"Yes! I didn’t say anything when you were playing the piano just now! " Pineapple aside answer can be justified.
"You … you heels!" Zuo Tangtang, who has been holding back for a long time, can protest and deny the fact that this kind of word is not only flowing in the team channel, but also distributed in the nearby channel. She is very scared and full of threats. "You believe it or not, I won’t play the piano for you no matter how much you beg!"
"…" This move is fatal. It’s too embarrassing. Pineapple suddenly has a second regret, but then it seems that it is secretly turning in the direction and looking at the man who seems to be unable to finish other things. After all, it’s getting along well. For a second, pineapple is very confident and shows off at Zuo Tangtang. "Nothing! Go back to the sea and bring me a special piano! Sister-in-law, you can rest on the side ~ "
"ah! Sister-in-law, peat! " Being forced, Zuo Tangtang didn’t say "peat"
"Kelp! You say it! Don’t play the piano for him! " I can’t catch the pineapple and hurt my athlete’s foot. I didn’t start. Zuo Tangtang turned to the "koo bystander" kelp.
"I go to talk to you! Talk to me! " I think she is still a good family! Why did you come out to play the piano and marry yourself without knowing it? How can this be true!
"Uh …" Kelp consciously touched the nose, and the tone of a nice guy was very sincere and honest. "This … this is not very good. After all, everyone is somehow a student …"
"I …" Zuo Tangtang was choked by kelp words. How thick-skinned is this to say this? Let alone the so-called "same-door" brothers of Peach Blossom Island. Let’s say that people like Pikachu have worked hard and been strong in Heifeng Village. Has he ever been kind?
"You don’t believe this pineapple!" Zuo Tangtang didn’t bother to spit out this obvious fact. It’s also nonsense. If you really get close to kelp, people will definitely know his virtue. And this pineapple seems to have met him from kelp to Peach Blossom Island. This is a long time to get along with him.
But leng let she didn’t expect.
"well! I believe! " Pineapple slush responded firmly-it is estimated that this month’s piano buff is still guaranteed, right?
Zuo Tangtang …
It turned out that lying with your eyes open really happened before her eyes.
After all, it’s also an eye-opener. In the face of Zuo Tangtang, who lacks a string, he expressed his "loyalty" to kelp and was ready to "vacate" as soon as he was ready.
"I’m leaving ~" I’m in a good mood. The pineapple tossed along for a long time and found a moving expression. I waved a little, which is different from shouting "Kelp ~ See you tomorrow ~ Sister-in-law ~ See you tomorrow ~" when I was just about to leave.
….. See your sister.
Come to the end, Zuo Tangtang still has to vomit a trough silently in his heart and watch the pineapple leave his back.
[nearby] pineapple slush?
The pineapple suddenly stopped.
[Nearby] Pineapple slush What brings you here? To challenge?
Pineapple and the man seem to be exchanging pleasantries.
Zuo Tangtang didn’t care much about the terrain here before, and most of the winding paths were covered by trees and grass. She didn’t see the figure of the man at all, just saw the word "challenge"
….. They should not stay to play the piano as volunteers?
Zuo Tangtang couldn’t help but burst into tears at the thought of the previous "kind" kelp saying, and then he moved his steps to change his sight to see who was there.
As a result, I saw an "acquaintance"
Tomato Kebik
Remembering the last encounter, Pikaqiu was somewhat embarrassed by her news "Pu" recently. Zuo Tangtang stopped at the same place and didn’t go any further.
But the other party noticed her.
It seems that it is only because Peach Blossom Island has had communication, and I don’t know pineapple slush very well. After talking for a few words, I was ready to turn around and leave the sample. Zuo Tangtang didn’t speak. I watched her from the moment before and I couldn’t tell whether I was here or not. I want to know if I want to continue playing the piano.
While she was still standing here in a silly wait for a while, Tomatoes Kebick hesitated and turned towards her.
This is …
"I’m really leaving this time ~!"
I haven’t been out of sight for a long time, and the pineapple slush is still screaming at them.
"Let’s go" is very rude to say goodbye to people who have been walking like this for a long time but haven’t left, complaining that they hate trouble and dawdle kelp.
"… bye"
Looking at her eyes, she changed into a playful clothes with two long ponytail tomatoes in her ears. Kebick wanted to say something, and she didn’t know what to say. Speaking of it, it was their real "first time" to meet, even though they had heard so much and smelled it, but in the end, they silently talked with pineapple.
Tomatoes just looked at Zuo Tangtang and greeted the young man who was lazy against the tree behind him.
"Well, you’re here."
Adjust the line of sight and look up at kelp at random. This attitude is unknown to Zuo Tangtang whether it can be attributed to familiarity or strangeness.
A one-second answer seems to tell Zuo Tangtang the answer to this question.
"Is this the end of the challenge?" Strange to say, tomato’s curiosity is not as much as that of other Taohua Island brothers. I have no heart for such a thing as Zuo Tangtang’s moving palace brother coming to the depths of Taohua Island. I didn’t ask her a word and greeted kelp directly in a familiar tone.
"Well, they played the piano soon today and challenged it by the way." Kelp also straightened up and walked towards here, facing her next to Zuo Tangtang. "How about you? Are you alone?"
Without saying anything here, she seems to really have something.
Pikachu’s first conversation with himself on the channel that night of training has been replayed in Zuo Tangtang’s mind at an extremely fast speed.
When we met for the first time, she took the kelp line to help her do it without saying a word or doing anything strange. So when she walked, she met her. This looks cute. A girl smiled and greeted her. She was still nervous when she should reply, but she seemed to notice something unusual. She also stopped and said goodbye.
The second time was probably when I was practicing on the crooked channel. I climbed to the crooked channel because of my dead game addiction, but I watched that I usually either got together with all the people in Heifeng Village or hung up on the reception channel alone. At that time, what she saw was this girl named Tomato who stayed with him on a channel. At that time, she had a strange feeling in her heart, but she was ignored by her consciousness-she didn’t seem to see Kelp alone with other girls …
Then the third time I got to know her, it was Pikachu’s "divination spoiler" who was afraid of chaos. It’s also Peach Blossom Island to come to visit him every day …
Now look at the picture of two people now.
Is it possible that they only have this conversation when they finish the challenge together on weekdays? When I went to Peach Blossom Island yesterday, as Pikachu said, she didn’t have a line. She played the piano with kelp and didn’t see her. Today, she suddenly appeared as if she were between them. Will she get in the way and not know it?
It’s even more embarrassing to think about it.
Jia just said that Kelp had a guess whether it was because of her own reasons. Two people should team up and challenge each other to play the piano. Now buff has let Kelp go ahead and she naturally falls behind at this time.
[Nearby] Pig’s trotters stew. Well, I can play the piano. Are you going in to challenge now?
It is very uncomfortable to forcibly understand oneself as "guilty of disturbing others", Zuo Tangtang said
"Er … no" seems to be that I didn’t expect what Zuo Tangtang would say. Tomato paused and politely refused "thank you"
"I think I’d better challenge it day by day, and it’s too late now." This sentence is that tomato turned to kelp and said.
Zuo Tangtang bit his lip consciously and looked at the screen. Two people were still talking, muttering.
"It’s a little late, but if you come here, you can directly challenge it?" For kelp, he can’t understand this kind of trouble as soon as possible, and someone will refuse.
"Oh" turned around and looked at the tomatoes around Kebick, explaining "Because I wanted to see how many people came here, I thought that if there were many people, we would all challenge together. Everyone’s conversation would be more lively. Well, if there were few people, the second antenna would challenge directly and I wouldn’t bother to move."
"Oh, I see."
"Hmm …" After a pause for a tomato, Kebick looked around again. "Then I’d better go first."
"Bye bye bye" to kelp and Zuo Tangtang two people one by one with a smile and greeting to be continued.