The dark spring water entered the throat bit by bit, and the child’s pulse immediately began to recover. Although it was very weak, at least he was still alive.
When Tang Luoling saw the soul-nourishing spring, he really fed it again quickly.
She didn’t stop until the pulse really stabilized a little, and she checked it carefully to make sure that there was no life crisis, so she got up.
Then he turned to the side of the three people and said, "I need to cut off the carrion and bandage it for him. Jenny, please go out first."
Poison Moon breathed a sigh of relief. If the child is already dead, then Shine will definitely never save her hand again, let alone operate on the child now.
Night emperor pulled Fen Liang Wang out of the hole. "Brother Shine is your sister-in-law’s most proud disciple. Since she came to the rescue, we will definitely keep Heng Er’s life. We will wait outside first."
King Fenliang’s eyes lit up. "I would give up everything if Henger could come back to life!"
Poison moon gave him a look. If the child really came back to life, would King Liang of Fen give up everything?
If it weren’t for the greedy soldiers, the emperor had to assassinate the little Henger, how could he be so dark? Chapter 46 Fen Liang Wang Sun
Tang Luoling in the stone cave was about to treat the body when suddenly she added a childish voice, "Where am I?"
The sound startled Tang Luoling and immediately flicker into it.
And in the soul-nourishing spring, there appeared a small figure with a familiar feeling. When she saw the face of the night emperor with a five-point similarity, her face turned darker!
"How did you come in to me?"
Tang Luoling is puzzled.
The little guy was startled by her and shrank back two steps. He replied, "I, I don’t know … I know a huge pulling force pulled me in."
Bring the little guy into this?
Tang Luoling frown is a face of displeasure!
It’s not a good thing that a kid knows about his uniqueness! Once this kid is caught messing around and talking at random, he really wants to be a hot potato in this martial arts mainland, and everyone is vying to kill her!
I was thinking about whether to directly kill this soul-wiping body when the cold old man appeared.
"Young master, this child can’t leave the soul-nourishing spring. Once he leaves the soul-nourishing spring, he will be stunned, and his body can’t be anymore. Even if the young master can cure him, he can’t let the child recover. It’s better to find a body that fits him."
Cold old explained this.
Hearing him say this, Tang Luoling smiled bitterly. What is this called?
Does this mean that she can’t get rid of this kid until she finds a suitable body for him?
But what Han Lao said is also true. The child’s body has been severely traumatized, and it is impossible to recover. It is impossible to make a ruined child into a powder and kill her!
I don’t know if I feel Tang Luoling’s coldness. The child actually took the initiative to put in a word. "Sister, don’t kill me. Xiaoheng will be very obedient and will never run around!"
"Kill you? Your soul and body are separated. Are you still alive? "
Looking up to heaven in Tang Luoling’s language, it’s best to sigh and say to the cold old man, "Cold old man, then he will leave it to you. I’ll go out and think of a way to round this up first."
"Little master, rest assured that the old slave must take good care of Xiaoheng."
Cold old smile nodded and flew to Xiaoheng’s side. A pair of hens and chickens were spoiled.
What’s wrong with seeing Tang Luoling like this?
Flickering away from her, looking at the stone bed in the cave, can’t help but have a headache. How should she explain to the three old people outside?
I don’t know about the night emperor poison month.
Therefore, she could never tell them that once she said that she was afraid of their parents, she would definitely use an excuse to protect her from staying in her room every day.
How can I do that? This way, she has no privacy at all. Think about the consequences and you can’t say anything if you kill her!
No matter what the little constant soul body will appear in her, she still didn’t want to be sent away in vain, and then study it carefully. Chapter 47 Fenliang Wang Sun 3
After spending a whole hour in the stone cave, Tang Luoling didn’t do much work, and carrion still had to be cut. After simple treatment, Xiao Heng’s body was wrapped in a white cloth mummy with nostrils and mouth, and everything else was wrapped tightly.
To do all this, she walked out of the stone cave and saw that the three people who had not left knew that their hearts were small and constant, so she said, "The most important thing is to refine the ninth-order soul-returning Dan. I think I can’t do that."
"Nine-order soul-returning Dan?"
Poison Moon exclaimed, "Linger, do you mean he has fallen into a deep sleep?"
"Well, the child has fallen asleep because of too much trauma and too weak willpower to survive. Although he still breathes, he needs to feed some liquid food every day to maintain his life, but it is too difficult to refine the soul-returning pill."
Tang Luoling didn’t dare to tell the truth. There’s more than one Dan.
Soul-returning Dan needs nine orders, because it is vast.
One can wake up the sleeping soul; Second, it can make the soul body fit the body quickly. Third, it can consolidate Wuling and be more solid.
The name of Soul Dan is like a star in the pharmacist world, and it is a great tonic for setting up Wu Ling in the eyes of practitioners.
On the one hand, Tang Luoling said that Hui Soul Dan wanted her to find a good body more often and let Xiaoheng be reborn, on the other hand, she really wanted Xiaoheng to live better.
Now that we know that this child has scissors and is getting more and more chaotic, she will still try her best to save him.
It is too difficult to return to Soul Dan alone.
Even Poison Moon is qualified for refining the ninth-order Dan medicine, but it can’t find the most important material for refining Huihun Dan, Huihun Grass!
How can the king of Fenliang not know that Huihun Dan is precious when he is well informed?
He looked at the night emperor with a face of despair. "Eldest brother, this is my only way! Oh! Since the emperor is so kind to me, don’t blame me for being unfair to him! If I don’t stir the holy beam upside down, I swear I won’t! After the eldest brother Xiaoheng, please leave with your sister-in-law! "
Fen Liang Wang left without looking back.
"Fen brother! Brother! "
The night emperor called urgently, but he couldn’t call Fen Liang Wang. His intention was decided.
Poison moon is pulling the night emperor around, but he didn’t let him chase him. Some things are a foregone conclusion. They are Jianghu people and shouldn’t be mixed with the royal families of various countries.
What they can do now is to take care of Xiaoheng.