"Meow!" A real kitten finally appeared. But this one sounds very docile to others, but it is not inferior to a muffled thunder. I will stop stabbing the golden kitten with a dagger. If I hesitate, I will be worried about my life.
He is better at sneak attack and head-on confrontation than he is good at.
But how can a seemingly docile kitten let go and scare herself? The bad guy has a ripple invisible to the naked eye, and quickly chases and retreats. "Poof!" I don’t know if I will live or die if I spray blood from my mouth.
Now, where do others have time to pay attention to his three attacks? The protective cover in front of the kitten has blocked their attacks again, but how can the same defensive means be used again and again? But also in the face of these cunning "old guy" three people at the same time, three kinds of light at the same time rose "bang" a shield broken
However, the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.
As far as their three swords were concerned, they seemed docile when they were about to stab the golden kitten. The golden kitten suddenly let out a loud roar, and the three of them were a little frustrated. One or three swords still maintained a sharp direction and speed.
But it was at this moment that the kitten disappeared, and a mighty golden tiger appeared in front of them. Three long swords stabbed the golden tiger body, and even the fur didn’t pierce the artifact, which made the three people frightened.
If the golden kitten just brought pressure to everyone, then now the golden tiger brings terror to everyone. There are two artifacts and a fairy. The golden tiger is shivering at its feet and has a spiritual weapon. They clearly feel the terror of the golden tiger!
Instead of hurting the golden tiger, these three unlucky guys feel that the lance in their hands is out of control. All three of them are not losing, and they are more frustrated. At the same time, they are unwilling to roar and their strength is soaring again. The strength of Sun Boss has soared to the level of God, black robe and white robe, and it has risen to the level of God in the initial stage.
-this is their real strength!
Although the golden tiger showed its real body, it didn’t pay attention to these people. Most of its attention was paid to the people behind those hiding posts, and that was the person who could pose a threat to it.
At that time, the carelessness made the golden tiger suffer, so it ignored the bottom of its eyelids. Three people suddenly burst into powerful light in three colors: gold, black and white. It exploded, and the golden tiger was blown out by the powerful force, hitting the roof of the hall more than ten meters high and then falling to the ground.
More importantly, it has been blocked by it, and the secret treasure of the world has finally reappeared.
"Right now!"
Sun’s eldest brother’s physical strength was drawn for a while, and the black-robed youth and the white-robed youth did their best to rush to the world’s treasures dozens of meters away.
They won’t recognize that they can hurt this beast, and it’s very difficult for them to shake each other off. It’s very difficult to take this opportunity to get the world’s secrets, and their horses will escape from here. If they can leave the fighting field of the beast, they firmly believe that no one in this world can chase themselves.
This is almost their only chance.
The golden tiger’s body half gave out a roar that shocked the whole hall. There were three kinds of forces. Its body surface was so rampant that he couldn’t turn around at once. It could watch two scumbags quickly approach his guardian treasure and make an angry roar.
"The horse is coming soon, and there is still a little bit …" The black-robed young man’s hand is about to reach the golden roulette hand when he suddenly finds that the other hand is not far from him.
"Damn it!" A flash of black light flashed in the eyes of the black-robed youth, and air billow rushed to himself. Just now, the allies wanted to push each other a little, so that they could catch the treasure first.
Air billow, a young man in black robes, suddenly met with some obstacles in the middle of his advance, and then shook violently. Both the young man in black robes and the young man in white robes lost their way at the same time. "No …" Before they finished, the two men hit the same air billow with the same mind and violently collided together, and then an irresistible explosion occurred.
Two guys who want to get the treasure first are shot by air billow, and they have almost done their best. This is not so strong. air billow immediately became the last straw to crush the camel. At the same time, two people fell out of more than ten meters and couldn’t climb up again. At this time, the golden tiger re-protected the roulette before returning to the world’s secret treasure.
God beast battle collar is extremely strengthened. Everyone in the whole hall rises from the bottom of my heart. This time, God beast is really angry!
For thousands of years, I haven’t eaten a golden tiger and roared "stupid human! You will boldly pay the price you deserve! " The golden tiger opened his mouth and counted golden gas bullets from the jaws of the tiger. It was like a machine gun, and everyone could get a few.
Recently, the black robe and the white robe with a genial smile that they will disappear in the same place for a while, while the thin one has already rolled behind the column cleverly. Although the posture is ugly, few people have saved their lives, others are not so lucky. Most people are screamed when they are hit by gas bombs for the first time, and they are blown to powder. One exception is that they are still in the state of ice and have not broken the ice.
Boss Sun doesn’t have the weird robes of the two guys in front, and he’s not as good as a bull. Even a thin smart guy can’t catch up with him. The fairy device blocked the first round of gas bombs. The second round will make him vomit blood and fall to the ground. The third sight will engulf him. Suddenly, he appeared in front of him and abruptly squeezed the gas bombs.
The golden tiger stared at the man in front of him, and he felt a little threatening, which made him even more puzzled. Is this man familiar with him?
"Do you also want to rob my treasure, human?" The golden tiger spoke to humans in a rare soft tone.
"No, I’m not interested in your treasure!" Duanmu Ming smiled and blew on the white smoke produced by friction in his hand.
"Duanmu Ming, let’s join hands, or no one will get out of here alive!" Cried the white-robed youth who reappeared in the middle school, and the black-robed youth also shouted, "You just want to get more of my share!"
Dizzy, this shows that it is very difficult to get the world’s secrets from their strength, and even it is a problem to escape. If Duanmu Ming really reached an agreement with the beast, they would die! So they have to pull Duanmu inscription.
"Hehe, this treasure is what you want with me?" Duanmuming said with a narrow smile
"You … you don’t want to get their hands on treasures? Then what are you doing behind us? " Black youth smile and ask.
"Where did you see me behind you?" Duanmuming desperately tried to calm his expression, but he just couldn’t restrain himself from laughing. When he saw her husband playing tricks again, the four women behind him not only shook their heads to show a wry smile, but they didn’t know where their heroism and cold charm had been thrown.
"If humans want to break into here, they will violate my restricted area and you will all die!" God beast’s eyes are glowing with red and blue, full of domineering. It seems that after a short hesitation, it decided to kill the invaders here.
Duan Muming squinted at the golden tiger and thought that he was a god beast. He had a big temper and was stubborn. Isn’t it hard to push him into these guys’ camp?
Without waiting for Duanmu Ming’s objection, the whole hall was suddenly filled with hot flames and turned into purgatory.
These flames are not ordinary flames, but compressed flames that can metallize the world.
Although there are fewer people still alive, they are also very powerful, but one after another, which makes them tired. Two young people simply shrink their robes into a ball and crouch on the ground against the magic robe to keep out the fire, and the little man and boss Gong Sun can hide and hide behind Duan Muming for help.
The attitude of God beast makes Yunfei and Yanfei very dissatisfied. Although their strength is so "a little" compared with the variance, they are very big. The old pervert of Genesis said that they are the best show girls in the two realms of gods and demons for 5,000 years. If they were not too young (hundreds of years old), they would have been able to cross the five realms.
It’s disgusting that such a "little" beast dares not to look at them!
At the same time, two people took a step forward to block the black and white double-color barrier in front of Duanmuming, and the hot flame bounced back.
It’s not too difficult to deal with this beast. Although Duanmu Ming’s strength is poor, don’t ignore his doomsday blade. Even if Duanmu Ming is in a very bad state, his opponents are vulnerable. Even the Emperor God level can’t deal with it. There may be a way to escape. Only the Creator who has crossed the barrier can deal with it.
However, Duanmu Ming is still very grateful to the two wives for letting the two people behind him take advantage.
-Duan Muming hasn’t seen and touched his wife’s little ass carefully! Don’t they see clearly from behind?
How ugly is the posture of two people lying on the ground? If they are killed normally, they won’t do it. But now it’s very difficult to save their lives. How can they care about posture?
The compressed flame didn’t last long. After being bounced back by Yunfei Yanfei, the God beast quickly withdrew its flame. Probably he knew that it posed no threat to them, but it saved the bull. Just now, the bull has been frozen and hard, and it was moved by the compressed flame. When the ice is burned, the bull will gradually wake up and be able to move. If it continues to burn at this time, I am afraid that the bull will be burned to ashes immediately.
"You are a ghost and a ghost? Too bad! " Yan Fei looked at her from the ground with some disdain. Both eyes were contemptuous and blind. I could see that Yun Fei didn’t speak, but her eyes looked like hers. Although she and Yun Fei were separated from the underworld from birth, they were still flesh and blood in their bones. These two guys were so shameful that they felt that they had no face.
Two people in black robes and white robes have mastered everything since they came to the theory of human beings, and their strength is even better. Although they have repeatedly warned themselves to be cautious, they are so smooth because they have not met the real strong, but they are still a little proud of being young for a long time.