At this time, the soul waiter standing in the front who was absorbing ghosts stopped absorbing. Instead, he looked up and swept towards everyone, saying with great cold, "You are the people who made a scene in hell."
At the sound of this soul waiter, the weathered cloud and others felt an aggressive chill coming, and they didn’t care about their protective body. They attacked them, and they couldn’t help but be surprised and couldn’t help but resolve their luck.
A cold hum came, and the talking soul attendant showed a hint of disdain. He said, "With your level, you can make a fuss about the hell. It seems that the Yan Luowang in the Ten Temples is really a big bag." As the soul waiter said, he reached out and grabbed at the front weathering cloud, and immediately a claw shadow was mixed with a mass of black gas and attacked the weathering cloud.
Before the weathering cloud could react, he saw a claw shadow appear in front of his eyes. Without thinking about it, the weathering cloud mentioned the whole body’s dragon-killing tactic and made a hard struggle. Bang! The weathered cloud was knocked upside down by the soul waiter and fell ten feet away. Well, the moment the weathered cloud fell to the ground, it gave a cough, opened its mouth and spit out one mouthful blood, showing a look of great pain.
When everyone’s facial expression changed, they couldn’t think that this soul waiter said that he would do it, and he seriously injured the weathered cloud as soon as he got started. This is a fix, which makes their hearts sink. If five soul waiters are so capable, then it is really dangerous to borrow the tunnel.
"Big Brother, how are you?" Seeing that all the people didn’t move, Mei Er, who was closest to the weathered cloud, fell to the weathered cloud, helped it up, and looked worried.
Weathered cloud smiled freely, coughed and said, "I can’t die yet." I coughed again, knowing my own family’s business. Just now, my soul waited on the palm, and I broke my true yuan. I really hit myself, and my body was already seriously injured. The engraved qi and blood were upwelling and churning, but for his strong breath, I’m afraid I would have fainted.
As soon as the iron heart moved, it stood in front of everyone, looked at the soul attendant indifferently, and said in a low voice, "As a bodhisattva of the earth treasure, you really deserve the bodhisattva of the earth treasure." Said the iron heart slowly stretched out his right hand.
"Hey!" In Zhao Zifeng’s eyes, although he felt that the iron heart did not move, the general soul waiter showed a little surprise, because between the stretching of the iron heart hand, he actually felt an overwhelming momentum pouring out of the iron heart, which was locked in himself, and he was forced to retreat half a step through the momentum. If he hadn’t reacted too fast, he might have been shocked by the iron heart.
The soul waiter laughed grimly and said, "It’s a bit of a doorway. Actually, it’s almost the same as the previous Bai Qi. Unfortunately, in those days, you still have the ability to fight with me. Now, it’s just a matter of hooking your fingers. " Said the whole upper body forward flash. Immediately sent a strong momentum back.
"Sure enough." Hear soul Shi, Zhang Zhongxuan revealed a trace of the original look. Knowing the fifth soul waiter, one thousand one hundred percent is the legendary killing of the gods.
Jump, jump, jump, iron heart the whole person even retreated three steps, and the whole person’s face could not help but sink, and the other side of the tunnel would produce a lot. I cann’t believe I took three steps back when I raised my hand.
"It is good that he is fierce, but you are not as bad as you think." Hiding in the channel, Zhang Chongxuan sighed with emotion, saying that his disciples still lacked experience against the master. This soul servant made his death evil spirit extremely sharp with the help of the lost soul hillock. His every attack was not as simple as imagined, but was covered in a frontal attack with the help of the underground yin evil spirit. Only by secretly making a latent effort can the weathered cloud be seriously injured and the iron heart be shaken back.
At this time, Zhao Zifeng laughed and said, "Master, he also attacked with the help of the underground." Zhao Zifeng said this to make people understand. Iron-blooded heart is their leader, so that everyone can make a sudden move about Zhang Zhongxuan, because he knows that Zhang Zhongxuan must be premeditated when he hides.
"Oh." With a look of relief on his face, he understood Zhao Zifeng’s intention and put on a serious look with great cooperation. "No wonder he felt something was wrong for the teacher. It turned out that he knew that he was defeated, so he came to Yin for the teacher."
"Purple wind this boy, but look carefully. It is also worthy that he has been pursuing me as a goal. " Zhang Chongxuan praised in my heart. On the sidelines, we are ready to launch an attack.
The soul waiter snorted coldly. Disdainful way: "With you, it’s still far away."
"Hum, it’s far from you." Zhao Zifeng learned from the tone of the soul waiter, and with his figure together, he jumped to the side of Iron Blood Heart and saluted, "Master, this soul waiter is probably the worst one, so let me have a look at him."
Iron-blooded heart stared at Zhao Zifeng, who just had a brief encounter with Soul Shi. He deeply realized the terrible strength of the other side. He was really not under his command, not to mention Zhao Zifeng, whose strength was inferior to his own. While he was hesitating, Zhang Zhongxuan’s voice came from his ear: "Blood heart, since Zifeng asked so much, please feel free to give it to him."
Zhang Zhongxuan commanded, the iron and blood heart naturally respected, and the side of the body gave way. "If you can’t, just step down and leave everything to the teacher."
"Yes, master." Zhao Zifeng smiled and faced the soul waiter.
With a sneer, the Soul Master said to Zhao Zifeng, "Boy, you can see that I am emitting dark energy from the ground, which shows that you are a smart person. They say that smart people don’t do stupid things, but you did. I’d like to see if it makes you so confident. Today, I’ll make an exception and let me see it. Don’t let me down, otherwise I won’t give you a chance to let your master save your land."
Zhao Zifeng said with a smile, "In that case, thank you very much, but I think you will regret what you did, for sure!" Zhao Zifeng said with a lift of his right hand and a finger of his left sword tactic, and Huo Ran made a gesture of imperial sword.
"It turned out to be a thunder sword!" See in the eye of Zhang Chongxuan frowned, although the thunder sword is a good fairy, but it doesn’t work against the soul waiter who is profound. If Zhang Chongxuan is not mistaken, these souls of the earth treasure bodhisattva are obviously for transcending reincarnation, and the fierce man who absorbs souls in hell is never inferior to himself.
From time to time, the sound of Huo Huo came from the thunder sword, and the air around the whole Mourning Hill actually began to distort. He was frowning and stretching his eyebrows, and a smile appeared on his mouth. He said, "Purple Wind, this boy, has actually integrated the oppressive space. It seems that there should be a lot of tricks in this blow, but it is really exciting." Zhang Zhongxuan said with bated breath. He was in the passage, and he couldn’t see the situation on the court. Instead, he used the divine knowledge to find out everything on the court. Naturally, he was extremely sensitive to the change of the air. As soon as he felt the distortion of the air, he could guess that Zhao Zifeng used the oppressive space.
Boom! Zhao Zifeng’s right hand pointed at the thunder sword in the sky, and suddenly released a thunder and lightning. When the thunder and lightning came out, it was blazing white all around. When they looked up, they saw that the thunder and lightning flew into the air and suddenly tore apart. A lightning bolt is divided into five thunderbolts, just like a hand, but the five thunderbolts are not straight, but slightly tortuous, which seems to tear the whole sky apart.
In the middle of the yellow road, the cow’s head and horse’s face and the black-and-white impermanence who escorted the ghost back to hell stopped one after another and looked up at the sky torn apart by thunder. Everyone said in horror, "What’s the matter? Why did lightning suddenly appear in the sky? " Just then, I felt a pressure coming from the air. Huo Ran was knocked back several steps, and everyone was shocked and stupefied.
In the hell, the remaining three Yan Luowang are dealing with the mess after Zhang Zhongxuan and others make trouble in the hell. Suddenly, they hear thunder, and only feel that the whole hell is lit up and their bodies are together. Jumping out of the door, only to find that the whole sky was torn by thunder, and in the air, there was a pressure, which actually drove them to suffocate, and they had to use the real yuan to resolve the invisible pressure. They all wondered, "What is this?" Are they making trouble again? "
On the field of losing souls, the soul waiter against Zhao Zifeng showed a little stunned color. "Boy, it’s true that you tore the sky with the thunder of the sword in your hand, and dispersed the pressure caused by the friction between the dust in the space between heaven and earth with the help of firm but gentle shock. It seems that the old lady has to seal you off." The soul waiter said that when the whole person’s breath was released, he was ready to cast a dead blow.
On the edge of the iron heart only feel a Deloitte was alarmed. Knowing that the soul waiter was about to launch a thunderbolt, he was ready to take Zhao Zifeng’s place in the imperial sword, but before his figure moved, he heard Zhao Zifeng’s confident voice: "It’s too late."
As soon as Zhao Zifeng’s voice fell, the sword in his right hand burst into a blazing light, and the whole sword flew through the sky like a thunder.
"It’s so slow." Always staring at Zhao Zifeng’s iron heart, everyone’s heart. A little don’t understand of looking at Zhao Zifeng that handle is blooming with dazzling light to thunder sword. The thunder sword is in the air, just like a person walking in a row. Slowly, strangely, when the thunder sword passes by, it will make a huge series of noises, as if it were rubbing violently.
Soul Shi’s facial muscles trembled, and the whole indifferent face was moved by Zhao Zifeng’s sword. As soon as he moved, he actually fell back. Soul Shi couldn’t say how bitter he was. Zhao Zifeng’s sword seemed to be dull, but others could not feel the power of this sword, because when it came out, Soul Shi felt that he had been locked by the thunder sword. The reason why the thunder sword was so slow was because it was less than it. So in a very short time, the thunder sword will hit itself at the speed of lightning speed, and this sword will not be as simple as imagined, because Zhao Zifeng released a thunder into the air before, and the soul waiter was sure that when the sword attacked him, the thunder in the sky would echo from a distance, and it would shoot down from the air, producing a real thunder blow. You know, that thunder in the sky, once in the sky, will divide and take advantage of it.
"Damn it." Back to the soul Shi cursed, it turned out that he was in a retreat, only to find that choosing to retreat was actually not a wise behavior, because when he retired, he only felt that the air around his own land was violently squeezed, and a strong pressure came towards him from all directions, which actually made him feel a little suffocated. When he resisted the exercise, he realized that Zhao Zifeng’s sword contained a space of celestial oppression, which was concealed by the thunder sword.
"What’s the matter?" The face of the weathered cloud and others watching on the side showed suspicious color in succession, because all of a sudden, they saw that the whole person’s figure was actually distorted, and his face became very ugly. It seemed to be forced by Zhao Zifeng’s sword, but they didn’t feel how powerful Zhao Zifeng’s sword was, and they all felt bland.
At this moment, Zhao Zifeng suddenly said, "Sister Xue, come on, shoot the bow!"
Ji Xuegang didn’t react at first. When people’s eyes looked at him, Ji Xuecai reacted, stretched out his hand and lifted it, hurriedly offering an archery bow. Zi, there was a noise. Ji Xue’s raised hand bred a dark cloud, and a dark light flashed, and the archery bow already appeared in her hand.
As soon as Ji Xuechao’s posture of soul waiter in the distance opened, the bowstring was pulled open with the divine wind, and the bowstring was lit up at once. Several black brilliance gathered from the bull’s head skull on the archery bow to the bowstring, and when Ji Xue pulled the bowstring to the maximum saturation, a dark light arrow appeared on the understanding bowstring, and within ten miles of Ji Xue, a yellow yin qi dispersed.
Moo! The crisp voice rang out, and the arrows shot out with a whoosh, and they were forced to fly away by Zhao Zifeng’s oppressive space in the distance.
Seeing that the arrow was about to hit the soul waiter. At this moment, a black shadow floated by, and a hand appeared beside the arrow out of thin air. I caught the arrow with my forefinger and middle finger, and with a click, the arrow broke off under the man’s hard work and fell to the ground. It was another soul who was absorbing ghosts and saw that it was a genial situation and helped.
This side compartment. Yang Mu and others saw each other’s another soul servant, but naturally they didn’t dare to be careless. They all tried their best to make moves, and the war was imminent.
"Hum." A cold hum spread to come over from the air, and the air around the Mourning Hills was suddenly cold. They didn’t react yet, and a figure floated out of the air. The soul waiter who stretched out his hand and broke Jixue’s arrows has been hit in the chest by a golden light. The whole person is in pain, and an already horrible face becomes even more horrible after painful distortion. His pupil is wide open and his right hand is slowly lifted. As if pointing to the front with all his might, he said, "You … You …" Before the words were finished, the whole body turned into black gas and disappeared into the air.
"Master!" Looking at Zhang Zhongxuan, whose right hand was brassy and gave out the soul service, Ji Xue and others exclaimed.
Zhang Zhongxuan didn’t echo, but his figure was together. Huo Ran jumped towards the soul that was pressed by Zhao Zifeng’s oppression space. The speed made Ji Xue and others feel that Zhang Zhongxuan had disappeared, and only a tiny golden light spot could be seen flying towards the soul.
Ah! A scream came out, and the golden light spot was already blasted by Zhao Zifeng’s oppressive space, and it was also blasted in the chest. The same result, of course. The soul waits in an instant, and the whole person turns into black gas. Disappeared in the air, and Zhang Zhongxuan, after the blow, the whole person was floating, and Huo Ran retreated to the front of Zhao Zifeng and others, and the action was neat, which made people have to obey.
"I didn’t expect the reincarnation hands to come out." Faint voice, the edge of the two soul attendants have stopped absorbing ghosts, but a face of indifference looked at Zhang Zhongxuan and his party, specifically, looking at Zhang Zhongxuan, and a rustling chill spread among the two soul attendants and Zhang Zhongxuan and his party. In the air, I don’t know when a cold wind blew, sweeping up the swallowtail among the two pedestrians, which made people feel a little dignified.
Zhang Chongxuan shook his right hand and looked at the two soul attendants. He smiled and said, "Don’t you want to go beyond reincarnation? I just sent you to the reincarnation. "
The remaining two soul attendants showed a trace of anger when their eyes were cold. Obviously, they were angered by Zhang Zhongxuan’s words. One of them sneered and said, "Although the reincarnation hand is the nemesis of soul attendants, it doesn’t matter as long as it doesn’t get hit by the reincarnation hand. You think that you and those disciples behind you can drag us into the water, which is too overestimated."
Zhang Chongxuan raised his hand, blew it gently, and said, "I’m not overestimating myself, but I understand the present situation. I’m sure you are doomed to die in my reincarnation, aren’t you?" Kill the gods! "
“!” When the two soul attendants heard Zhang Chongxuan’s words, they couldn’t help shivering, and their faces showed a look of emotion. They subconsciously looked behind them, but they didn’t find any sign of Leitian. At this time, they found that the golden light on the ground in front of them flashed, and the dark call was bad. They knew that they had been taken in by Zhang Chongxuan, and they quickly withdrew to the side without thinking.
Bang! The soul waiter in front of the station couldn’t escape, and he was bombarded by Zhang Zhongxuan’s reincarnation hand. The whole person collapsed, and the body began to pull away uncontrollably, becoming black and disappearing into the air, while another soul waiter narrowly escaped Zhang Zhongxuan’s blow because he leaned back. He looked at his companion in shock and died under Zhang Zhongxuan’s reincarnation, and his heart couldn’t help but jump up.
Pa, pa, pa, crisp applause came from you, which made everyone on the field feel a sigh. The applause seemed to be hundreds of miles away, but it seemed to be between people, and it was false and real, which made people have no bottom at all. Everyone could not help but be drawn by the applause, and even their hearts were beating with it.
At this time, Zhang Zhongxuan on the side shouted aloud: "Never mind, that is applause, don’t think too much."
Zhang Zhongxuan voice down, Zhao Zifeng and others were a quiver. The whole people woke up, only to find that they and others had been conquered by people unconsciously just now, and their hearts were more than horror. You know, with their current practice, they were only lost in a few applause, and without exception, this does not mean that they and others are poor. But that the other side is too strong, think of this. Everyone’s heart sank, because they knew that this must be the fifth soul attendant of the Earth Treasure King Bodhisattva!
On the edge, the soul waiter who was originally in shock looked happy at this time. The andao savior came and got up and greeted him in the direction of the applause. I saw a middle-aged man with a feather and a star crown walking slowly under the gray sky. Fluttering and whispering.
A breath of dust came upon us, and everyone’s mind was alarmed. This leitian gave people a whole temperament and gave people an unspeakable taste. It was a kind of arrogance, but it didn’t make people feel bored. Coupled with leitian, the whole person gave people a sense of greatness, which made Zhao Zifeng and others feel like seeing the gods.
Leitian came slowly, and he took a step. Everyone seemed to see that he had come to his side, but his shadow was still far away. Zhao Zifeng sighed on the spot: "This should be the legendary realm of returning to deification."
The yogi’s cultivation begins with the cultivation of Qi, and then gradually advances to the cultivation of Yuan God, and finally Yuan God becomes one. Pursuing the harmony between man and nature, but the harmony between man and nature is not the highest realm. The path of cultivation has no end, just like anything in the world, and there will never be a final end. For example, when a person dies, it is regarded as an end, but it is not a new place, but a return to deification. It is to take it to the next level after entering the unity of heaven and man. At this time, people who cultivate immortals use their powerful yuan gods to refine, in general. The farther behind, the Yuan God will be gradually released, and his aggressiveness will gradually increase, and he will be more in the middle of the virtual and the real, which will never be seen through.
"Haha, what a return to deification." Leitian puffed up to laugh, and the smell of dust disappeared in an instant. Instead, it was a kind of wild domineering. When this momentum came out, Zhao Zifeng and others only felt in front of them, and there were hordes rushing up. The whole people were covered up by the momentum of the battlefield killing all over the sky. They only felt that their ears were ringing off the hook, and their bodies trembled, and they all even took three steps back, except, of course, Zhang Zhongxuan and the only soul waiter here.
The soul waits in the smile of white gas, but Zhang Zhongxuan is still, and the two compete and see.
Bai Qi’s eyes narrowed, he looked at Zhang Chongxuan and said to Zhao Zifeng, "Do you know what kind of realm your master is?"
"Master?" Zhao Zifeng suspected, but the voice was not his alone, and Jixue and others were also involved.
Leitian said flagrantly, "So much for returning to deification. I think your master has already reached the realm of returning to deification and emptiness. He would be so miserable if he didn’t run in with his Yuan God at this moment. If I guess correctly, you have followed him for so long and have never seen him attack with Yuan God."
When Zhao Zifeng and others heard leitian, their minds were alarmed and they looked at Zhang Zhongxuan in succession. Although they knew that Zhang Zhongxuan had descended from the celestial world, they never thought that Zhang Zhongxuan had cultivated a higher level of deification than deification. It was a kind of state. No wonder Zhang Zhongxuan was so powerful.
Looking at Zhang Chongxuan, the ghost attendant who was struggling aside said, "Bai Qi, since his Yuan God is in harmony with the physical body, why not solve him as soon as possible? We will collect the evil spirits here and surpass the reincarnation earlier."
With a snort of cold, Leitian glanced at the soul waiter with disdain and said, "Do you think it’s so easy to solve him?"
The soul waits for a quiver, incredibly speechless under leitian eyes.
Zhang Zhongxuan smiled and teased the soul attendant: "I am the one he wants to solve, not you. Do you believe it?"