Take off your shoes Zhao knows what hurts Ning Rongrong’s feet, because Ning Rongrong wears a pair of ladies’ height-increasing shoes, and the heel behind the shoes is high. Do you still have to wear the toes when running in these shoes?
"Because I’m a little short, I’m wearing this." See Zhao looking at her shoes, Ning Rongrong trail.
Glancing at Ning Rongrong, Ning Rongrong is petite and shorter than Xiaowu and Zhu Zhuqing, but the gap is not particularly big. After wearing these shoes, they can almost make up for their height difference.
"Look at me? I’m not very short, I just lost it. "
"It’s okay, I didn’t abandon you," said Zhao Weiwei, helping Ning Rongrong take off the thin silk socks that he had soaked in water.
"Do you still dare to abandon me? I haven’t abandoned you yet. "Listening to Zhao’s words, Ning Rongrong suddenly became angry again. Like a Xiaohua Mall, Zhao tightened his calf and bounced his feet directly on the ground. Suddenly his face changed and hissed.
"Okay, don’t touch. Even if I put my foot in my mouth just now, okay." Nai took one look at Ning Rongrong Zhao and held Ning Rongrong’s tiny feet in her arms. At this time, Ning Rongrong’s toes had been soaked with sweat and many places had broken skin.
"I’ll carry you back," said Zhao, glancing at him.
After listening to Zhao’s words, I hesitated for a while. Ning Rongrong still lay on Zhao’s back.
Ning Rongrong is not heavy and soft
Grab Ning Rongrong’s calf with both hands and start walking to their dormitory.
Zhao stopped without taking two steps because Ning Rongrong was wearing a skirt. If Zhao grabbed her calf, her skirt would hang down because of gravity.
He is so-called, but when he enters the college, he doesn’t want the wonderful scenery of Ning Rongrong to be appreciated by others.
Stop and grasp Ning Rongrong’s hanging skirt with both hands. After carefully looking at it, Zhao didn’t continue his way until there was nothing missing.
Zhao’s move is naturally seen by Ning Rongrong, who has always been careless. She naturally didn’t notice these things, but she was not stupid. When Zhao gathered her skirt, she understood why Zhao wanted to do so.
Suddenly felt a sense of security in my heart.
Although he is very annoying many times, sometimes he is very gentle. Looking at a serious face and feeling his generous shoulders towards Zhao, Ning Rongrong feels a very warm feeling. If only he were not so fierce, Ning Rongrong is thinking in his mind.
"Hey, when you go back later, remember to take a shower quickly, or you will catch a cold." Walking, Zhao suddenly remembered this matter.
"Hello, are you listening to me?" See that Ning Rongrong didn’t answer him. Zhao turned his head and saw that Ning Rongrong was staring blankly.
I didn’t have the spirit to wake her up with a clap of my ass in Ning Rongrong.
"ah!" Important parts attacked Ning Rongrong immediately return to absolute being shouted.
The feeling of limp and numb buttocks made her feel ashamed and angry and shouted at Zhao’s ear.
"Zhao, what are you doing?"
"What were you thinking just now? Were you listening to what I just said? " Smiled Zhao light way
"ah? What did you say? " Ning Rongrong one leng.
"I told you to go back to the dormitory and take a bath early, otherwise it will catch a cold." I said it again to Ning Rongrong grumpily
"Oh" on zhao shoulder nodded Ning Rongrong no longer speak but the in the mind is uncontrollable coughing.
In the time of Qibao Liulizong, although she was expensive, everyone respected her, but few people cared so much about her.
In her memory, there are also her father and Grandpa Bone and Grandpa Sword who will be so fond of her.
Chapter 76 Sorrow Oscar
Carrying Ning Rongrong to the girls’ dormitory soon, Zhao shouted at the door of the dormitory for a few times, but there was no response.
"That’s weird. Where did they go?" Zhao one leng, it’s getting late now. It’s reasonable to say that they won’t run around.
Since no one talks, it’s not rude for him to go in.
Carrying Ning Rongrong into the dormitory, suddenly a few faint and distinct scents rushed towards Zhao’s nasal cavity.
Took a casual look at their dormitory.
There’s nothing to see in it, either. What hasn’t Zhao experienced?
Zhao put her in a pink bed according to Ning Rongrong’s instructions.
"Hurry to take a shower, I’ll take a sip of water and go." After that, Zhao picked up Ning Rongrong’s bedside cup and went to the hot water faucet to pick up water.
Ning Rongrong stared at Zhao before he said anything, and Zhao began to drink.
Is this a kiss?
Ning Rongrong one leng face a red.
Big eyes blink in Zhao.
"Why didn’t you move?" Drink water Zhao one leng "you won’t even want me to help you take a shower? I don’t do this kind of hard work. "