Although to outsiders, Xing Lengyu is still so handsome and charming with a strong melancholy and sadness, it does not affect his charm.
But it seems that he is so down and out! So haggard!
Star day foam heart pulled a pain.
"Brother, are you because of me? If it is, then … I’m sorry! I have to lie to you in order to have a quiet life. Maybe it’s selfish of me, but please forgive me this time. I … I’m not an example! "
Starry day foam wait for a while looked at the star Lengyu in a daze until three people came to her and she still didn’t respond.
"Do you want to die?"
The cold-faced teenager on the right side of Xing Lengyu said coldly that this anthomaniac was so dare to stand in their way?
Star day foam ignored month suspense her mind star cold space body.
"Hey, you’re deaf. What a nymphomaniac!" Month Xuan Yi impatiently toward the star day foam roared.
Xingtian foam was suddenly reacted by this roar and looked at the talking teenager.
He has dark blue short hair, slender and stylish bangs, and deep eyes on his forehead can’t see the end.
Then Star Lengyu and another teenager next to him are still expressionless.
"What are you yelling about? You’re deaf." Xingtianmo silently scolded her back. She can’t do whatever she wants now.
"Where is the principal’s office?" Star day foam withdrew the line of sight and said with a straight face
"You don’t know?" Month Xuan Yi didn’t good the spirit ground say
"Know I also ask? You idiot! " Star day foam accidentally blurted out the past.
Month Xuan Yi instantly leng in situ she scold him? !
"The 88th floor of this building" The beautiful boy on the left of Xing Lengyu pointed to a tall building behind Xingtianmo.
"Oh" Xingtianmo didn’t even bother to say thank you. She was in a bad mood by that rude boy just now.
So the three of them passed by.
Starry foam left and stopped soon. Looking back at my brother’s back, my heart ached again.
"Brother, I knew you didn’t recognize me. I’m sorry! In this case, let’s be strangers for a while. 6 I’m not a ghost.
Principal’s Office
"Principal!" Star day foam shouted as soon as he walked in.
"Who is so presumptuous?" A middle-aged man got up from his swivel chair with some anger on his face.
"What do you think you are the emperor?" Star day foam coldly replied that you’re welcome to sit in the chair opposite the principal.
"Who are you?" The headmaster’s voice rose a tune and became more angry.
"Xingtianmo" Xingtianmo doesn’t sell it to the principal, just tell him.
The headmaster’s face changed suddenly, but he came to his senses and said with a scoff, "Who are you kidding?"
Star day foam turned their word wrist wrist wrist star birthmark suddenly appeared.
"Hey, draw it yourself. Besides, Miss Xing is not as ugly as you." The headmaster said grumpily.
When Xingtianmo listened to the headmaster’s words, he suddenly said, how can anyone be a headmaster with such a limited quality? ! What do people in the family think? Xingtianmo looked at her watch. The class will start in half an hour. She didn’t want to be late! Turn out your mobile phone and call her mother immediately.
"Hum" star day foam brimming with discontent cold hum wait a minute.
It’s through!
Less than half a minute after the headmaster took the words doubtfully, his face turned white and he handed the words to Xingtianmo trembling. He also carefully looked at Xingtianmo with a face of disbelief and panic.
"I’m not a ghost who doesn’t look at me like this," said Xingtianmo grumpily, looking at the headmaster with contempt.
"This ….." The headmaster puzzled or felt that he had met a ghost …
"You just have to know that I’m not a ghost. You just have to know that my name is Shuimo now, and then don’t tell anyone my real identity, including three big families … that’s all, otherwise I don’t think you are suitable for that chair of yours …" Xingtianmo said rudely, and it was an ultimatum in cold words …
"Ok … I know. Are you in the same class as your brother?" The headmaster said with a shudder