It’s so reasonable for the ancients to say that this kind of thing can happen in any city. It’s not a matter of good luck. It’s the same everywhere a crow goes.
I’m not interested in this kind of thing at all. I squeezed into a side door and ran away in the hall. I missed it so that I could try my luck in other parts of the city.
(End of volume)
Volume four sinks into killing and dyeing Dan Zhu
Chapter 31 Drunkard’s Last Wish
I walked street by street with a map in an attempt to make it a little more interesting. I will never let go when I see np. I must go and talk to them, but not every np in the game has a lot of places. Since the np in Chenghuang Temple said that there is such a thing, it will definitely be there. Anyway, I can find it slowly now, and it will be less troublesome after I remember it.
I walk, walk, ask questions, ask questions, and ask questions. Many of them were avoided at a distance before I approached. It can be seen that no one likes cold faces. It seems that I am doomed to live in Shan Ye. Almost all of Zhoucheng has been visited by me, but I still haven’t found a np. I looked at the unguarded small city gate and shook my head naively to turn around and walk back. Just at the moment of turning around, I suddenly found an alcoholic drinking at the edge of the city gate. This is an np, the only np in the whole street who hasn’t spoken to me. So I just turned a little bit and returned to my
Haven’t come to the front of a strong smell of alcohol, so I’d like something in the glass. So this smell of alcohol is not surprising. When I came to him, I was drunk and hazy. He actually woke up a lot. He spoke first without waiting for me. "I think Wang Wu, an alcoholic, has been hanging out in the wine field for decades, and no one can get close to me. I can’t believe that today he was stunned by you, you little bitch!" Get away from me, you little brat! What the hell? Did you touch a zombie in broad daylight? Ah-hoo! It’s so cold. "
Wang Wu, the alcoholic, is exaggerating a bit. Do I want him to sneeze with cold? Stay away, hero. Don’t be impatient. It depends on what tricks you play. "Wang Wu, I’m telling you, it’s not you who are a ghost, but I’m a ghost. It’s a shame that the boss touched an alcoholic during the day!" I pretended to turn around and want to go.
"ah! Young Xia, wait! " Hey, hey, np is np after all. I have no patience at all. "Do you know who I am, young Xia?"
I waited patiently for him to say it.
"I was the duke of Zhoucheng twenty years ago, when I was young and competitive, and I fought for the banquet of the duke of Zhoucheng because of my good drinking. I didn’t know that wine could spoil the broth, but I didn’t stop it. As a result, Zhoucheng not only fell into the hands of others, but also was planted with a drunken spell by a traitor, which made me have to drink every day for twenty years. Although I knew that drinking was harmful, I couldn’t stop drinking because I wanted to faint. How many twenty years can there be in my life? Young Xia, if it weren’t for your drunkenness, you wouldn’t be able to solve it, so Wang Wu, I would give you a big gift. "Say that finish, I really knelt down. People in our time regard kneeling as a disgrace, and they can’t easily kneel down. Of course, they can’t accept this gift. If you take it for three years, you won’t be able to do anything. Although I still can’t take it in the game now, I still can’t get back quickly and don’t let him kneel at me.
"Get up or you’ll really leave when you’re old" is killing me. np actually knows how to kneel! "I don’t always come to you because I know your drunken charm. I always listen to another np slanderer, but I only came to try my luck when I received a special one from you. Unexpectedly, I met a ghost."
"ah! Young Xia, that’s right, old ghost. There is indeed a saying here. If you don’t get rid of the old ghost’s wine, you can’t get this. "
"Slice! Are you old and rare? Don’t pick you up and play "Crazy" as usual! "
"But young Xia, if you take this, you will be even crazier. How do you want to take it?"
Look at his face now. Who can recognize him as an alcoholic? I’m too clear-headed. "Let’s hear it. I’m too old to decide whether to answer it or not!"
"Things have to start from 20 years ago, when the old ghost’s wife gave birth to a daughter. Since the old ghost was murdered, his wife and daughter have also been occupied. If Shaoxia can bring the old ghost’s daughter here to meet the old ghost, the old ghost will teach you a special skill, which will make you more brave. The time limit is three days. If you can’t bring my daughter here to meet my old ghost in three days, I will really become a ghost."
It shouldn’t be a problem to live another ten years like this. Why would he say that he has three days’ destiny? Is there something wrong with my eyes? "What do you mean?"
"Young Xia, you don’t know something, old ghost. I’ve suffered from the drunken curse for too long. Now the spell suddenly breaks down. Old ghost has always been born with wine. This old bones won’t last for a while. At most, it will last for three days. After three days, the old ghost will fall apart and die."
"No, so I should have killed you, so I wouldn’t have come over. Guilt."
"Ha ha, young Xia, you really have compassion. The old ghost will never blame you for living awake for three days before you die. The old ghost is very grateful to you. If you can live up to your expectations, you will really die and regret it."
"This ….. don’t say so much. I’ll try my best. What’s the name of your daughter? Where is it now? "
"My daughter’s name is Wang Ruoxin, and now what kind of old ghost grows with her mother in the castellan’s mansion? I don’t know that according to the old ghost’s original memory, my daughter has a red birthmark between her eyebrows. It should not be difficult to identify the old man. Here is a map of the castellan’s mansion, which may be useful for young Xia." Wang Wu took out a sheepskin map from his dirty clothes and handed it over.
From the map alone, the main mansion is very big. If there is no map, I think I will get lost in it. Since Wang Wu was set up by others, the Lord of Zhoucheng must have framed others at the beginning. This person must be tough. "I said, are there many masters in the old ghost’s main mansion?"
"Of course, old ghost, when I was in charge, the most important food guards had a level of 40. Now it will be even worse. Young Xia, it’s not wise for the old ghost to get in and out of the duke’s house and start work with those guards. It’s all up to you, young Xia."
Level forty! I’m only twenty-six, and there’s a big difference between the first and second grades, not to mention the fourth grade. I can’t help but draw a mouthful of air conditioning and recklessly. It’s really unwise to think about it. It’s almost dark. Go back to the inn and think about it slowly. Anyway, there is still time, so I bid farewell to Wang Wu and went back to the inn.
Chapter 32 Zhou Cheng stealing incense
When I got back to the inn, I thought about how to take Wang Rexin out of the city and out of the house. Damn it! I forgot the most important thing. Why does Wang Ruoxin believe that I am her own father? Why would she follow me? It doesn’t seem to help to ask Wang Wu now. Now the only hope lies in Wang Wu’s wife. When I think of Wang Wu’s wife, I can’t help but reach out and slap my forehead and scold myself for being a fool. Why don’t you even ask her name? No, since Wang Wu wants me to find her daughter, she will definitely tell me what he knows. Does he say anything to his wife? There must be a ghost in here. It seems that this old guy Wang Wu is deliberately giving me a hard time. If so, he won’t tell me anything if I go to him now.
I can’t think of anything better after thinking about it. King Wu gave me a map of Wangfu, and I took it out of my bag. Now my only hope is to find a way from it.
I watched it many times over and over again until I almost remembered the location of each room. I found the breakthrough point in a very inconspicuous place. Hahahaha. It turns out that the old guy dug a tunnel in the duke’s mansion. The tunnel exit was in an abandoned garden outside the duke’s mansion, while the exit in the duke’s mansion was in the bamboo forest in the back garden. This finally found the way into the mansion, but it was not easy to find someone. Anyway, let’s go to explore the duke’s mansion tonight.
When it was dark, I found the abandoned garden and the entrance of the tunnel in a pile of weeds. I pulled out my broken sword and suddenly it lit up around the tunnel. The tunnel was surrounded by stones and became more and more humid. In some places, some moss grew on the road, and the whole road was about 300 meters long. When I finally got out of that bamboo forest, the moon had already risen.
Tonight, I specially bought a night suit. It’s dark and it’s hard to see clearly in autumn. I can’t take a broken sword to light the way when there is moonlight in human form. I quietly hid near the entrance of the back garden. Before I got to the door, I saw a burst of candlelight moving this way. I quickly found a grass to hide. This back garden must have been repaired by people for years, so it’s easy to hide my figure. After a while, two people appeared at the door with lanterns, and I saw those two clearly through the cracks in the weeds. Among the people’s looks, the lantern should be a girl, and the one next to her is a darling daughter. By candlelight, I saw the lady’s eyebrows and there was a red dot the size of a peanut. I couldn’t tell whether it was artificial or a birthmark. I was surprised. Am I really so lucky? Could she be the one I was looking for? I’m still imagining that their voices have come over there.
"Miss, where is the green light? Look, it’s dark in here. Let’s go home or let the master know that the handmaiden will be miserable."
"Wei, don’t be afraid to have me here. I won’t let anyone hurt you, including the old guy in Wei. If you are afraid, just stay here and wait for me. I’ll go in and have a look. I saw a green light here just now. Why is it gone now?" I think she saw the green light just now, and it must be a broken sword. Fortunately, I put the broken sword away.
"Miss, the handmaiden dare not stay here alone. I’d better go in with you." Two people symbolically took a few photos of lanterns at the gate of the garden and then turned back. It seems that there is something wrong with this back garden at ordinary times, otherwise it wouldn’t be so desolate.
I didn’t come out of the grass until they had walked for a while, and quietly followed the girl named Wei behind them and asked, "Miss, why are you so interested in this back garden?" Master told people not to enter the back garden at ordinary times. "
"Wei, there are some things you can’t ask, you know?" That sound sounds very light and soft, with a little bitterness in it.
"yes! Miss! Handmaiden knows. "
This young lady is not simple. She must know something about nobody. I have to follow her for a while before I see it.
When they got back to the west wing, they told Xiao Wei to go to the other side. I hid in the miss window and eavesdropped on the silence in the Lord’s house, especially in this backyard. I’m thinking, if I live in a place like this for years, I won’t be crazy and I’ll become epileptic for a long time before I come out of the room and sob softly, "Dad! Are you still alive? If Xin really wants to see you. "
Ruoxin? Ruoxin? This young lady calls herself Ruoxin? Jesus Christ! My luck is simply MD. I’m so lucky that I have to work hard!
I got up and my finger gently pierced the window paper to peep at the people in the room through the small hole. I saw her chin in my hands and looked at the candlelight in front of me. Tears kept flowing from my eyes to watch her cry like pear blossoms. I really doubt that I am not in the game now. If I don’t appear in this place, who will this girl Wang Ruoxin cry to? Maybe it was my arrival that started this program, but nnd is so real! I am most ashamed to cry, especially the woman’s grandmother has never cried in front of me. I admire my grandmother from the bottom of my heart. Wang Ruoxin can say those two words, which means that she already knows her life. I didn’t hesitate to pull out my broken sword and quickly ran to the back garden.
As soon as the broken sword shone green, Wang Ruoxin also found out that she chased me from place to place. At last, she kept a certain distance so that she could catch up with the back garden. When she was at the gate of the back garden, I just entered the bamboo forest and stopped. I turned my back on her broken sword and didn’t take it back. It was really strange for the whole person to look at it from a distance.
Wang Rexin voice trembling tunnel "dad! Is that you? Is your soul back to see your daughter? Dad! My daughter misses you so much! " With that, I sobbed softly, and the sound made my heart sour.
I don’t have a Wang Rexin cried for a while faint way "dad! My daughter knows that you died miserably, and one day she will surely avenge you, Dad! Don’t walk here and spend more time with your daughter and father! ……”