The three wolves listened with admiration, and a blush flashed across their white faces. The first wolf introduced to us, "My name is Lei Wolf, his name is Feng Wolf and his name is Snow Wolf."
"good! Welcome you three wolves to join Crazy Walker. This is Dugu Yihong. "
After the Three Wolves became human, there were obvious scars on their hands. Our leader printed a ""sign on their intact arms and carved it, which officially completed the matter of the Three Wolves joining the gang.
"Master, we are in the gang now. How many people are there in the gang now?" The thunder wolf’s tone is respectful, which makes me feel at a loss.
"All five are here, Thunder Wolf. Now we are all brothers. Don’t be so polite."
"Well, I can’t wait. I didn’t expect Walker to be just established. I’m so glad to join."
"Are you hurt?" Seeing that they are so happy, I feel a little guilty about being ruthless in the battle.
"It won’t be long."
Seeing that we stopped fighting and hid on one side, the villagers gathered around. One of them said to me, "Lord Magic, do you remember me? I am pulling a chicken. "
"Of course I remember," I nodded to pull the chicken.
"Boss, how do you know these magic people?" The three wolves are puzzled.
"When I came to Treasure Island, I met them and always called me Magic Zun."
"Magic statue? Devil’s head God, how is this possible! " Thunder Wolf cried out.
"What, do you regret having a magic boss?"
"No, no, no! That’s not what I meant, boss. Are you a magic statue? "
"So what if it is? Isn’t it important if it is?"
"Important is of course important. If you are the magic statue, then we will feel honored to join the Walker, and the most important thing is that you can help us out."
"What the hell is going on?"
The thunder wolf was about to pull the chicken and interjected, "Magic Lord, this is not a place to talk outside. Please talk about it in the house."
"Well, good thunder Wolf, let’s go into the house."
The room that loves dead chickens and touches people looks very small, but when we really go in, we know that it is actually very spacious. Although it is sealed on all sides, it is full of gas and light. I really don’t know how they do it.
Pulling chickens settled us down, turned around and left the house.
"Boss, in fact, we came here because we had to, but some time ago, I didn’t know where a madman came from. He claimed to be what god turned the whole treasure island upside down. We couldn’t hesitate to get used to it, so we had a fight with him. We couldn’t afford to get together with him. He broke up the madness with one move, but it was unambiguous when we were fighting. The three of us were not his opponents, and he beat us to the ground with a few moves. That madness put a pair of smelly feet. Stepping on my body forced me to come here to kill people. He said that there are monsters here that want us to kill us. He won’t let us go until we kill all these demons. After we came here, we didn’t see any monsters. We saw some people who were different from humans. We were willing to kill, but we couldn’t kill these seemingly weak villagers after killing for a long time. We still didn’t believe that they were demons, but then we believed in killing and killing, and we just came out. That’s why we came here. "
"Well, I know I won’t blame you. When I first came here, I didn’t kill them the same way. The people in this village are demons, but they are not as terrible as the outside world said. Speaking of them, they are no different from ordinary people. Do you think that madness is still on the island?"
"Now he seems to have amnesia. He doesn’t know where he came from and what kind of god he is. Now he lives in the biggest inn in town. If you are really a magic statue, you must help your brothers out with this evil spirit!"
"I’m sorry to disappoint you. I’m not a magic statue. I’m just an ordinary player."
After hearing what I said, the three wolves showed disappointment. Snow Wolf was unwilling to tunnel, "Shall we just forget it?"
The wind and the wolf said, "What can we do if we don’t do this? People are gods. We don’t even fight with people?"
"All right, don’t say it. At present, we don’t have the strength to fight with the ghosts and gods, but it doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to urge us to step up our efforts. One day, I believe that you will be angry. Now, the first gang of brothers in my gang can’t show off that they are members of the Walker in front of people. All the brothers in the gang are hand-printed to confirm whether they are with each other. The purpose of the second gang is that people don’t attack me, I don’t attack, and if people attack me, I will attack! The third guild hall is located in Huodao. It is not allowed to reveal the location of the guild hall to outsiders. That’s all for the time being. Can you do it? "
The three wolves nodded one after another. Snow Wolf asked, "Boss, can we recruit people?"
"But you must have a skill to recruit people, no matter what skills you have, and you must be the kind of person who can control his mouth, whether he is a good person or a bad person."
Just then, the ghostly figure of pulling a chicken floated in and hurriedly said, "No, my Lord, there is a group of people coming to the village angrily. What should we do?"
"Pull the chicken, don’t panic. We are here. You go and fill the package with red for us and find a place to hide. Give it to us first."
"It’s an adult and a pony."
Pull the chicken and soon he brought enough bags to fill our bags. After getting the high-efficiency red medicine, all of them were jubilant. "Boss, do we have to be afraid of them with these reds?" Boss, you’re amazing. It’s the first time I’ve seen you get it so efficiently! "
"Come on, let’s go out and see who’s here to kill again."
When I went out to the highest place in the village and looked at the entrance of the village, I was surprised to see a bad old man leading a group of people to come here. The people were not ordinary people, except the old man, Tu Hong and other ten important gang members came.
What made them rush to this remote mountain village?
Chapter 175 Who is the bad guy
The wind has just blown away the blood gas created by the three wolves, and new blood will rise again.
The people brought by the bad old man are not small characters. They are all prominent people. I don’t know how he brought these people here.
"Boss, a bad old man is enough, and now so many people are tough to deal with." Faced with the situation of being outnumbered, everyone is worried.
"Don’t panic, we’re in the dark. They don’t have to worry too much. Look at the situation. If you can fight first, you can’t fight. Then run. Now we don’t know why they’re here. Wait and see."
We found a room where we could see the outside and hid.
Soon the crowd arrived in the village.
Tu Hong’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled in a one-person village, and then he respectfully said to the bad old man, "Lord God, you said that there are magic people here. It doesn’t look like it?"
"Why? Do you dare to doubt my old man? " The bad old man casually raised his hand and gulped down a mouthful of wine.
"I dare not be you. There’s not even a ghost here. There’s no magic man!"
"Hum! The old man doesn’t argue with you human beings. "He said to himself," No, there is still blood in the gas. Where have people gone to hide? "Then he ignored everyone and looked around alone.
"Eldest brother, it seems this bad old man to search the village? Still hiding? " Ray Wolf don’t worry about tunnel
Just then, a floor tile moved on the floor of our feet and stood up to pull the chicken and then floated out.
"Pulling chickens told you to hide, didn’t you? What are you doing out?"
"Adults and children want to tell you that if you don’t want to fight with those humans outside, you should go in and hide from this place." After that, the chicken floated into the tunnel entrance and the ground returned to its original state. If you don’t look at the roots carefully, you won’t see that there is a tunnel entrance there
"Well, don’t worry about it. Let’s sit tight."
Our room is very special. It is difficult to find it here from the outside. Worse, after looking at more than ten rooms one by one, the old man found nothing but to return to Tu Hong and other people.
"Lord God, have you found anything?"