After a sleep, Xiao Yuetu looked at the bustling outside and recovered a little. He was no longer as listless as he was last night.
She first took Taotao to the breakfast shop outside the car and ordered two breakfasts. While eating, she watched Shencheng’s fun and delicious strategy.
While brushing her mobile phone, she glanced at the opposite table and saw a man, a woman and two acquaintances staring at them.
Xiao Yuetu "It’s really unlucky to bump into them. Su Wanwan’s graduation practice is to investigate the midnight song incident in the abandoned mental hospital. In Shencheng’s view, Andre wants to help her finish her graduation practice before being herself. Su Wanwan’s brain also has this kind of garbage."
Taotao drank soybean milk and turned his back on the two men. Naturally, he couldn’t see anything without looking back.
Her eyes were clean, but Xiao Yuetu was uncomfortable with Andre’s evil eyes.
She put chopsticks and walked to the table for two. "I said that your girlfriend is sitting opposite and her eyes are not around and staring at me." I have flowers on my face? "
Su Wan Wan suddenly heard Xiao Yue Tu Yin couldn’t eat breakfast. She stared at Andre. "It’s true that dogs can’t change eating shit. If they like her, they will sneak with her to see what it is." Or do men eat the bowl like this and think about which one in the pot is reluctant to put it? How did you coax me not to break up before I forgot you? "
Andre said nonchalantly, "Who said I was looking at her?"
Andre’s eyes crossed the two women in front of him and fell straight behind his back. He quietly ate breakfast.
Not only Xiao Yuetu was stunned by Su Wan Wan, but also by her wearing high-heeled shoes and kicking Andre hard on the table. "Is that you who want to die?"
Andre looked back. He took the American coffee on the table and sipped it, showing a hunter-like smile.
Xiao Yuetu came back with a face stained with dirt and an expression of disgust.
She was afraid that Taotao would be weighed by her upset. She didn’t tell her that annoying Andre was just looking at her.
Taotao asked, "What are you going to do these days?"
Xiao Yuetu’s face was swept away when he heard this. "When I made an appointment with Songpupu’s friends, it was a week. Can you accompany me if you have nothing to do these days?"
Taotao nodded Xiao Yuetu very not easy to be cheerful. Of course, you can accompany her.
Xiao Yuetu took her into the bustling and noisy city after dinner. "Let’s go."
Taotao stood still in front of the mirror and Xiao Yuetu pushed her to "try"
Taotao looked at the pink skirt in her hand. "How do you wear it?"
Since she was a child, she likes to climb around the mountains and jump around everywhere. She wears a robe, modified cropped trousers and clothes all the year round. She has not worn a different skirt except a nightgown. At first, she was brought such a pink and tender color skirt that she didn’t want to wear it.
"Keep it for yourself." Taotao threw her the skirt.
I have been eating, drinking and shopping with Xiao Yuetu all over Shencheng these days, and I was dragged to shop again today.
Xiao Yuetu not only bought a lot of skirts herself, but also bought peaches and peaches at the institute, and her internship salary was almost spent by her.
She doesn’t care about "shopping when you are in a bad mood. You are under 20 years old. Don’t dress like an abstinent old nun all day."
She pressed Taotao into the fitting and wanted to take off her clothes directly, which startled Taotao. "I’ll do it myself!"
Xiao Yuetu didn’t leave this time.
After a few minutes, Taotao came out of the fitting room. It is her habit to wear Taoist robes, but it doesn’t mean that she is not suitable for skirts.
That pink skirt added a hint of human anger to her indifferent temperament.
Her black hair doesn’t hang loosely over her shoulders and looks as beautiful and softer in peacetime.
"It’s really nice." Xiao Yuetu took out his mobile phone and took a picture of Taotao. "exemptions will like it."
"What are you doing!" Taotao tried to stop her manually and soon gave the wind.
Taotao "…"
"Taotao, why don’t you like exemptions?" Xiao Yuetu sat on the sofa with his legs crossed. "He is so powerful and likes you so much. He can do everything. The only drawback is that he is a little cold, but he has always been gentle in front of you, right?"
Taotao changed her skirt, put on her clothes and sat beside her with Xuan Soul Flower.
Xiao Yuetu watched her for a day and Xuan Soul Flower couldn’t help but ask, "Is he an evil spirit?"
"Not only do I like it," said Taotao. "He is more important to me."
"More important?" Xiao Yuetu is at a loss.
Taotao smiled. "Last night, you said you admired me, but you didn’t know that without him, there would be no me."
"It’s like knowing that Qi is in some corner of the world even though it is invisible and intangible, I can be born." The girl’s voice is gentle. "What you see in your eyes is not what it looks like ten years ago."
Xiao Yuetu seems to understand "but in the end, human evil always ends in different ways."
"If you listen, it’s just that different ways are improper, and evil ways are just four words." Taotao said indifferently, "What’s the different way?" I’ve already died once. Who can do anything to me? In o he will want to white "
"Really …" Xiao Yuetu murmured.
Taotao turned to look at her. "Xiaotian is a very good man. You don’t really have no affection for him, do you?"
Xiao Yuetu said awkwardly, "I can’t be as open-minded and free as you are."
Taotao "take your time"
They spent the whole day in the shopping mall.
A fashionable young man came in a hurry after sunset.
He repeatedly confirmed to the mobile phone message that he couldn’t believe that the person he was looking for was a girl who looked ten years old. "Are you … Master Xiao Yuetu?"
Xiao Yuetu is too lazy to explain and hand over the ID card directly. "Stop being a master and call my name."
The man looked at her eyes and then looked at her eyes, and suddenly he was in awe, combined with the peaches and peaches behind her.
"Great, you finally came!" The man introduced himself, "My name is Miao Shun, and I’m Songpupu’s agent. You’ve been running all the way. Let’s go to dinner first and I’ll tell you what happened in detail."
Xiao Yuetu conveniently threw all the shopping achievements of the day to him. She took Taotao’s arm and "let’s go"
At dinner, Miao Shun asked for the balcony environment, and the quiet clerk quickly finished the dishes and then closed the door and stopped coming in.
Taotao and Xiao Yuetu listened to Miao Shun’s story while eating with a big bowl of rice and spicy dishes.
In the human world, there are some "experts" who are not spiritual masters without spiritual veins, but they also have some abilities to deal with simple paranormal.
Usually, when ordinary people encounter troubles, they will not directly contact the spiritual master, but will find these "experts"
Generally, paranormal can solve it. Once they can’t solve it, they will join the spiritual masters they know.
Many graduation practice cases of Hualing Institute are obtained in this way.
Many "experts" all over the country have some difficulties in solving the problem that paranormal was collected and used by Hualing Institute as a graduation project for students.
This event has been seen by several experts. Although it can’t be solved, they all left the event safely. It’s not too difficult to think about it. At first, Xiao Yuetu didn’t take it very seriously, but listening to Miao Shun’s story, her eyebrows frowned.
Songpupu is a 25-year-old popular actor.
Songpupu has just finished a new play and is on holiday.
Because he likes quiet at ordinary times, he lived alone in Shencheng Hotel, and the hotel room was rented by him for years, which has never happened in paranormal before.