddhist foreign minister’s practice has once again risen to a higher level. At this moment, his smile is more charming and more puzzling. No, Toya is even more difficult to detect
Joy didn’t surround Jinyang for a long time, and he didn’t want to let it go, so he didn’t interrupt this wonderful feeling, but naturally let it continue to feel this wonderful feeling.
Before you know it, Jinyang is 50 meters away from Ruisi chapel.
Suddenly, my body twitched violently, and my mind clearly felt a sense of sacredness with a little chilling energy, which abruptly pulled him back from that mysterious feeling to reality.
Note First Avenue The third largest Chinatown in Brooklyn, new york, USA.
Chapter 12 Evil Heresy Repair
Jinyang heart fierce a bad bloodthirsty feeling instantly hit my heart body The Hunger resin gas suddenly became active and jump to try to compete with that sacred energy.
At the same time, a dark voice in my heart suddenly sounded and said, "Now that you have become a demon, you should kill everything and need to become a Buddha again?"
Words are full of temptations. It is natural for Jinyang to raise his hand, and his palm is slightly bleeding. But when he is ready to start work, a cool energy in the sky suddenly shoots, and his heart is agitated and disappears immediately. He looks up and looks at the silver cross at the top of the church, and his eyes flash with a strange smile.
The sacred wings of the angel of light fly on both sides of the cross, and two cross swords are clasped in the angel’s hand, symbolizing the sacred majesty of Gao Di.
Suddenly, a strange thought flashed into Jinyang’s mind and said, "Evil heresy belongs to the glory of the emperor, not where you belong. You are not welcome here. If you dare to take the previous step, the emperor’s anger will completely purify your dirty body."
Step by step along the stairs, Jinyang walked steadily towards the church gate, and his eyes flashed out and stared at the four golden lights. There was a golden light in his eyes, and he could see the chilling light coming out of his eyes, trying to stop Jinyang from entering the church as a heresy.
The three strange energies of Jinyang body have long since disappeared and are deeply hidden in the abdomen. At this moment, Jinyang is like an ordinary person, killing the holy light and filtering it from his body surface without causing him any harm, and his heart is slightly secretly pleased.
Looking up at the sky, the motionless angel stone statue Jinyang laughed wildly and secretly shouted, "Hum, two stones want to stop me. Jinyang is ridiculous!"
Let the two spirits in the air smile and walk into the church with all doubts. As soon as he stepped into the church, Jinyang shook his exquisite cane like a gentleman. In modern society, although few people can remember the ancient aristocratic etiquette, that special and charming ancient movement still instantly made a priest trot over.
The priest drew a sacred cross on his chest and immediately said with a smile, "Your Excellency doesn’t know what you came to church for? Maybe I can help you in some ways? "