"I want you to keep talking." Xiao Jiu rubbed his arm like a fox.
But at that time, I didn’t know what I was in a hurry. I couldn’t find Feng Qing’s saying that Phoenix could concentrate on practicing except for other necessities when communicating with others. I also meditated while sleeping instead of sleeping.
"After a long time, I was discovered by the master. He said that it was not a good thing for me to rush for success. If I was too aggressive, I would be swallowed up. If necessary, I could stop and have a rest."
Xiao Jiu nodded puzzled. "It sounds reasonable."
"It’s a pity that I didn’t understand these truths at that time. I was in a hurry to get stronger. I felt that I could live in this way." The wind urged Xuedao. "It was about a few years later that Tianyan School held a big competition to win the championship, so I must win the championship in order to make a name for myself in the future. Of course, even if he didn’t say so, I must win the championship."
It’s a pity that things don’t work out for him. May he be defeated by Xie Chen in the Zongmen contest.
Xie Chen, as always, has a beautiful scenery, but he has lost the game, but he has to lose it again and again. Xie Chen detects that he is extremely unwilling to fight again, but he can’t hold his frequent moves. Finally, even the sword in his hand was cut off by Xie Chen in the competition, and then the tip of Xie Chen’s sword hit his throat.
For the first time, he was rude and didn’t even want to do kung fu. He was still apologizing. Xie Chen turned his head and left. Everyone was whispering.
At that time, just after the five-year period, the previous medicine to appease the butterfly had failed. After that, he would avoid the butterfly once a year and chew his heart into pieces, and Feng Qing sent it to the demon to deliver the medicine to him.
It’s just a little demon who saw him running away when he was in the west, but now he can hold a small pill high and mock him. Will the demon king give him a title and be trampled on by a human monk?
Then throw the pill in the mud, step on it and crush it into pieces mixed with mud.
In the past five years, the butterfly has stayed in his heart well, except occasionally flapping its wings. Don’t feel that the frequency of flapping wings of the butterfly has increased in the previous five years, and occasionally it has some palpitations, but it hurts.
But now he just took the medicine, but his heart is even worse?
Previously, he was not slightly injured when he was driven by the wind and snow, and then he came back to the mountain again. His body had already been unable to bear the burden, like self-abuse. After he returned, he hastily took some medicine and immediately began to practice.
"Then I was bitten by myself," said the wind and snow lightly.
Xiao Jiu had an unbelievable "ah".
The wind and snow are awkward and touched the nose.
Now that I think about it, it’s really a shame. He practiced acrobatics alone and went into a coma of vomiting blood, or was discovered by Xie Chen who hadn’t seen him out for a long time.
According to Shen Yu’s spirit, when Xie Chen took him out of the quiet room, he was already retrograde in meridians and bleeding all over like a blood man.
As soon as Xie Chen found his abnormality, he quickly took him to Ye Hong and asked Ye Hong to save him.
Always wait until the wind and snow wake up again in three days.
Ye Hong spent a lot of effort to retrograde the meridians in Fushun. It is said that if Xie Chen finds him a moment later, he will be killed by retrograde reiki blasting the meridians.
Ye Hong’s sleepless bed saved him for three days, and his detached eyes were a little tired, but they looked at him with anxiety.
The first time the wind urged the snow, I felt ashamed
Ye Hong is deeply looked at him and finally sighed.
"Cui Ya, you make yourself like this."
The wind urged the snow to drop its eyes and said, "I want to practice kendo well."
"Is that all?"
"Only so," the wind urged the snow to hesitate.
Ye Hong got up, and the snow fell freely on his shoulders, which made the bed wind push the snow and forced him to look up to see him.
"But the teacher didn’t see your kendo." Ye Hong’s faint words were like a bolt from the blue and hit the snow on the top of his head.
"From the moment you stepped into Shoujianfeng, I can see that although you kept saying that you are bent on the Tao, you are actually half-divided, and your sword is just a weapon. Xie Chen is silent, but the Tao heart is rock solid." Ye Hongdao "I told you that practice can’t be achieved overnight, and it’s even worse. Your position on the Tao heart has become stronger and stronger, and the foundation of the Tao heart can last forever?"
"Brother knows his mistake" and the wind urges Snow Mouth to say that he is somewhat confused in his heart.
"Your mouth is wrong, but you don’t feel it at all," Ye Hong said coldly. "Do you have any questions?"
The wind urges the snow "…" After a while, I have to be honest. "You said that I can’t practice for a long time without the foundation of Taoism. My brother does have doubts about this. It’s all about practicing. Is it the same and running aura different? I think I can tell whether practicing together is long-term or not, only perseverance talent. "
Ye Hong downplayed "Oh, but you are lying with me."
"…" The wind urged the snow to change the subject. "What is your Tao, Master?"
Ye Hongdao said, "I want peace and prosperity, equality for all living beings, and then worldly pain."
"On this day, practitioners in the Yan Sect don’t know how many people ask for the avenue of life, some people ask for peace, some people ask for their hearts, and some people ask for status … everyone wants something. What do you want?"
The wind and snow really never thought about this problem.
He was born in a muddle-headed, step-by-step way. What he thinks is not carried by others. The first half of his life is controlled by others. If he says what he wants, it seems wrong-
"I want to live"
Ye Hongdao: "Aren’t you alive now?"
"It’s not the same … I want to live longer, I want to-"The wind urged the snow to see a trace of confusion.
It seems that he never thought about what he would do alive.
"Mayflies, ephemerality Heshou people can’t live for thousands of years. Some people ask for long-term peace and joy. Some people die in the evening. How do you want to live or hold a sword?"
"I ….." This sentence is like a wake-up call. It suddenly becomes clear in his mind that he finally knows what he wants. He wants to pursue his goals like other people, and he has his own favorite things, wants to do and can do things … no longer subject to others.
"I want to live by myself!"
There was a warmth on his head, and Ye Hong was stroking his hair.
"This is your heart."
"Then what?" Xiao Jiu asked with a blank face.
"Then it’s gone." The wind urged the snowy road.
Xiao Jiu expression white moment consternation way "it’s over? What didn’t I understand? What do you mean by living by yourself? "
The wind urges the snow to pick up the words and cover the face "that’s what it means"
Xiao Jiu murmured, "But what does this mean? It’s like saying it again. Maybe you don’t live by yourself? Isn’t everyone alive? Can you help others live? "
"Living by yourself means … freedom"
"I’m not white," Xiao Jiu said. "Isn’t it freedom that I can jump with kinetic energy?"