He actually hid his strength.
One cool is that the other side’s flying sword is endless, and five of them are "smashed" in that vomiting posture. This is a flying sword, not a broken one, nor a puppet. You can see at a glance that this flying sword is of excellent quality.
Manipulating five flying swords at the same time? That’s totally different from a puppet. Brother Tsukiji commands a flying sword, but a puppet who needs to constantly supply spiritual power has no such requirement at all, just need to coordinate the attack time and way.
In other words, to control five flying swords to attack at the same time, it is not only to be extremely strong, at least it is not possible for Chiling Zi. The most important thing is to be distracted for five times, which is ten times more difficult than manipulating twenty puppets by yourself.
Therefore, a thousand ling son a chill.
Frightened, I have to think of some way after this blow. Qianling screamed and tried my best.
Without taking care of the Ouyang family, the remaining seven toad puppets gulped at the same time, and several beams hit the first flying sword.
The scene in front of him made Qian Lingzi stunned again, and then he almost vomited blood on the spot with anger.
It is said that it is a simultaneous attack, but there is still a sequence, although the difference is very small. The first light beam hit the flying sword, and the flying sword was hit a little wide, and then … and then it flew out like this.
If it is a flying sword that is attacked by a friar who manipulates spiritual force, of course it will not be like this. How can you miss the target if you miss it? You must adjust your direction and continue to attack your opponent.
But the immediate result is like this. This flying sword was missed, and then it was missed more, and then it was missed again … so it flew out. And there are three toad puppets of Chiling Zi who have fired empty guns and missed … The reason is that the flying sword has missed the attack range.
Qian Lingzi understood that Zi Tang Qingyong’s posture was so special because … he was "smashed".
I cann’t believe a friar used a flying sword like this
Toad puppets, such as those used by Qianlingzi, are all powered by medium-level lingshi, and a medium-level lingshi can only provide four attacks. After that, we have to replace the lingshi before we can continue to use it. In fact, to put it bluntly, the puppet is an intelligent spirit tool.
If you know that this is the case, how can Tang Qing’s first flying sword, Qian Lingzi, let seven puppets attack at the same time? That’s two pieces of medium-order Lingshi.
I can’t think about it now, because the second flying sword is coming.
This time, Qian Lingzi has grown up. Puppet teachers should always pay attention to their puppets’ Lingshi reserves. These puppets will be replaced with Lingshi again, so he decided to reduce the number of puppets attacked.
Three beams of light were released, and another flying sword flew away askew. Thousand ling son is annoyed, if I had known this, a light beam would have been enough.
The third one, it’s here again, and it’s closer to Qianlingzi. Chieko wants to command two puppets to attack and fight back at the same time. He can even release two flying puppets. You know, these puppets are the most difficult to operate.
The strength of Qianlingzi really surprised the onlookers, but he didn’t have time to appreciate the admiration of his opponent, so he had to take the time to replace the Lingshi for the toad puppet.
Once the replacement of Lingshi is successful, Qianlingzi made up his mind to let all the toad puppets attack at the same time. Cooperate with two flying puppets to kill this cunning and hateful monk on the spot.
Well … At least let him be seriously injured. Considering that this boy may have some unexpected means, Qian Lingzi lowered his requirements.
Two beams of light hit the flying sword almost at the same time, and the flying sword was crooked, and then … the speed exploded, and suddenly lightning continued to cut off the thousand souls.
At this time, the distance between Feijian and Qianlingzi is: 50 meters.
Tang Qing doesn’t have to manipulate five flying swords at the same time, neither of them can. However, it is still possible to control one and throw two. At this time, his last two giant swords have been smashed out, and naturally he can fully manipulate this only one to speed up.
Thousands of souls instantly turned pale, and he knew that he had been cheated again.
No one has measured the speed of the flying sword, but it’s quite fast. How far is the distance of 50 meters? It’s not far anyway.
Thousands of souls almost roared, and the rest of the toad puppets spewed out light beams at the same time. At the same time, with a clap of their hands, a Yuanyang scissors-like instrument flew out and all greeted the flying sword.
Lingqi attack is unavoidable in theory, because under the control of monks, they will always chase their opponents like tracking missiles. This is the biggest difference between a psychic and a spell. If it is a magical avatar, as long as you can avoid it, the power is mostly useless. If you let it go, you can’t control it.
From this point of view, in fact, the fighting between monks seems silly. Because the vast majority of monks still rely mainly on psychic attacks, it seems that they are just like standing piles to cut … Well, that’s how it is described.
Low-ranking monks, in particular, can count on magic such as fireballs and wind knives to scare the people. It’s not a dream to rely on this to win when you are against the enemy.
From this point of view, we can know that Qian Lingzi has suffered much, and he doesn’t have to worry about the first two flying swords at all. Brother Tsukiji’s spiritual weapon is not a magic weapon. You must input spiritual power as a guide to continue attacking. Tang Qing threw the flying sword like a stone, which means that people just have to move their bodies to prevent you from shooting.
But, but, just, which monk will hit the flying sword as a stone?
This time, however, it was a direct confrontation with the strength, and the result made Qian Lingzi frightened to disgrace. Several beams of light can not only destroy the sword, but even slow it down. Therefore, Qian Lingzi concluded that the opponent he faced would never be lower than himself, or even slightly higher.
Brother Jiedan? I am a fake Dan realm, and I am a fake Dan who fell from the knot Dan period.
Yuanyang Dao didn’t let him down, resisted the flying sword, and even got the upper hand, which once again surprised Qian Lingzi. Did the previous beam attack go wrong again?
I have no time to think about it, because there are still two flying swords coming.
In desperation, Qian Lingzi gritted his teeth and drank it low, so the Yuanyang knife actually split in two and greeted the last two flying swords respectively. At the same time, command several puppets who always stop in front to guard against close attack, to stop this giant sword that has been suppressed by the mandarin duck knife and has lost its spirituality.
The original aggressive sword has declined after several stops. After chopping a puppet, it has no power and falls to the ground.
This makes Qian Lingzi feel very strange, and he feels that he has made some kind of misjudgment.
It was indeed a misjudgment, because he soon discovered that the last two flying swords were actually "smashed" again.
The most important thing is that until now, Tang Qing’s attack … has just begun.
Chapter 167: The Plan of War
Chapter one hundred and sixty-seven: the strategy of war, to the website.

Chapter 168: The first person under Jiedan
Chapter 168: The first person under Jiedan
Mother and son seize the soul needle, which is the name given to this whole set of spiritual instruments that Tang Qing snatched for himself and focused on practicing.
In fact, I didn’t get any good goods from Tianqi, except for the real 200,000 Lingshi, which is almost practical. Fu Bao has two copies and gave one to Nangong. With Tianqi’s cultivation, the Fubao on his body is a gift for the younger generation. How much can he expect?
There are more fubao in the clothes than Tianqi, of course, not because the clothes are richer, but because the cultivation is low.
Moreover, Fubao is very powerful, but it really doesn’t match Tang Qing’s fighting style. No matter what, it’s also marked with the word "treasure". If Brother Tsukiji wants to stimulate the use, he must pay the price.
This kind of price can be exchanged with time. If you want to stimulate quickly, you are doomed to get hurt, such as Shuai Ren and Zhu Lan at the beginning.
Tang Qing’s battle has always been a route, violent, sudden, overwhelming, fast and insidious. Expect him to design a stalemate with his heart and then slowly stimulate Fubao, it is better to let him rush hard with his fist.
Even if Tang Qing was shameless again, he didn’t have the nerve to ask a monk after Yuan for a spirit organ, which was simply an insult.
There’s nothing I can do, but Tang Ye has to find his own way. Pick and choose, and finally choose this complete set of instruments.
When I was fishing in the swamp, even Tang Qing was almost planted in his hand, which was impressive.
Of course, the most important thing is that this thing conforms to Tang Qingyi’s usual style and is insidious.
Thirteen needles are as thin as hair, but extremely hard in texture, all of which are poisonous needles. A female needle is slightly thicker, but it is almost invisible and non-toxic after being driven by spiritual force, but it is specially designed to break the spiritual force cover. At the beginning, Tang Qing suffered from this mother needle. If he was not a practitioner, he might really be destroyed.
"This is Tang Ye’s thief." After several attempts, Tang Qing sighed.
Manipulating this horoscope is a big problem. Again, it is very difficult to manipulate multiple instruments. At the level of Tang Qing, it is impossible to manipulate two giant swords, let alone more than a dozen needles.
For this reason, Tang Ye was not ashamed to ask questions and asked Nangong Han. As a result, he got an answer that made him ashamed. Because when refining this set of instruments, the sub-needle and the mother needle themselves have established contact in some way. In theory, as long as the mother needle is well controlled, the sub-needle can naturally be commanded to act according to its mind.
"This is the characteristic of the complete set of instruments. Everyone knows it." The nangongshan cold words let Qian Yu laugh, and Tang Qing hid his face and fled.
In that case, let’s practice. After many days of hard practice, Tang Qing lamented that he was really a loser.
The most dangerous thing about this poisonous needle is that it is small in size and difficult to prevent. If it is handled well, the thirteen needles are smart and changeable, and it is almost impossible to hit it with a magic weapon after surrounding the enemy and flying up and down. The only way is to try to strengthen the spiritual shield, and the whole body can be safely protected.
But it is inevitable that you will be distracted when you are facing the enemy, and naturally you will miss the opportunity. This is still the case that the opponent can find out in time. If it is a little late, it may be immediately recruited. Moreover, even if the shield is opened, careful defense is not all right, and the most horrible female needle is eyeing.
Tang Qing did an experiment, Nangong Han fully opened the shield, and the female needle could be punctured once if Tang Qing fully exerted it. In other words, even Godsworn Dan, if he is negligent, may be attacked by Tang Qing.
It’s a pity that Tang Qing found that he couldn’t command thirteen needles to play anything in the air, except a straight line, and it was difficult to turn a corner.
Without the cover of the sub-needle, the surprise effect of the mother needle is naturally difficult to achieve. When this Acura Lingqi reaches Tang Qing’s hand, it seems that the power has dropped out of thin air. In fact, this is Tang Qing’s taking it for granted. Which monk Tsukiji sacrifices and refines the best multiplier is not a matter of years of hard work.