Chapter sixty-seven I can’t unscrew the bottle cap
"Do we have to go that way?" Xu Sirui’s voice is a little hoarse, and it is mixed with a cough or two. Although it is not as heartbreaking as the previous two days, it is not small.
Holding warm hands in their hands, they found them in the supermarket with a thick blanket around them.
The child seems to be afraid of the cold, always curled up in a blanket like a hamster who has fallen into a nest and rested at ease.
You can’t see the morning and dusk in the fog. I haven’t seen the sun for many Japanese prints. All kinds of chores add up to chaos, and I don’t have the mind to care about day and night. I just rest when I’m tired and wake up and start on my way.
They changed cars and went all the way to the mountain city.
Not surprisingly, it takes a few days to chase Zhao Yi and them.
Xu Sirui, however, questioned their course of action. This kind of question has been answered many times since he woke up.
If Qin doesn’t talk, he can give it to Fang Yin to answer.
Li Xing’s whereabouts don’t know if it can be exposed, but the seal is not sure, ambiguous and perfunctory, and Xu Sirui throws the question back. "What’s the matter? Is there a problem in the southeast? Or what did you see through the power? "
"Nothing is … I don’t know, it’s just that my luck is a little strange. I can feel it without power, but it’s not exact. It’s like a passive skill in the game. I can’t control it." Xu Sirui locked his eyebrows and looked awkward.
After that, I was afraid that Fang Yin thought he was selling it on purpose and hurriedly gesticulated with lively gesticulations. "But I can really feel that we are going in that direction. There are some special places to go, so we won’t feel this way. Do we have to go?" Ahem, I think it may be a little dangerous. "
"We have teammates over there, and now we need to meet them in the past. You have seen those two girls in the dreamland and many boys," Fang Yin said.
Look at Xu Sirui’s position in the "Seven Killings". He should not be exposed to any important information, and he will not know Li Xing’s plan to go to the mountain city.
He didn’t say that there was something unusual in the mountain city, but that the fate ahead was strange.
It should be true.
Xu Sirui had no reason to lie to them. Although his words were vague and sounded like a bluffing stick, somehow Fang Yin believed what he said.
He turned to Xu Sirui and smiled and said, "Nothing, don’t worry, we will try our best to deal with it."
Although it is said that people are advised to eat enough.
But where is Li Xing’s medic? Qin Yigui and Xu Sirui are both injured. Even if Fang Yin is not interested in the mountain city, he must first find Zhao Yi to treat their physical illnesses.
Xu Sirui also smiled at him, some absent-minded shut up.
"I’m thirsty," Qin Xu said suddenly, and it was cold and a little horizontal.
When two people come to chat with each other, they make eye contact from time to time and then smile tacitly. Xu Sirui even moves his eyes away. It looks a bit like he is too shy to look Fang Yin in the eye.
Qin Yougui glanced at the rearview mirror from time to time and saw that his face was black. He held the steering wheel and tightened his hand. Without thinking too much, his words came out of his mouth.
"ah? That ….. You drink water bai "Fang Yin blinked some confusion.
Drink water when you are thirsty.
Qin Xugui also secretly speaks for himself, but the brain and eyes have already opened their mouths and can bite the bullet and pick it up. "It is not convenient."
Fang Yin’s expression is even more confusing. What’s inconvenient for him? Is it because it’s inconvenient to drink water while driving? But it’s not like he’s never drunk water before.
"Then I’ll help you open the bottle cap?" Fang yin drew a bottle of mineral water out to test the way
Qin Xu’s face doesn’t change color and he hums faintly.
Fang Yin’s mouth twitched slightly with a sigh and unscrewed the water bottle in his hand and handed it to him.
The man was thirsty, took the water with one hand, took a sip and handed it back.
Accurately speaking, it can’t be called a sip, but a shallow sip, which is not much lower than the water level.
Fang Yin looked at the mineral water in his hand and was not sure. "Don’t drink?"
Qin Yougui felt a little puzzled.
Fang Yin put the water bottle in the back seat, and Xu Sirui leaned forward. It seemed that he was about to say something to Fang Yin again. Qin Yigui raised his eyebrows and opened his mouth coldly. "Aren’t you sleepy?"
"What?" Fang Yin wasn’t sure who he was talking about. Xu Sirui looked pale in the back seat, but his eyes were shining with energy. He looked at Qin Yougui again, not sure. He reached out and pointed to himself. "Me?"
"Take a break while grasping" Qin Yi nodded and said.
The tone seems too stiff. Qin Xianggui frowned and looked a little unhappy.
Fang Yin doesn’t know why his popularity is so low today, probably because of his injury. He is too lazy to dispute with him. He debugged the car seat and the back of the chair with a comfortable posture. "Call me when you are tired."
"Good" Qin Xu returned to see him. After saying this, he closed his eyes and soon his breathing became smooth and long.