Sun Tianyou face peep out one silk y and n malicious "? When we are waiting for an opportunity, you should be quiet, don’t make trouble for me, and you should try your best to cultivate the novel of Lin Yuan, and challenge you. When you lose, don’t call me master. "Sun Tianyou obviously knows that he is a disciple.
Hu Xiaolong’s face is also awkward when he hears his teacher’s words.
"I know that master’s apprentice walked first."
"Well, I will find you if there is anything." Hu Xiaolong slowly withdrew from Sun Tianyou’s room.
After Hu Xiaolong left, you can see Sun Tianyou’s face with a more malicious look in the direction of Lin Yuan’s master Song Changqing.
Congenital hole! ! ! !
With a slight dark blue color, Se Shin-won instantly rushed from the forest edge to the top of the head, and instantly spread all over the body, and a terrible momentum directly swept through the congenital cave.
Suddenly, the wild innate true yuan in the periphery of the forest edge is also inspired by the powerful momentum, which makes the innate true yuan approach his body at this time, and the fierce true yuan seems to be due to the fact that the momentum of the forest edge itself is moving towards other weeks.
"No, too fierce! !” I feel that the body is so powerful, which is what Lin Yuan never expected.
This is just that Lin Yuan feels that his body is going to be promoted again, and there is a more horrible breakthrough in the innate realm, which is another kind of terror.
It’s a feat of the ancients, and Lin Yuan has never heard of such a thing, and it is impossible for outsiders to see such a thing.
"Absolutely not both promotion at the same time! ! Suppress! Suppress! " Lin Yuan growled in his heart.
"Fight!" What seems to determine the forest edge instantaneous steps to the front.
"Ah" physical pain had to make him shout out. This time it came from the body pain and even reached the soul of Lin Yuan.
The edge of the forest stepped forward directly. This time, it was not a small step, but a full advance of one meter. It violently tore the edge of the forest and even the bones were faintly exposed.
Although the forest edge body is full of vitality, it can’t offset the violent attack of the congenital cave.
"It’s up to you," Lin Yuan said secretly in his heart.
At the moment of "hissing", the meridians around the forest edge are also broken everywhere.
"Ah, am I going to die like this? Don’t you want to die when the meridians are broken?" Lin Yuan said with pain at this time.
No, no, no,no. I want to repay the master. I want a family reunion and I want to see this vast world. "Lin Yuan roared in his heart.
"I’m not willing, I’m not willing." The instant forest edge body once again broke into a strong deep blue Se Zhenyuan to quickly repair the meridians of the forest edge body.
But even if the forest edge broke out so violently again, it would be useless to make up for it, or it could not keep up with the tearing speed of the innate truth.
Lin Yuan is screaming, but the pain feeling is beyond the state of endurance at this time, and his eyes are gradually confused, and a feeling of fatigue gradually hits Lin Yuan’s heart.
Just at the moment when the forest edge will be in a coma, I saw a clean energy. By the way, the whole body of the forest edge was covered by a deep blue Se yuan.
This time, it is no longer a trace of the previous one, but it covers the forest edge.
Instantly, the meridians of the wound itself are also in the dark blue se energy, and it is hard to imagine that the repair speed is fast.
And Lin Yuan is also in a deep blue Se energy body meridians are also instantly repaired by most.
The energy of strands is also revealed from the jade beads in the abdomen of one’s own body to repair the meridians and body.
And in the dark blue se source gas appeared that moment, some gradually fell into a coma, and the forest edge instantly woke up and his pale face smiled.
"Bet right" is the only thought of Lin Yuan.
Tear repair in tear in repair.
This is the case at this time, repeating such a movement.
Pain is more painful than pain. At this time, he doesn’t know how to form this situation. It comes from a kind of pain that hurts his soul. He has never experienced such a pain.
In this way, the forest edge is used to this kind of pain at this time.
Lin yuan also spent three days in this situation. During the three days, he did not endure inhuman pain at all, but Lin yuan still endured it.
At this time, watching one’s own body meridians step out of the forest edge can no longer do harm to oneself, and the newly formed meridians are much wider than in the past.
"Ah" Lin Yuan heart shocked wait for a while looked at this scene.
It seems that … the deep blue Se gas revealed by the jade beads is more magical than he expected, and of course he no longer thinks that such a thing is not understandable by himself.
At this time, the meridians of the limbic body are ten times larger than in the past, and more than the whole meridians. The central part of the abdomen is filled with a deep blue Se gas, which radiates vitality at any time and nourishes your body a little.
Three days later, Lin Yuan didn’t feel the pain at the beginning, but the body was still in deep blue, and Se gas was constantly tearing and repairing his body. There was no such pain as before.
Sure enough, I haven’t waited for the forest edge to experience the breakthrough state and see that the deep blue Se true yuan gas suddenly sends out a mysterious clean stream.
It’s easy to clear the meridians and the body, and you can clearly feel the speed and quickly recover for a moment, and the meridians and the body will form again.
Tearing and repairing in waves!
This time, the forest edge didn’t feel the same as before, and it didn’t have that kind of pain to clear away.
Even if you have more meridians in heaven and earth, you can finally bear it after repeated’ tearing and repairing’ processes.
The edge of the forest was finally successful, but the pain of tearing the meridians again and again is more terrible than the pain of uniting the truth.
Thick dark blue Se true elements poured into the abdomen, and then scattered from the limbs to the forest edge, and the muscles and bones kept drawing strength like dry sand. The more the muscles and bones absorbed the soil, the more severe the transformation became.
However, the muscles and bones absorb more and more with time. After all, there are too many true elements in the forest margin, so it is equal to the huge and equal energy to suppress it for so long.
"Sure enough, as I expected, the greater the compression, the stronger the muscles and bones will absorb the true yuan, and the more the innate true yuan will be stimulated and honed. Every time, I will absorb the innate true yuan and my own jasper beads to cooperate with myself. At this time, it is considered that I have passed the most dangerous moment." At this time, Lin Yuan’s face is full of sweat and he is sweating all over.
Think about the pain of tearing the meridians just now, but let yourself be soaked with sweat.
At this time, although Lin Yuan didn’t reach the innate state, his physique has reached an incredible level, and he almost didn’t know anything about practicing physique. The thing is that knowing physique is very important for fighters.
However, although Lin Yuan doesn’t know what his physique has reached now, he feels that his physique is stronger than Lin Yuan’s, but he can defeat the peak figure of half step congenital realm with one move.
Feeling the vigorous strength of my body, feeling the fist full of explosive strength, Lin Yuan revealed a heart smile.
Everything comes to him who waits, and he has made such a big sacrifice himself. This is the result of breaking through his own strength.
"The muscles and bones have absorbed so much force, and now I feel …" Lin Yuan’s fists suddenly swung out to make a wind roar, and his fists kept hitting the innate truth that pierced the front. "Now I feel … full of strength!" Lin Yuan sighed with emotion.
At this time, the real element is still continuously absorbing the real element transformed by the dark blue Se real element gas revealed by Jasper Beads, and slowly absorbed and merged.
Lin Yuan’s eyes shone with J and jīng light. At this time, he once again felt the meridians of his body, and it was almost a heaven and a earth.
"This is the science of uniting the physical state benefits? Is this a strong physical realm? " There is an idea of abandoning other practices and concentrating on physical fitness in Instant Forest Edge. Instant Forest Edge just got rid of this idea.
Although physical cultivation is strong enough, it is extremely difficult to break through the roots. If it weren’t for my mysterious jasper beads and this opportunity, I wouldn’t have achieved such success.
Just as Lin Yuan wanted to move towards the congenital hole again, suddenly Lin Yuan’s face Se changed all over again, and once again it gave off a soaring momentum.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-seven-Dan is like a sea pulse.
Wild innate truth hunting roots will not stop because of changes around them, but they will exhaust wild truth.
"Can’t suppress" Lin Yuan sighed in his heart.
"Since it is a breakthrough at this time, it will be even crazier!" The forest edge is not trying to suppress its own realm. Since it has reached its limit at this time, it will be suppressed. One way to practice is to conform to nature.