Later, after the Song Dynasty, it gradually matured, paying attention to voluntary precepts, whether at home or becoming a monk, eating wine and meat, having wives and concubines, and having a Buddha in your heart to practice the precepts. However, asceticism like Qin sisters is still there, but it is not universal. If all of them starve to death like them, after all, time is limited and one’s strength is limited
How many people can a poor day really treat? So sometimes their sister incarnations can’t get enough food for a day, so it’s not easy to eat it alone and share it with the disciples. How can they? In addition, the place where he lives in this difficult action is remote and sparsely populated. Every time he meets someone who delays medical treatment, a few apprentices will live on grass roots and bark.
However, people’s beliefs are terrible, especially when they look for one thing. It is difficult to change what the ancients said,’ The three armed forces can win the handsome but the ordinary people can’t win the ambition’. This is the reason. In this way, every few years, even after a quiet night, when they have just achieved enlightenment, their hearts gradually become more and more transparent. As a result, the devil will come to harass them, not to be delicious, but to be tempted by various addictions.
Is plucking hair, rotting bones and sour hearts, itching, bad smell and stench, which is ten times worse than all the previous experiences. If an ordinary person had a broken will.
However, the two sisters are still desperately enduring all kinds of wear and tear and disasters. At this time, it is obvious that they are determined and paranoid. How to torture them can make them suffer, and after a long time, they gradually realize that these are dreamlands, and then they hold their minds tightly and sit still and pay no attention to those things.
Everything is like the moonlight shining on the face and the breeze blowing on the face. Sure enough, the devil’s tricks gradually recede, and then everything is still the same. The loss and pain of the body are a fantasy. They don’t want to be happy because they will be solid in their hearts. They don’t want to see their husbands and sisters as soon as they come.
After the three men met, the husband was very appreciative when he saw that their faith was firm and the Taoist foundation had been established. Then he told them that their father Qin Yu was punished for breaking the precepts in those years, but now he is in trouble. In this life, he turned to a side door to cultivate sects and became a long disciple, but after the death of the master, he got the head position, and one of his younger brothers was not greedy and learned treasures to seduce other evil sects to usurp the throne.
Because the treasure of that master is very well defended, his younger brother and other evil sects have arrested hundreds of children and men nearby to kill and sacrifice, and they have forged a powerful demon banner. They are about to rush to the other side, their father, and their mother and the blissful real person are sitting to help, just as they wake up and have enough magic to help.
The two sisters have come to their senses and realized that they were once reincarnated to accumulate merits. Now when they come back, they can’t help but be anxious and angry when they hear this. When they were young, they remembered that their fathers had taught and cherished a little love. Now when they heard that their fathers were reincarnated, they naturally wanted to help. At that time, the three of them got up and left together.
Song Chang Gung shook his head as he watched. The evil spirit of heaven and earth is really powerful. Seeing the law shakes the hearts of the two sisters and deceives the two sisters from feelings. The most exasperating thing is that the evil spirit of heaven and earth conjures up a self to deceive the two sisters in front of his face. This seems a bit bullying.
The fifty-sixth volume The world of mortals industry fire Chapter five hundred and fifty-four You’re done
I want to wake up the two sisters, but when I was about to move, I felt that the power was suppressing myself and eroding my yuan Shen. He was scared and stopped to strengthen his defense. At the same time, he also knew that this was the evil power of heaven and earth. Obviously, he didn’t want himself to interfere with this final test before dealing with himself.
Song Chang Gung is good at watching, but it is convenient for the two sisters to see their father as soon as they arrive. The younger brother is with some evil people, picking up the father level and calling for laughter there. When the two sisters see that the father level is similar to their own memory, they can’t help but be indignant and god-fearing. After a trance, they actually release their flying swords and magic weapons and immediately kill them.
I didn’t know that the other party turned out to be very powerful. It was not long before the three of them destroyed their flying swords and magic weapons one after another. If they hadn’t been caught by the other party, they knew that the other party was powerful and couldn’t go to the mother’s closed place to wait for the full plan. After the mother came out, they cried and begged her to avenge their father.
However, as soon as Mrs. tian hu Baoxiang came out, the two sisters met their mother. Before she finished suing her mother, she flew into a rage and said that the flying sword and magic weapon were borrowed from the founder of Blissful. Since they were defeated at that time, they shouldn’t be greedy and arrogant. The enemy should immediately retreat. What should we do now that the magic weapon and flying sword have been destroyed by the other side?
Moreover, how can I explain to the founder of Blissful? At that time, I changed my face and beat up their sisters and asked them to beg the founder of Blissful. If the founder didn’t forgive them, they would be expelled and left to fend for themselves. That is, the two sisters were scared and their husbands cried again, but Mrs. tian hu Baoxiang was still furious and stubborn.
When the two sisters were still feeling aggrieved, they suddenly heard that Fanbai was far away and suddenly calmed down. They remembered the transformation of Garn, a former Fentuo master, and thought to themselves,’ How can we be so affectionate when our mother and other pets were all refined by ourselves? Is the attitude so different before and after spring and autumn?
Are these all devil’s illusions? Do we still have to be punished? Or what happened here that we don’t know about? There seems to be something I can’t remember clearly. When they thought of it here, they gradually woke up. Although they were influenced by spells, they remembered things, but they were not right now. This heart is quiet and naturally many things look whiter.
As soon as their sisters condensed their minds, they heard that the sisters, husbands and mothers next to the rock had disappeared together, and then they heard Master Fentuo shout in his ear, "Isn’t it too early to turn back when fate destroys life and biochemistry?" In this sentence, the two sisters seemed to be completely awake as if they had been hit by a blow.
Then I remembered all the experiences and feelings of my robbery, and immediately realized that I was in a spell. I opened my eyes and saw the golden flame rising around me. My body has become a baby. At that time, the dreamland of the runner was different. Now my length is only a few inches. It is a shining pearl. It is unspeakable kindness. My heart is white, which is transformed by my husband Yuan Shen.
And the two little babies are two sisters. Before Yuan Ying went to the law, Qin Ziling was in the early stage of Yuan Ying, but now Yuan Ying is condensed like a real person, as if she were a child. The skill of looking at the sample should be in the late stage of Yuan Ying, while Qin Han calyx is from the middle stage of then to the early stage of Yuan Ying. Master Fentuo’s fingers are releasing two strands of Jin Xia and the body is surrounded by it.
Then the three men flew out of the Falun Gong at the same time. As soon as they flew out, they saw that their three flesh bodies were all closed, and they sat down in their original places. They still did not move, and the form did not change or grow. It can be seen that the spell was in Yuan God.
Their sisters were previously worried that the last section was fascinated by magic, for fear of failure. Now, when they look at it, it turns out that it was a magic bullet. Not only did the Yuan God condense into a baby, but since waking up, they kept having the power to slowly pour in, and the Yuan baby gradually consolidated in this power. They just knew that this was a master spell when they thought about it.
Just before convergence, they are strengthened by the power they once had or will have in the future. This is also the magic. If not, it will make people experience a dreamland. What’s the point? It is precisely because after these things, the parties not only know their own future and past.
At the same time, it also draws some strength from the past or the future to strengthen the present body and yuan God, and then gradually implements what has been experienced to complete good deeds and cause and effect.
After thinking about it, the three men worshipped Master Fentuo and then flew to their own flesh. When Master Fentuo saw them, he showed his preference, although she was very solemn and cautious when she was practicing the law.
But I didn’t laugh. The consumption of Fentuo was not only less than she expected, but also surprisingly good. The most important thing is that manipulating such an operation is also an exercise for her.
She crossed her hands and stood in a glow. With the Falun wheel still turning on her own, she released coils of golden flame. Master Fentuo saw Song Chang-geng returning to the physical body and was checking her body after waking up, but the two sisters couldn’t get in and out skillfully because of their soaring skills. They couldn’t get back to the physical body and turned around to find it, but they never found the opportunity.
When Fentuo saw it, he printed his hands and recited the truth to the two sisters Yuan Ying one by one. The two sisters gradually felt that there was a jinxia around them, which seemed to be a mass. Yuan Ying was tied up and turned, and it was not allowed for a moment. After the entangled Yuan Ying Jinxia entangled the flesh, he saw the two sisters Yuan Ying slowly flying to the top of the original body with the master’s fingers.
When they reached the head of the two bodies, Jin Xia’s oppression became more and more urgent, and Yuan Ying sank. When they saw the sudden flash of light at the top door of the original body, they all knew that this was the time when Yuan Shen returned to his orifices, and then Jin Xia pressed again, and they felt a great force oppression.
At the same time, listening to Master Fentuo’s words, "It will take several days to concentrate on the growth of Yuan Shen’s visible body, but the reflection is wonderful. You can’t open your eyes and shake the god to block the vitality." The master said that the two sisters suddenly felt that the baby had been forced to return to their senses when it sank at the moment.
They are all happy in their hearts to know that today’s achievement is already 19%, but the body and Yuan God also need a period of time to adapt. They must practice and consolidate the realm quickly. How dare they relax a bit? As soon as they enter the body, they immediately abide by the law of Master Fentuo and sit quietly and gradually get familiar with and adapt to the newly acquired power.
Yang Jin, the guardian and observer next to him, and others started to get up one after another, and Master Fentuo immediately stepped out of the altar. This is the defensive array of Ziyun Palace in Haiti, which is very compulsory. Before Song Chang-geng and Fentuo and others added many layers of defensive prohibitions and arrays, Song Chang-geng became different after he returned to the original body.
Fortunately, he also knew about the physical body and light state when he was concise in Falun Yuanshen. Now, as soon as he saw the change of the physical body, he knew that it was a fire of life yuan, and this fire would not disappear once it was ignited and rose. Now, it has become a purple fire to strengthen Dan Yuanzhu in Dantian.
On the chest, the Buddha’s power and the five elements’ power are not independent and harmonious. Although he wants to know all kinds of changes in his body in detail, he knows that now is not the time for everyone to wait nearby. After a simple inspection, he will recover his consciousness and open his eyes to see that the two sisters are meditating. He can’t help laughing.
Get up and arch your hand with everyone, and then make a ceremony for Master Fentuo and say with smile, "Thank you for your help. After several years of double cultivation, Ziling should be able to rob first, and then within ten years, the cold calyx can also rob with our help. Everything is so kind to the master. I can’t say thank you for promising Yang Daoyou something that day.
From now on, I will naturally have you in the Dragon Elephant Temple, and there will be few superfluous words. Because I had an accident in it, the master added a lot of trouble to apologize again. "Say that finish, I made another gift, Fentuo and Yang Jin, and I quickly thanked everyone. Song Changgeng went out to greet Zi Xuanfeng and others to prepare a vegetarian feast for the master.
While waiting for the two sisters to make a peace banquet, everyone talked about the spell. Just now, the master and Song Changgeng were asked to feel that Song Changgeng was not hiding in it, and they would experience it in it one by one. The master also explained this feeling and said, "Other things are all right. The most special spell is that once it works, there will be yin and magic in heaven and earth."
Many things can’t be controlled by law, especially the last one. If the legal person can’t control his heart, the seven thieves will take advantage of our magic to help. Although the three robberies have passed the second one, they won’t be defeated, but after all, they can’t be complete. If one of the two sisters is not good, maybe there will be some disasters and another one will be needed in the future.
Because this spell is to link their past and future destiny, now this life is equal to carrying the fate of three lives. If it is not for their sisters, they can’t be lucky, and all illusions will be left to their own devices. Finally, they will break the entanglement of heaven and earth and get benefits. It’s hard to say that everything will be easy now. "
The fifty-sixth volume The world of mortals industry fire Chapter five hundred and fifty-five In accordance with also again.
When we talk, the two sisters gradually wake up. They also know that there is no place here, but they will wake up after simply adapting. Now Yuan Ying will work hard to cultivate in the future and will grow up slowly. Everyone will see that their sisters are already stunning in physical appearance, and it is even more different before reflecting the brilliance and rejuvenating the fairy bones.