"Hey hey ….. is the pavilion the master of the world?" Seibel disdain laughed
"What General Gao said is that I, Li She, is really not the master of the world, but it is definitely better than the slaves of the three surnames. You are bound to be heavy in my hand." At this moment, Li She’s heroic and arrogant, and Lyu3 bu4 is completely ignored.
Seibel felt for a moment that her eyes were blurred, as if the speaker was pale! No way! Seibel reunited and shouted, "Don’t say anything if a hero doesn’t serve the second main cabinet!"
Li She was secretly anxious and Seibel. Why are you so stubborn about Lu Bu? What’s so good about it? Lu Bu has recognized so many dads. It’s no harm to recognize a master if you don’t say that you learn from your master. Nai said, "Can I listen to the reason why General Gao won’t give me up?"
"There is no reason!" Li Shehui Seibel will tell you what will shake the truth for nine days, and then decide to break Nazhi Seibel slowly, so I just really want to cut this donkey with a knife.
Just when Li She didn’t know what to do, she came to report it! The enemy has fled quickly. Should we pursue it with victory? "
Li She hasn’t answered yet. I don’t know where I am. Guo Jia has been protected by a number of dense real armor. "Master, we caught the enemy off guard and entered the enemy hinterland if we don’t chase again. It will be difficult to think out then."
Li She immediately nodded at Guo Jia’s bidding. "Do you want to leave now?"
"Don’t wait for a day to pursue things," Guo Jia said confidently.
"Still chasing?" This Guo Jia is going to stop for a while, and he is going to get confused about Li She.
Guo Jia immediately ear said to Li involved Li involved not big bright eyes happy nodded, big way "wonderful! Wonderful! "
Suddenly, Zhang Xiu rushed behind him and picked up the pike in Seibel’s hand with a gun, and then vigorously squeezed Seibel’s cheek, making Seibel greatly open his mouth, Zhang Xiu’s hand and the veins stood out, and blood came out of Seibel’s mouth. This shows that Zhang Xiu has great strength
Li was in a hurry. "Zhang Xiu, don’t hurt his life!"
"Master! He wants to commit suicide! " Zhang Xiu big drink a way
"what!" Li Sheyuan also Seibel wanted to assassinate himself, but Zhang Xiu found out and picked a pike. Now it seems that Seibel originally wanted to commit suicide.
Zhang Xiu hurriedly said, "Master, hurry up and think of a way. He wants bite the tongue!"
You can’t always let Zhang Xiu hold Seibel’s mouth, can you? Li She has some panic. Is she really Seibel? No, I will never allow the trap camp to disappear, but how can we stop Seibel bite the tongue?
Li she thought of many ways, including an island country, which put a small ball in a high smooth mouth and then connected a thin line behind it. Li she immediately shook her head, which was evil.
Stuff two pairs of smelly socks in your mouth …
A few thoughts flashed through Li’s mind, and all of them were rejected by Li. Finally, he simply angered his heart and said, "Give me his teeth!"
"Master, this?" On the contrary, Zhang Xiu refused to do it. You made sure to kill Zhang Xiu, but Zhang Xiu couldn’t do something that humiliated others.
Seibel’s reaction is also very fierce. Because his mouth is wide open, he can vaguely pronounce a few characters, which seems to say that a scholar can kill and not humiliate human beings.
"mom! I’ll do it myself! " Li’s face was fierce and he rushed to Seibel, who was struggling sharply. Seibel just opened his mouth with a fist.
"ah!" With a scream to be continued.
Chapter two hundred and seventy-three Ghosts and ghosts
Li Sheshan took back his fist and looked at his fist. It hurt and hurt. In contrast, Seibel grinned, but his face often didn’t lose a tooth.
Mom! I don’t believe it when I am old! Li involved in the heart roar a whole body a burst of a strong gas gave birth to a punch again.
It still doesn’t work. The teeth are neatly arranged. The only difference is that Li’s fist has a few more scars
"Come again!" Li is cruel, regardless of whether his fists are raining down together.
"Master, even if you smashed your fist, you didn’t want him to be strong. Master, you can’t smash his teeth." Zhang Xiu couldn’t watch.
Force is worth 90 people. It’s necessary to protect the body. It’s not necessary to hurt the sword, but it will cost a lot to protect the body. It is said that it is necessary to protect the vital parts of the body at ordinary times. In times of crisis, the enemy can protect the place that is about to be cut first with battlefield experience.
Hua Xiong was chopped by Li She for this reason. Li She was a buffoon, but Li She suddenly cut into the shoulder bone with a knife and killed Hua Xiong by surprise.
Li She’s adamant that Gao Shun’s mouth is covered with blood. This is not Gao Shun, but Li She’s "Your parents gave you life to let you waste it like this? You want Grandpa bite the tongue, but I won’t allow it!"
Seibel deeply felt a humiliation from the heart to the body, and the dignity of the person was higher than the sky. Li She’s trip completely angered Seibel’s eyes, and she seemed to want to eat Li She alive.
Li turned a blind eye and continued to smash his fist.
Finally, Li She felt the feeling of hitting the meat. It was another punch. Seibel’s teeth fell off in order. Li She was so happy that Zhang Xiu put Seibel’s mouth.
"That you can be satisfied" Seibel spit out a mouthful of broken teeth and looked at Li Shehan with cold eyes and said.
"Good. If you want to kill me, it means that you still have unfinished business. You can’t die," said Li She. "If you take it to the forbidden custody, don’t let him get away, let alone die."
Seibel does have some trouble to kill, but if Li She is released, she will never promise to always take care of it first, or be loyal to me or be a prisoner for the next generation.
It’s impossible to smash Seibel’s teeth with Li’s own ability, but Seibel’s teeth were still smashed. Because Seibel felt an unforgettable shame, an ant smashed his teeth without hesitation, but he couldn’t defend himself. Finally, he simply recovered his strength and was smashed by Li. The province kept smashing.
A stuffy hum to seibel pipa has been blocked by the penetration, and seibel has become an ordinary person with a unique fighting power and can no longer be put to good use.