Two people soon play into a ball and watch have engaged sister-in-law play with my sister TaoLanYu will separate two people with a smile "ok, go in and have a look".
But before they could go in, they heard the noise coming from the opposite side. When they looked back, they saw several people pushing and shoving out of the opposite shop.
Tao Lanyu was afraid that these people would crash over and be busy, pulling her sister-in-law with one hand and her little sister with the other, "Don’t look at the advanced."
Tao Baoqiong also hurriedly pushed and didn’t forget to look back at the excitement. Tao Zhuo walked in, and several people were locked behind to prevent those people from bumping into him. It was really that they were pushing too hard.
Tao Zhuo listened to someone shouting the words "This is a fake ticket to cheat the newspaper official"
Look up at the shop opposite again. Isn’t it just a few months ago that the court allowed the silver ticket to be opened? The Richang number is a little white. It should be that someone got a fake silver ticket to exchange it and was recognized by the shopkeeper.
This silver ticket is naturally made by Qi Ye playing Saint. Tao Zhuo also heard him say something about setting up anti-counterfeiting of silver tickets at that time. I didn’t want to have a fake ticket in just a few months.
At this time, they have retreated to the precious little cabinet. The shopkeeper saw Tao Zhuo and others busy coming to say hello and ordered the gang to block at the door.
"The girls still have to hide. Be careful. They broke free and ran over. The day before yesterday, a few people broke free against the silver and ran to our side."
The shopkeeper woke up and asked Tao Lanyu to pull his sisters a little further before stopping.
Tao Zhuo said unexpectedly, "There were fake tickets before?"
"Yes," the shopkeeper replied, "I don’t know how those people were so bold that the court dared to cheat them by putting the bank number. It’s really a bad money. I heard that the sentence was very heavy."
You have something to say.
Four girls and five girls are afraid of being forgotten and always come out to find a sense of existence * ▽ *
Chapter 91 Chapter 91
Through the door a few guys guard against figure, Tao burning to look into the street.
He saw a middle-aged man wearing a sapphire straight from the opposite bank. It seems that the shopkeeper was twisted at the humanity. "It’s really a bear heart leopard, and the silver ticket dares to fake! Send it to the government! "
With a wave of his hand, the shopkeeper ran seven people from behind. He held down the three men who had just resisted hard and tied the rope.
Soon the troublemaker was twisted away.
"It’s all daring," said the treasurer, shaking his head. He called Tao Zhuo again, "Girls, please come to Yali on the second floor."
Cherish the exquisite decoration of the Golden Pavilion. Cai Tian soon took a fancy to a beaded pottery burning, which was not old enough to wear a step shake. Looking at Cai Tian’s bun, he said, "funny face wears this step shake, so he can walk slowly."
Cai Tian’s personality is like her, and she is very lively. Tao Zhuo always feels that if she takes a big step, she will hit her cheek.
"Try it on?" Cai Tian smiled and put the step into Tao Zhuo’s head and she hid in the past.
"No, I can’t wear it." Walking is good-looking, but she can’t control it. Just don’t make yourself uncomfortable. She is busy avoiding Cai Tian’s hand. "funny face, take a good step to cultivate a lady’s demeanor."
"Tell you how it doesn’t taste right?" Cai Tian shook it to see other jewelry on the plate.
Tao Zhuo didn’t buy jewelry today. He planned to go to the shopkeeper to buy materials. "Can you ask the master to make me some thinner gold or silver wires?" Tao Zhuo wanted to make a decoration recently, which is complicated and requires great patience and time, but it will have a three-dimensional effect.
She wants to be not only three-dimensional but also exquisite.
Moreover, she also thought that it is necessary to weave gold and silver silk thread, which is thinner than before, and then the gold and silver silk thread is wound around the thicker silk thread according to the law, and then the shape is slowly squeezed out, such as roses and other flowers, and the stamens can also be embedded in treasures or strung with small jade in the winding process, which is very beautiful.
"How fine the girl wants? The one that was originally given to the girl is the thinnest gold and silver thread in our shop." It is also specially made for six girls. They usually can’t get it. "Too thin thread has to be made for girls only in the Royal Academy of Literature, but the price is definitely high."
Fine thread has much more filigree skills, which require craftsmen to be super skilled, take a long time and have a low yield, and ordinary shops will not do it.
Fine gold and silver wires need to be ground in addition to drawing. He knows that Six Girls are just playing, which is really unnecessary.
But Tao Zhuo was so-called and took out a drawing. "Please ask the shopkeeper to make me some crochets according to this sample. I wrote the size and model, but it should be close to this size even if it is not very accurate."
The shopkeeper took it and saw that it was an object with a hook at the bottom. Although I have never seen it before, it is not difficult to make a "can" in this way.
"By the way, just make silver, not too pure silver, but hard enough."
The shopkeeper wrote it down as she said, thoughtfully, "I’ll send someone to the house when it’s ready."
"Cheng" is an old acquaintance, and there is no need to pay any down payment.
When the shopkeeper’s eyes moved, he suddenly stopped at Tao Zhuo’s wrist. "Girl, this bracelet style is chic."
Today, when Tao was burnt out, he wore a pair of thin bracelets made by himself and wound with silver wire. "Right? I made them myself."
The shopkeeper originally knew that Six Girls’ jewelry making was really her family’s pet. It was the first time he saw her make it. He couldn’t help but bend slightly. "I wonder if I could have a look?"
"Yes," Tao Zhuo said casually, unbuttoning the button. "Or buy a stay plate from you?"
Whether it’s the shopkeeper laying the wire board or selling it to her, the size of the wire hole is too large. Usually, she has to crush the fine wires by the masters. It seems that I have to ask Brother Ye to help her ask Wensiyuan that the filigree jewelry is also crushed.
After all, she has seen Princess Fuan’s filament aromatherapy, which is thinner than her hair.
Because she didn’t think it was difficult, she told the shopkeeper how to do it. "First, the silver thread is woven into coils with elastic patterns, and then the pull plate is slowly straightened to fix the radian of the bracelet."
But her short answer made the shopkeeper feel that it was not so simple to look at the woven pattern, and this bracelet looks like a twisted wire, but it doesn’t look like it. But if it is put in the shop, someone will definitely buy it. "Six girls, do you sell this bracelet technology?"
"Ah?" Tao Zhuo didn’t expect the shopkeeper to ask some stupid things like this.
After all, regardless of her previous life, she really didn’t make any money herself, let alone talk about business.
In fact, Tao Baoqiong has been paying attention to her talking to the shopkeeper and came over. "The shopkeeper, my sixth sister is young. If you are interested, I will let people go back to the house and invite my third aunt or people around her to talk."
The shopkeeper blurted out the idea at the moment. Tao Baoqiong said that he was busy. "It’s the third girl who said I was abrupt. Then I’ll trouble the third girl to go back to the house and ask your elders. I think the bracelet made by the sixth girl is excellent. If you want to buy this craft."
Tao Baoqiong nodded and told Cai He to ask the coachman back to the office.
The shopkeeper looked at the bracelet and wondered, "I don’t know what else six girls can do?" Please forgive me, the girl who was blind was just playing. "
Tao Baoqiong and Tao Lanyu couldn’t help laughing when he said this.
Their six sisters are lazy to publicize, but everything she makes is exquisite and chic. She is not a craftsman who will do it together, but it is definitely not a joke from the shopkeeper.
Even this gold and silver silk thread can be bought with money, even if they are three aunts with deep pockets, they may not necessarily use this real gold and silver for fun by their sister.
"What does the shopkeeper think of this bracelet?"
Tao Baoqiong slightly lifted the sleeve to fade out a gold line around the pink jade bead bracelet, and the golden orange and jade bead powder intertwined and hit the white skin, which seemed to have a unique charm.
Because she had previously covered Tao Zhuo with sleeves, she didn’t realize that Third Sister also wore the bracelet she gave her earlier today. "This method is simpler, and this material can also be changed at will. I made a silver pearl myself."
At first glance, the shopkeeper thought it was amazing and found that it was not difficult to make it. "But the girl’s whimsy is novel and unique!" What do jewelers lack? Is it gold, silver and jewelry material? It’s not lacking, it’s style.
You know, a famous jewelry master, in addition to the necessary skills of the masters, is to make more styles for the guests to see.
These two kinds of jewelry let the shopkeeper see six girls’ strengths in this respect.
Tao Zhuo didn’t expect to go out shopping and find himself a business to talk about, but he can make money by himself. This feeling is really looking forward to it.