Just stay for a while.
So there is no quarrel, no speech, no excessive criticism or casual perfunctory stay for a while
It is because I don’t know what will happen next that Zuo Tangtang especially cherishes this rare silence at this moment.
"There you are."
Zuo Tangtang knew that this silence would eventually be broken when Mu Mu was as gentle as ever.
Zuo Tangtang didn’t respond to these two days’ sadness, sadness, entanglement and calmness, which made her face Muyun idle for a long time.
Moreover, she also knows that Mu Yunxian didn’t ask her at this time, and she was stating a fact. Even if she didn’t respond, he would say it if he really wanted to talk.
"How come there is no line in these three days?" After two seconds, MuYun idle seems to really don’t care at all. Zuo Tangtang just kept silent and continued to ask lightly.
Maybe I knew when I didn’t answer Zuo Tangtang. At this time, Zuo Tangtang refused to answer. Mu Yunxian was still at a leisurely speed. Then he stated, "I told you to let me hang up for you for a few days. Although you said you were busy, there were still occasional lines, and most importantly, you informed everyone. So what about these three days this time?"
"how about it? Hehe, what do you ask me? " I heard that Zuo Tangtang’s original grievance turned into inexplicable sadness and said with a cold smile
"In the past three days, you haven’t contacted people or asked me to help you hang up. It’s like waiting for you to play. Good people don’t know your news. At this time, the pace of the game is very fast. For you, although you are usually lazy, you still practice and repair these necessary things every day. Even if you really can’t connect, you will do some things with your mobile phone." Mu Yunxian said patiently and didn’t shake your mind because of Zuo Tangtang’s coldness. "But you didn’t care about anything. You didn’t have a network to connect the crooked ball game.
"So what? Does anyone care? " Zuo Tangtang quipped, "Isn’t it all the so-called? I’m a, I’m not a, and it’s your business? After all, this is a game, isn’t it? "
"Hoof-hoo, I admit that this is a game." Mu Yunxian finally responded directly to Zuo Tangtang. "But in that game, everyone will always have mutual contacts and mutual contacts will always add more or less indelible impressions to each other. If you have an impression, you will care about it …"
"Alas, in this world, even if it is virtual, someone really misses you and cares about you. How can you say that …"
"I say this?" Zuo Tangtang gas extremely the smile "ha ha I say so? Is there anything wrong with me saying this? What if I miss it? I miss it. I miss it. What’s the matter! "
"I know that most of this is my fault," Muyun said casually.
Zuo Tangtang didn’t go on, because she didn’t expect that she would shirk Muyun’s leisure. At this time, she was very happy to admit that all this was abnormal because he didn’t expect Muyun’s leisure to seem to be not shy about their problems.
"Just because you left doesn’t mean it’s because that night, you said you wanted to watch the scenery alone, but you didn’t expect it, but you will be offline for a while until today." Here, Mu Yun paused slightly and laughed at Nai. "One day, two days and three days, you broke all the news and let me know that you are in a decisive mood."
"Fortunately, you haven’t absolutely denied that I didn’t absolutely refuse, otherwise you wouldn’t have posted the game today when I sent a message." Muyun said with a slight smile, but then the tone changed and hesitated. "That day …"
That day …
Zuo Tangtang also follow murmured in my heart.
"I saw your message that day, not at noon, not at noon, nor at night when I returned your message, but at the instant I received your message …"
"Then why don’t you return!" Zuo Tangtang wronged and said, "Don’t go back when you see something! What makes people silly? Look forward to being silly and looking forward to being silly and losing one day. Is it fun to do so? I wish me well … My news is that it can be ignored like this. Did you finally remember to say thank you? "
"Ha ha, isn’t this the way to send me away?" Zuo Tangtang thought of all this, and that day she suddenly thought of her mood and looked forward to his reaction when he saw the news. Suddenly she found that she was so stupid at that time, as if she had not changed this for so many years.
The channel was silent again.
It was not until a long time ago that I came to Muyun again. The idle sound was no longer clear, but it was a bit low, saying, "It’s not to send or ignore …"
"Hehe, what is that?" Zuo Tangtang was filled with anger. "It’s not to send or ignore. What are you talking about?" What is it that can bless me like that and reply like a stranger! "
"Because I don’t know what I should say!" Being questioned by Zuo Tangtang, Mu Yunxian finally spoke his true feelings.
"I don’t know what to say?" Zuo Tangtang found that the original anger, injustice and dissatisfaction in her heart seemed to be gone at the moment, and at the same time, a kind of sadness that seemed to cool people’s hearts could not be prevented from spreading.
Don’t know what to say?
Hmm. How interesting
Don’t know what to say?
Zuo Tangtang smiled coolly in his heart.
Greet each other every day in the game, and tell her not to stay up late at night and urge her to remember to eat breakfast. When she is sad, take her to various unknown places to see the scenery. She can ride a horse to all corners of the game map at any time.
Now, now, I don’t know what to say.
Zuo Tangtang feels like a joke. She remembers everything that happened to them, but such a person who gets along with her almost every day tells her that he can’t respond to her news.
Oh, no
Her short message also contains the sentence that she has been ignoring but has been buried in her heart-like.
Is he unable to respond to this?
Zuo Tangtang sneered.
Can’t all kinds of things in the game represent love?
She has always kept some words unsaid, and it is also a very beautiful thing for both sides to understand each other.
But now it seems that some people are afraid to admit it.
She said yes, love is like a dagger that pierces the window paper. Even if it is hazy, no matter how beautiful it is, she still hopes that the shimmer in it can really be owned by herself, so that others can not know it, and that person in the window paper can know his mind.
However, Zuo Tangtang found that both of them longed for each other, and the shimmer was just a joke. She summoned up the courage to pierce the paper and saw and felt the darkness that was cold into the bone marrow.