There will always be exceptions. Luis garcia is the exception.
Later Rijkaard had no choice but to give up Luis Garcia.
The problems that Changsheng encountered now are somewhat similar to those that Rijkaard encountered later.
Because the winning football tactics also emphasize integrity.
Then luis garcia, a person with very distinctive personal characteristics, seems a bit out of place in this tactic.
So that he didn’t play well in the whole team on the court, and he went off, but the team was functioning normally.
The simplest solution is to put luis garcia on the bench.
But in this way, it is meaningless to work hard and try every means to get it from Tenerife.
Although the loan didn’t cost getafe a penny.
But winning always means feeling unwilling.
Simply and rudely putting luis garcia on the bench can only show his failure.
Changsheng knows that many people are staring at him with a magnifying glass, especially mokos, the manager of the club. Presumably, he is very happy to see an example of his unsuccessful signing.
Ever-victorious can never give those people something to laugh at themselves.
He does not believe in evil.
Benitez used luis garcia as his main player in Tenerife. He played 40 games and scored 16 goals. How did he do that?
Can’t you do it yourself?
Ever-victorious decided to take on luis garcia.
The next day, the team’s training didn’t start until 4: 30 pm, and it only lasted for an hour and a half, and it was over. Because I just played a warm-up match, the training intensity is not great, mainly focusing on recovery.
Because it is a warm-up match, the players do not have much physical strength, so they will arrange training on the second day of the game.
If it is a formal competition, maybe the next day will be a holiday directly.
After the training, Changsheng left luis garcia alone.
Everyone else has left the training ground, so it’s just Chang Sheng and luis garcia.
But no one spoke.
Luis garcia didn’t know why the coach suddenly left him. He looked suspiciously at Chang Sheng.
But Changsheng didn’t speak because he was scanning luis garcia again with the golden pupil.
Although he scanned every player once, there were too many people at that time, and he only glanced at it. Many people’s data had only a general impact, and he couldn’t remember the specific data.
Now he is going to look at luis garcia’s attributes.
He wondered why luis garcia, who came from the Barcelona youth training camp, was so out of tune with the whole …
So he stared at luis garcia and opened the golden pupil.
Then flowers at the moment, luis garcia’s attributes appeared on his retina.
He looked at them one by one.
The first thing that catches your eye is the red number, which is the most eye-catching.
[Decision] Seventy-seven!
[Shooting] Eighty!
[Technology] Eighty!
Followed by blue data.
[Flexible] Seventy-five!