"I have been working hard and you have turned a deaf ear to it. I will take it for granted that I am good to you; Third, he, like you, takes me for granted, so do you still have a conscience? " The words are full of anger, but his voice is softer than.
"The third child suffered a lot when he was young, and anyone in the palace could bully him. I accidentally bumped into him and saw him squatting with his shoulders shaking. Without thinking, I decided to shelter him from being bullied and crying again." He seemed to be immersed in memories, and his voice was hoarse.
For a moment, he touched Jack’s face with his big hand and continued, "I did it. I promised to protect him from growing up."
"He is my guardian, and so are you. How can I see others calculating you to bully you? I have to try to protect your name from being calculated by a willing heart." He whispered to her ear, "It’s good that he doesn’t appreciate it, and you don’t appreciate it. You all join hands to humiliate me!"
Stop. His hand runs along her face to her neck and then slowly goes all the way.
Jack’s eyes were filled with anger. "Are you jealous that I like to be jealous that I share a bed with him?" That’s how she knows that this is not the case, but she just won’t be soft.
Haiyan looked fiercely, then her hand sank, and her robe was immediately scattered with a strong force.
"…" Jack could not say a word with his mouth wide open.
When she reacted and noticed that her coagulated fat was exposed, she immediately roared "beast!"
Haiyan relieved her of being blocked by acupuncture points and then put her hands on the wall above her head.
"Change the word" body close to her, his mouth smile cold and evil.
Jack was firmly clamped down by him and broke free.
"You will regret it!" She Huo Ran looked up at him coldly.
Hai Yan said, "You said that, too." Even so, he didn’t see Jack’s eyes cold and bloodthirsty.
He doesn’t mind indifference, but this bloodthirsty mountain scares him.
What is she going to do? Or more precisely, what does she want to do?
Jack added coldly, "I will regret it if you dare to force me!" "
Haiyan listened to her words, and her heart was dull and painful. He raised his other hand and provoked Jakoba to make her eyes look at each other. "Tell me what you want to do?" His voice is cold, and his spoken language seems to squeeze words through his teeth, which strongly shows how strong his anger is at the moment.
"If you dare to force me, I will know soon." Jack’s voice was as cold as ice, and there was no fear in his eyes
Haiyan looked so unruly that she suddenly pressed her head to kiss her lips.
Can Jack let him complain? Her eyes flashed with a malicious mouth and she bit him. Haiyan ate a red flower and his mouth burst.
While he was eating pain, the sudden force on Jack’s wrist drifted away from his palm to safety.
Maybe she was so anxious that she fell unsteadily.
It all happened so fast that when Haiyan’s mind returned to look at her, she found her face curled up with her abdomen in her arms, showing pain.
What happened when his heart tightened? He jumped up and floated beside her and said, "What’s the matter with you?"
"get out!" Jack’s cold sweat rolled down his forehead and she looked at him angrily. "I told you you’d regret it!" "
Her face was painful, and the anger in her eyes was like a cold knife stabbing him in the heart.
Regret? He’ll regret that he meant the child, but the child in her womb …
If he forced her, she would kill their children. That’s why her eyes would burst with blood.
It’s hard to attach heartache, but now he can’t take care of so many people forcibly picking them up and ordering them outside the temple to "call the physician quickly!"
"Get the fuck away from me! I don’t want to see you get away!" Lying in bed, Jack endured abdominal pain and shouted at a man who blamed himself
Haiyan’s eyes were worried and he said, "Okay, I’ll go, but don’t hurt the child or myself." Then he stepped back a few steps from the bed. "I shouldn’t have been angry with you just now, and I shouldn’t have been so sorry for you!"
He said that his sincere face and expression were also sincere. Jack stared at his eyes and his anger dissipated a little. "Am I stupid? Why should I hurt myself? It’s you, it’s you … "Seeing Haiyan’s eyes, she didn’t say anything more.
She knew in her heart that most of what had just happened was her own fault. If she hadn’t kept the door open and deliberately angered the man in front of her, there wouldn’t have been such an angry beast.
Haiyan looked at her, saw her lips pursed, stopped talking, and stopped watching him panic. His heart gradually calmed down, and then he suddenly realized what Jack had just said and realized the sentence "You will regret it!" What is the meaning-if he … if he didn’t control his anger and forced her to have the consequences … I can’t even think about it.
She has a child in her belly, and he is bound to lose control of her strength. If she refuses to resist, the child will lose her life.
Bloodthirsty eyes. So this is the root of her real eyes.