As soon as Yi Yu’s voice fell, she saw a dark light flying out and rushing straight at the pretending Zhushan disciple. Its degree can be described as extreme, and I am afraid that there is no lightning streamer. Before I could blink, I reached the place and a lotus flower flashed "poof!" With a loud cry, a huge sickle of death waved out, and the man’s head was washed into the air by the blood from the neck cavity.
"ah! Thieves dare to commit crimes! " Master Hong Ren’s reaction was not unpleasant. Before Yi Yu spoke, he already felt that something was wrong and flew to the rescue. However, Chen Ziqin has stood in front of him first. If you want to rescue him, you have to go through this first. But is it so easy for the nine-day witch to make way?
Will delay this moment Tang Wan has hand up the knife to cut the man by the sickle. A stunning woman in white is dragging a bloody scythe with a handle bigger than herself, and the blade is still "ticking" with blood, which is even more bizarre and beautiful.
Master Hongren closed his eyes and recited the Buddha’s name: "Ami Camel Buddha! It seems that benefactor Yi Yu is bent on being an enemy of my Buddhism! "
Yi Yu sneered and said, "Why did Master Hong Ren say this? Was that man your Buddhist disciple just now? Isn’t he the remnant of Zhushan cult? Why should the master get angry over this man? Moreover, although the master’s status is lofty, he can’t represent the whole Buddhism! If it is really an enemy, it is just an enemy of your Huangmei Temple. Master, if you consciously have many powerful disciples and want to stand up for those traitors who collude with Xifan, then we Qingcheng School will continue. At that time, I will see how many Buddhist disciples will be trapped in a nasal hell because of the master’s stubbornness. "
Please see next time if you want to know what will happen next time.

The four hundred and twenty-third back to the celestial passage (below)
Last time, the Wanxian Conference finally showed its true colors. No matter how nice it was said, this conference was a conference in which many powers divided their forces and divided the world. Even Buddhism, which usually flaunts compassion and stays out of it, could not bear it first.
Yi Yu glanced around the venue again and said coldly, "Are there any people who teach Zhushan?" If you don’t believe in evil, stand up and see if I can make his blood spill on the spot! Hey! " Say and go back without looking at Master Hong Ren.
Although such words and deeds have been extremely arrogant, Tang Wan’s neat knife just now has shocked the scene. It’s just killing people outside just now. No one thought that Yi Yu dared to order people to openly kill people in the venue, and it was the people that Master Hong Ren wanted to protect. There are only two possibilities, either Yi Yu is an unscrupulous madman or he has absolute strength and self-confidence and is not afraid of the deterrence of Master Hong Ren.
Master Hong Ren’s eyes blazed over Chen Ziqin, who stood in front of him, and stared at Yi Yu savagely, but he didn’t shoot angrily. It is not difficult to control one’s emotions at this point in his practice. Master Hong Ren knows in his heart that if he is only a nine-day witch, he can barely cope, but if he adds a Shen Wusu, he will definitely lose, not to mention that there are more than Chen Ziqin and Shen Wusu around Yi Yu! Even more red-violet bodhi old zu attitude is unknown in this case to start work is tantamount to bring disgrace to oneself.
Now the only regret in Master Hong Ren’s heart is why he didn’t bring more people when he came. He peeked at the direction of the Emei Sect and saw Zhuge Jing. Shen Tuhong and I didn’t mean to come and cheer. Heart andao: "It seems that Ren Shou has not dealt with the affairs of the Emei Sect! Nowadays, Qi Shushi, the palm teacher, is by no means a straw bag, and it is not easy for him to get back the Emei Sect! Let it be! Let Yi Yu, the little thief, run wild once today. "
Thinking of this, Master Hong Ren said, "My Buddhist disciples always pay attention to the equality of all beings with compassion. Although benefactor Yi Yu is strong, it is a great cause to kill life without authorization. It is extremely unfavorable for the donor to soar in the future. "
I don’t need Yi Yu to refute the red-violet bodhi old zu, so I first said, "Master Hong Ren’s words are wrong. What we monks are after is the supreme heaven, the innate nature and the principle of physical and mental freedom." As for the immortal soaring, it is only a means, but not the ultimate goal. If you can live happily on earth, why do you have to ascend to the celestial world? If you can’t be happy, why should you fly to the celestial world? "
Master Hong Ren said, "The words of the bodhi old zu’s family are not the world’s thoroughfare. There are several people who are not trying to be immortal. Fairy always left the lower level … "
As soon as the conversation started, the bodhi old zu and Master Hong Ren held their own words, and an endless debate began, one was the magic gate avenue and the other was the Buddhist jurisprudence. Although everyone was bored, no one dared to interrupt them without asking for boring. I can only listen to the mysterious and mysterious rhetoric in a daze. Some people listen to it in a daze. However, some people have learned a lot from it and benefited a lot.
Peter said that Yi Yu returned to the back seat with the daughters. Asked in a low voice: "Su Tang just said that the bodhi old zu haha who is attending the meeting now is not himself. How do you say this? "
Yin Su-tang nodded and said, "This is what the master in Tianchi said before he died. There should be no mistake. Because my brother-in-law killed their disciple, I asked Kunlun Sect to stay and continue the meeting. The foolish monk seems to have scruples about the views of the bodhi old zu. He sent a master from Tianchi to Changdi Cave to explain to the old demon. As for what else is hidden in Tianchi, I don’t know. "
Yi Yu frowned thoughtfully for a long time and looked at the bodhi old zu who was sitting not far from Hugh and others. At this time, the old devil is squinting at the presence of the old god. Smiling, I don’t know what I’m thinking, but I can’t see anything different at all.
Yi Yu asked hesitantly, "What flaw did you see at the beginning of Qing Dynasty?" Among all the people, only Ying Qingchu has the most experience, the most experience and the most ability to distinguish between true and false.
But this time, I won the early Qing Dynasty, but my face was grim and I shook my head slowly. "There is no trace of disguise and no fluctuation of energy, not the spells that change my body shape. If the people in Tianchi are not lying, the people who pretend to be the bodhi old zu haha are definitely a top player. "
Yi Yu eyebrows deeper way: "top player? Who is it that has come together with the bodhi old zu haha? "
Chen Ziqin said, "My husband doesn’t have to be obsessed with the world’s cultivation experts. It is by no means that we know that those people have many experts who can’t be hidden from the world. These people are not famous, but they are at their peak. I am afraid this person is one of them. "
Ying qingchu also nodded and said, "what zi Qin said is reasonable. I’m afraid this person is also a master of seclusion!" "
Yi Yu didn’t speak, but still looked at that is likely to be a fake. Haha, the bodhi old zu’s eyes have not changed for a long time. Seems to feel the attention of Yi Yu. Haha, the bodhi old zu turned his head and smiled at him. It was this smile that suddenly lit up a window in Yi Yu’s heart.
"Husband! Why do you laugh so much? What bad ideas did you think of? " JiXia son smilingly grabbed Yi Yu cuff said.
Yi Yu smiled and said, "Look at that bodhi old zu haha. Although there is no flaw in his body, his eyes are somewhat unnatural and artificial, just like deliberate control."
Everyone was about to look, but Yi Yu quickly answered, "Don’t look at him together. Don’t get his attention." After Yi Yu’s reminder, everyone secretly looked at the bodhi old zu and saw some doorways.
Chen Ziqin said, "Well! However, it is a bit weird. If this haha ancestor is pretending, it will be too perfect. Perfect is somewhat false. "
"Although he behaves properly, it’s not hard to see that his mood is very casual, especially when her just made a splash. It’s unreasonable that he was so relaxed that he didn’t have any mood swings."
Tang Wan mused, "Master! ……”
Yi Yu smiled and said, "Wan’er said anything unless he saw something strange, even if he guessed wrong."
Tang Wan said, "There’s nothing unusual about it, but why is there a faint dead body on the haha ? ? bodhi old zu?"
Tang Wan itself is a ghost, and he is familiar with the ghost and spectre. In addition, hosting reincarnation in the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’ is more clear about the breath of various ghosts. Although haha, the bodhi old zu is extremely thin. I can hardly feel it, but I can’t escape her feeling.
Yi Yu exclaimed, "Dead? People who fix the truth are the most vigorous. How can they be dead? Unless … "
Chen Ziqin said, "In that case, I think of an ancient spell."
"What? !” They exclaimed in chorus.
Chen Ziqin said seriously, "Rebirth the dead!"
Although these four words are not new now, everyone knows that what Chen Ziqin said from her mouth is definitely not a "rebirthing" in the ordinary sense, just waiting for her to explain it in detail.
Update faster in full text reading so that you can see at a glance and enjoy reading at the same time! Chen Ziqin said slowly, "I heard from the master that there was no systematic system of repairing the truth before the pre-Qin period. In order to prolong life and never die, tribal sacrifices had this wonderful technique of" returning the soul by borrowing the body ". Compared with those nowadays
The ghost of the Yin spirit of the Tao is somewhat inaccessible. The’ soul’ is naturally from this borrowed corpse, but it is also quite exquisite. Must be a virgin man born at the age of Yin … "
"Must be a man? If a woman wants to be reborn, can she become a man? " Shen Xian sparkly a pair of naive big eyes is very puzzled asked.
Chen Ziqin smiled faintly: "It must be a male corpse, even a woman must use a male corpse, but it will not become a man. There is also an important part in this, that is,’ carving’! "
Yi Yuwei was surprised: "Is it as carefully carved as jade wood?"
Chen Ziqin nodded and said, "Yes! As long as there are skilled’ carving masters’, no matter what they need, they can do it vividly. Not bad. "
Qi Xiaer said, "Sister Ziqin is saying that this haha ancestor was made on purpose?"
Chen Ziqin nodded: "Well! So it seems very likely that someone made it in this way. Although there are not many people who can practice the method of "rebirthing" nowadays, they have a network of contacts with the bodhi old zu. If you really want to use this method, it is not difficult. It’s just that I’m also very surprised at one thing. If it’s like "rebirthing", it’s natural to imitate it. But that cultivation is by no means fake. Where did you find it? "
Yi Yu’s heart couldn’t help but be surprised: "Xuanyuan Shengling!"
Didn’t it happen that Yi Yu happened to save Li Yingqiong and other girls when she passed by Xuanyuan Shengling last time? A war with Qiong Qi. Finally, I cut that guy’s head before it turned out to be the ghost of Xuanyuan Shengling! How similar is that technique to this one? It’s just not carefully carved.