Deng Zengtao is still a little uneasy. "Are you going to go back to May Day?" Looking at the quality through the phenomenon, Deng Ceng Tao followed Yuan Chengmin’s deputy for so many years, and some ideas about Yuan Chengmin can also be regarded as the right pulse
"Well, May Day is the mainstream now, so I want to try water first." The world is changing, and he also needs to adjust according to the performance of other teams. He also remembers the lessons from the history of blood and tears of the whole Chinese nation for more than 100 years.
Deng Zengtao also knows that if Yuan Chengmin wants to do something, he can’t stop it, and the only thing he can do as a member of the coaching staff is to support Yuan Chengmin in choosing "Let’s try it after the game."
"Why are you so confident?" Yuan Chengmin smiled and Deng Zengtao were old partners. In this tone, he knew Deng Zengtao’s thoughts by listening to one sentence.
Deng Zengtao straightened up. He was no more tired than those girls in recent years. Now he will feel tired after sitting for a long time. "Who can we trust if we don’t trust them?"
"Come on!" All six people came to the scene and shouted, "cheer yourself up."
If you can win the Soviet women’s volleyball team three times, then they will get the tickets to the top four properly. You can’t lose this battle, you must win and win beautifully!
This game is very big. The Cuban women’s volleyball team hopes that the China women’s volleyball team will lose the game. In that case, they are expected to enter the semi-finals. Before the start of this game, the Cuban women’s volleyball team sent flowers to the Soviet women’s volleyball team for the first time and wished them victory.
Despite the language barrier, people all over the world can express themselves through gestures.
The United States team is also cheering for the Soviet women’s volleyball team. Obviously, they prefer to enter the semi-finals of the Cuban women’s volleyball team rather than the China team. The China women’s volleyball team has performed so well these two days, which makes the American women’s volleyball team feel a sense of crisis.
"I wish you a three-to-one match" Huo Wenbin suddenly appeared, which made the atmosphere of volleyball court different again. The local Chinese who came to watch the game did not prepare flowers, which made the imposing Soviet women’s volleyball team win.
However, when Huo Wenbin appeared in the venue with a big bouquet of red roses, it was actually a bit of momentum for the China women’s volleyball team.
In particular, the Cuban women’s volleyball team is not as big and enthusiastic as Huo Wenbin’s red roses!
Yan lin was embarrassed. She knew exactly what the red rose language was, but Huo Wenbin gave it to her in such a public audience. If she didn’t take it …
"Thank you, Dr. Huo, for blessing our efforts." Is it that Yang Xiaolan cleverly saw yan lin’s expression of eyes and hurriedly ran over to hold the roses?
The French referee was very friendly to the situation before the game and didn’t mind it.
Naturally, sports should be combined with beauty, and women volleyball girls should show their health and beauty and deserve flowers.
Game on!
The Soviet women’s volleyball team took the lead in serving the ball at the fifth position. Sun Jin received the ball well. Zhao Di handled it and gave it to the fourth position. Feng Lang started today. Although she has not played several games, her ball is still good.
According to Yuan Chengmin’s strategic arrangement, it is natural to lay a good storm from the beginning and beat the Soviet women’s volleyball team.
The Soviet women’s volleyball team has a high face value and long legs. Carpau has always liked tall players for decades. The aesthetic is like a double block in the front row. However, this ball has gone from the hands of the blockers
China women’s volleyball team got the serve. Zhao Di served a handball but didn’t want to make a mistake. The ball was out of bounds.
"It’s okay. Let’s just get it back."
In the end, is it the old player Zhao Di who knows that if he gains something, he will lose it and stick to a large area in the back row
Because of the height, the Soviet women’s volleyball team used to serve the ball, and the server even went to the bottom line of the additional venue. The ball was sent to the back row and moved to the fifth position. yan lin picked up the serve. Feng Lang’s high spike was the strength. Generally, the Soviet women’s volleyball team saved the ball and organized an attack in the front row. It was a little difficult for the ball to hit the second position. yan lin had already taken the ball safely and steadily before they were ready to fight back. However, the referee blew the whistle.
It turns out that the Soviet women’s volleyball team just confiscated its feet after dropping the ball on the third-the mistake of touching the net made the China women’s volleyball team get back the serve and made the girls more happy. It was this mistake that made them realize that the Soviet women’s volleyball team was more nervous!
Nervousness is accompanied by mistakes, which makes China women’s volleyball team more relaxed about this game.
Cheng Yaqiong served at the No.1 position. Her hand floated the ball almost to the bottom line. When the other team connected the ball in the back row, she failed to give the two balls well. The second player jumped up high and watched the China women’s volleyball team block the ball. It was a wrist move and it turned out to be a drop ball
The three-meter ball was saved by Sun Jin. Second, it gave Feng Lang a chance to storm at the high point of position 4 again.
The ball was played very smoothly. The Soviet women’s volleyball team took the ball and didn’t want it to fly off the court, but it was still in China’s women’s volleyball team. In this half, the ball was saved, but there was no way to organize the attack.
After Sun Jin kicked the ball in the back row, yan lin made a fast break directly at the third position
When the ball was caught in the root of the three-meter line and did not respond to the Soviet women’s volleyball team.
China women’s volleyball team finally got the first point.
And the arrival of this goal greatly boosted the morale of China women’s volleyball team. yan lin and Feng Lang began to block in the front row to stop the Soviet women’s volleyball team from attacking and scoring!
Razmova’s storm can’t compare with Hailmann’s, yan lin’s, and Feng Lang’s here.
Cheng Yaqiong’s serve was still steady, and the Soviet women’s volleyball team seemed to realize the problem from these two points. This time, they didn’t storm again, but directly played a fast break in the back row.
The attacker covered Lasimova’s fast break and let yan lin block the ball. Cheng Yaqiong picked it up in the back row, but it flew back
The ball flew to the audience and the Soviet women’s volleyball team got its serve back.
The Soviet women’s volleyball team also made mistakes in serving. Some of these mistakes should not be served by Feng Lang.
Feng Lang’s serve successfully destroyed the Soviet women’s volleyball team, and when the spike occurred, the attacker even had a net situation, which made the China women’s volleyball team score another point.
Today, Feng Lang’s service was stable, but this time the Soviet women’s volleyball team attacked yan lin’s block with a second ball, which was slightly slower. When the ball hit her in the back row, she went back to save the ball, and it fell to the ground.
From the beginning of this game, the Soviet women’s volleyball team Chernysheva served frequently. She had studied the situation of women’s volleyball team in China and specifically looked for Feng Lang. First, she wanted to break through the defense of China women’s volleyball team. Second, she wanted to beat China women’s volleyball team by crushing Feng Lang.
Chernysheva’s serve is of high quality. Feng Lang is not in place. Zhao Dinai can handle the ball. It is not in place. Zhang Fang adjusted the spike and hit a small straight line. The success of this ball near the three-meter line made the China team breathe a sigh of relief.
"In good shape" Deng Zengtao felt that although the opening was always in the stage of serving exchange, several people in their field had clear ideas and knew how to play this way, so it should not be a problem to win the game.
Yuan Chengmin smiled and asked for substitution.
Shen Baozhu replaced Zhao Di in serving.
Chapter 173 173 into the semi-finals
Shen Baozhu and Zhao Di exchanged places. Is this her first starting lineup today? Is Zhao Di a veteran and can be stable?
Shen Baozhu’s serve was a hook float, and the ball landed well, which directly destroyed the Soviet women’s volleyball team.
However, the Soviet women’s volleyball team adjusted the attack on the fourth position to open Feng Lang’s single block, but it stopped the ball out of bounds
"Nothing, nothing." Now the score is three to one, but the Soviet women’s volleyball team is in a hurry
Feng Lang realized that she was still lacking in blocking, especially when she was blocked by a single person. However, fortunately, she still had a heavy buckle, which could make up for her shortcomings.
It’s not good to throw the ball when the Soviet women’s volleyball team serves it. Sun Jin hesitated and finally decided to stop serving.
It turns out that the decision to stop serving here is more correct than that.
The ball went slightly off-course when throwing the ball, and the server changed the flight path of the ball at the moment of hitting the ball, almost sticking to the net.
It is true that Sun Jin blocked the serve, but the Soviet women’s volleyball team also responded quickly. Actually, it took this opportunity to play directly for the second time. It was the bottom line position in the back row. It was Shen Baozhu who had just played and had no activity.
And the ball was really tricky. Shen Baozhu also realized that the other party’s intention was to save the ball, and it was a little tight. If the ball was not saved.
The Soviet women’s volleyball team took this point and Shen Baozhu felt a little guilty. If she had been a little faster, she would have saved the ball.
"No refueling, let’s do a good job of protection." Zhang Fang comforted Shen Baozhu and just changed to the Soviet women’s volleyball team, which was naturally aimed at her
"This ball was blocked by me. It’s too sudden. It’s okay. Let’s just take good care of it." Sun Jin decided that there was nothing wrong, because if he didn’t stop serving, the ball would probably wipe the net and score directly. Is it a lack of cooperation with his teammates?
However, it is customary for her to take responsibility for any problems during training because of two reasons.
"We are all very good at refueling!" Yan lin is responsible for cheering for everyone, which makes Shen Baozhu feel relieved. Once again, when the Soviet women’s volleyball team regarded China’s team as a loophole, she steadily received the service and gave a counterattack.
Sun Jin and yan lin cooperated with a backhand this time.
The two men cooperated with each other smoothly, and the sewing was better than when the ball landed. The front-row blockers of the Soviet women’s volleyball team didn’t react yet.
This ball is so fast that yan lin can feel hot, as if the ball will listen to her command, and she can play wherever she wants.