He thinks she’s messing around?
"Do you think I asked Zhang Shuo if he was blind or not?"
Phoenix shadow ink looked at her eyes as deep as if they couldn’t erase ink, sipping their lips and saying nothing.
Leaving at night is not afraid to meet the same moment directly.
"Am I wrong?" She asked, "Isn’t Zhang Shuo blind? He is a blind woman. If not, how can he love his good brother? "
"Night away!"
Night away from words haven’t say that finish was interrupted by phoenix shadow ink sink.
Obviously angry, too.
At this time, all the notes of Zhang Shuoyuan are on the surface of Zilian. He has gone to the edge of the bed and is looking for it. He suddenly heard this sentence and turned back in shock.
At one time, his own ears were wrong.
What did this woman say just now?
He looked at night away and phoenix shadow ink in consternation?
Qiaodai knelt on the ground to show her eyebrows and puckered her lips slightly.
Phoenix shadow ink suddenly leaned over and directly picked up the night from tasikmalaya and walked outside.
How can you leave at night and struggle to come?
She knew she had had some, but she couldn’t help it.
Over the years, she has been forbearing herself, precipitating herself and silently bearing all the injuries and pains, but what did she get in the end?
What did she get for working so hard?
What did you get for neon?
She doesn’t want to do this anymore. No!
For the first time, she didn’t want to care about anything.
Since everyone is here, let’s be clear.
Make everything clear. It’s fair to her, neon spirit, phoenix shadow ink, Zhang Shuo and … Qiao Dai.
"Let me to phoenix shadow ink! Do you hear me? "
But with her hard struggle again, Feng Ying Mo didn’t intend to let her go.
Zhang Shuoyuan is still at night. Isn’t Zhang Shuo blind? He is a blind woman. If not, how can he love his good brother? " I didn’t return to absolute being in the room, and now I see Phoenix Shadow Ink holding the night away like this, which makes my jaw drop.
He learned that Feng Yingmo is an extremely neat man. Even if he is killed, he will not hug a man or eunuch like this, and he will never hug an ordinary woman.
And this hug, this hug …
Points are men holding women.
What happened?
What the hell is going on?
Don’t just leave at night that sentence "how can you love your good brother and woman" refers to her and Feng Yingmo?
Both sisters are with Feng Yingmo?
No wonder that day in the suburban cottage, he misunderstood that Yewaii had an attempt to punch Ajie. Yewaii’s shadow ink came to Yewaii’s head and threatened him that if he was rude to Yewaii again, they wouldn’t even be friends.
Turns out the two of them …
But …
It’s a mess. He’s a mess
What’s more, he was very uncomfortable to see Feng Ying Mo holding her like this.
Night away is still struggling to come. When she passed the threshold of the wing, she grabbed the door panel and held on to it.
Li Da’s knuckles showed dense white, and as Feng Ying ink walked out, she heard her nails snapping.
Afraid that forced pulling would hurt her arms and fingers, Feng Ying stopped.
"Phoenix shadow ink you don’t want to know the child is how to return a responsibility? If you really want to know, let me go! "
The night is panting but stubborn.
Phoenix shadow ink nai pendently looked at her frown and put her on the ground.
Zhang Shuo looked at the two of them doubtfully.
What child?
How come the more you talk, the less he understands?
He turned his eyes again and looked at Qiaodai.
Qiaodai hung her eyes and looked pale.
With a slight lag in his heart, he went over and tried to lift her up from the ground again.
This time, Qiaodai didn’t refuse to help him get up, but maybe it was because he knelt for a long time that his feet were soft. Zhang Shuo hurriedly took her by the load.
Night from pulled out a something from the sleeve arm a young toward Zhang Shuo hit in the past.
After all, there are martial arts skills and the house is so big. The distance between them is not far, and the night is so far away. It just slammed into Zhang Shuo’s chest and fell to the ground.
The night away was not hit by force and did not feel pain, but Zhang Shuo was still hit by a shock.
It’s a small stick.
To be exact, half of the stick was burned and the other half was left. One end of the stick was burnt black.
Hengchen is beside Zhang Shuo and Qiaodai’s feet.
Everyone looked over.
Zhang Shuo facial expression, a startled look up at the night from eyeful unbelievable.
Of course, the night away also clearly saw something of panic from his eyes.
Looking at his cold face for a moment at night, his lips pursed and suddenly he said, "What is that, doctor?"
Eyes heavy from Zhang Shuo’s face away from the night away from the eyes to ask the doctor who has been in the room.
Didn’t ask Zhang Shuo
The doctor didn’t expect to be suddenly asked, dazed, and looked around for a few people in the room before he hesitated to say, "It’s Xiao Nvmu."