Maybe she will really help the team players reduce the pressure?
But what Lin Mo hasn’t finished yet?
That is to say, Tong didn’t decide that this beautiful psychologist was qualified …
Ever-victorious heart still dare not rest assured.
The next day, the whole club knew that there was a new team doctor with huge beautiful breasts and huge sexy.
The news caused a sensation in the team department.
Everyone has discussed it since we came to the training base.
"The new team doctor is very beautiful. Have you seen him?"
"I don’t have you?"
"I didn’t …"
"Who the fuck is this news? People have never seen a beautiful woman. What if it is an ugly woman? "
"Hey, isn’t it beautiful to see it soon?"
"I suddenly wish I was injured once … or cheated in training? And then enjoy the beauty … Maybe you can get some sparks! Look at my ABS! It must not be a problem to take her! "
"Say that’s a good idea! I think so! "
A group of young people gave a lewd smile.
Being alone in the treatment room with a beautiful doctor … It really makes people think that they will leave nosebleeds!
Listening to everyone’s laughter, it’s been quiet all the time. Passareira finally said, "Save it. You’d better give up this idea."
Hear the second captain so laughing disappeared next to teammates turned to look at him with a puzzled face "what? That’s a good idea. Pretend to be injured and then feast your eyes … "
Sai Passareira looked at his teammates and said these words. Some of them were newcomers this summer, and they didn’t know enough about the boss.
These things are not convenient for the boss to do, so I’ll do a science popularization.
So he said, "Want to hear a story?"
Chapter 39 Psychological Archives
When Sai Passareira was going to tell a story to his teammates, Changsheng was enviously alone in the beauty psychologist’s office
But it’s different from what the players imagined, and there is no ambiguity or lust.
Changsheng is explaining the specific work to Fontana.
Today, Fantana wore a professional suit after listening to Chang Sheng’s words. She wore pants instead of a skirt.
Dressing is very conservative. The hair comes out of the pink neck on the top of the head, but it doesn’t show too many shirts. The high collar blocks most of the skin interlocking bones. It’s not true to the chest career line … It’s even more invisible.
She also wears black-rimmed glasses, which is completely different from yesterday’s sexy and hot image. Today, she exudes intellectual beauty.
This dress may disappoint those players, but they are always satisfied with winning.
That’s what a decent worker looks like … doctors are always wearing low-cut dresses, miniskirts and bursting breasts. That can be found in Japanese porn …
Chang Sheng told Fontana that her job is to observe the training and games of the team and then look at the mental state of those players. If something is wrong, they should take the initiative to communicate with each other. Lazio psychologists can’t wait because Lazio players are under great pressure, but they don’t take the initiative to find a psychologist. It seems that they are afraid that others will know that they are under too much psychological pressure.
Fontana nodded and asked, "So what about the cavani problem?"
Cavani?’ Changsheng was surprised at why she asked this.
"Didn’t the media speculate on his goal shortage some time ago? I think he has serious psychological problems and needs to be channeled, otherwise he may fall into a goal shortage for a longer time … "
Chang Sheng looked at her strangely. "He just scored a goal against AC Milan and Florence."
Fontana’s eyes widened, and then she was embarrassed. "Er, I’m sorry, I’m not a Lazio fan. I don’t pay much attention to Lazio … How did you do that?" She changed the subject. "His psychological problems are not simple. I think it should be caused by pressure, inferiority and other factors …"
Changsheng nodded. "I talked to him once and gave him a CD."
"CD?" Fontana wondered, "What’s in it?"
"All his goals since his debut are accompanied by passionate music and passionate commentary by commentators."
Fontana’s eyes widened again, and this time she was victorious and applauded.
"That’s a great idea! His biggest problem is inferiority, but you told him this way, in fact, he is also very powerful! How did you come up with this idea? "
"inspiration!" Changsheng knocked on the head.
Beauty is deeply impressed by her constant inspiration. She is a psychologist. She always thinks about problems from a theoretical perspective, such as helping a person get out of a psychological predicament. She always considers whether there is any theoretical support at the first time.
But Changsheng solved the problem with such inspiration.
She is very admired and always wins.
"In fact, you can do psychological doctor coach! And I’m afraid it’s none of my business to have you as an excellent psychological counselor … "
"I’m a head coach doctor. I still have a lot of work to do. I don’t have time to talk to them every day … and I think I’m more promising as a head coach than as a psychologist."
Fontana nodded. "That’s true … well, I’ll do my best to help you coach."
"Not to help my doctor, this is your job."
"Yes, yes, this is my job." Let Fontana calm down.
"I need to talk to all the players once, regardless of whether they have psychological hidden dangers or not. I need to establish a complete impression of them and then enter the initial files in my mind so that I can have a basis for comparison after they have changed."
"No problem. I’ll let the team cooperate with you if you arrange it."
"… the cheating player was lying on the ground, and other teammates around him looked at the boss with a sneer. They felt that they had given the boss a big problem, but guess how the boss solved it?"
Passareira asked.
A group of players looked at each other and shook their heads to show that they didn’t know.
"The boss ran to the injured player and inquired about his injury very earnestly, and then … announced that this player would not have a chance to play until the end of the season for insurance reasons."
Passareira calmly finished the story of the boss at Hertha and looked at his teammates at Lazio.
"Uh …" Some players didn’t expect the boss to be so cruel.
Of course, some people doubt that "it was a relegation moment, so a player was banned … it was just an act, right?"
Sese Passareira said, "That man never played in the first team for even a minute until he moved to Hertha, and Hertha successfully relegated in the previous round led by the boss that season."
The dressing room was quiet.
Boss can really do it …
"Forget it, don’t think about it … you can always see it when you see it … it’s really a big deal!"