Long-browed real people smiled and said, "This doesn’t mean that you have to participate when you come to this level. This is the rule! Although I don’t know who made the decision, all monks in the world should abide by it anyway, and you are no exception. It’s a pity that after all, you are just a novice who has just broken through the true fairy land. If it takes time, it’s really troublesome … "
Before the long-browed real person finished speaking, he was interrupted by a real person: "Hum! Long eyebrows! You don’t have to spoil my mood with words. Although I’m much worse than your entry, don’t forget that now this is just a busy person who can only wield four levels of strength. Do you think you can beat me with these strengths alone? Long eyebrows, you are too arrogant! "
Long eyebrow reality light way: "is it? Just now, I said that the realm of repairing the truth has changed. Do you mean that I am still the real person with long eyebrows? Will I be idle in the celestial world for more than a hundred years? Tell you what! The celestial world is not just as you think. It is the paradise of the practitioners and the paradise of the strong. "
Just as he was speaking, a bright white light suddenly came out from his chest and turned into a gorgeous sword light with three or four feet so glittering and translucent as ice, sprinting towards the key of the abdomen of a real person.
One-yuan reality whistled with a flash of golden light in his mouth, and another flying sword was sprayed out. This hidden in his mouth is his real name of uniting mind and body. At this time, dealing with long-browed reality is naturally afraid to have any reservations.
"Long eyebrow! You really still have this virtue. It’s not new to sneak up on you now! "
Look at the long-browed real person, and the sword light meets the flying sword of the one-yuan real person, which is actually vulnerable and torn from the middle. However, there is something wrong with the expressions of these two people. The long eyebrows and real people are smiling, but then the face of the one-dollar real person will be returned!
One-yuan real person angrily said, "You … are so mean!"
The real person with long eyebrows smiled: "Didn’t you just say that my means are not new?" I’ll show you something new. How about it? Life’s core monuments’s dependent flying sword is uncomfortable to be polluted by ghosts! This is the soul of a thousand-year-old drowning ghost in the mysterious place of the North Sea. Don’t try to get rid of it without the most bursting sun. "
One-dollar real person gave long-eyebrow real person a bad look with a slight frown. However, the one-yuan reality did not lose its discretion. After weighing for a moment, the left index finger flew out and a red light was hitting the flying sword that was dimmed by the divine light. Please see next time if you want to know what will happen next time.

Back to the four hundred and thirty-ninth one-dollar reality (below)
Back to the one-yuan real person who wanted to deal with the silly monk, he was stopped halfway. The two lovers had to prove it on the spot.
This time, it was the turn of the long-browed real person to be amazed: "The sun is really hot! I didn’t expect you to collect such positive energy. It’s really not as good as a day! "
One-dollar real person sneered and said, "Would you believe me if I said I only had three such real fires?" If you still have the ghost of the Arctic drowning ghost, try again! "
After the shock, the real person with long eyebrows smiled and didn’t care too much: "Good! It’s really a three-day trip. Be impressed! Actually, in addition to the extreme yang, the sun is really hot! But this is fun. Wouldn’t it be boring if you lost at once! "
With a snort of cold, the one-yuan reality stared at the movements of the long-eyebrow reality. At this time, he has figured out how much the strength of the long-eyebrow reality is busy. I’m afraid it’s not only the four-layer strength of the ontology, but also the cultivation of the long-eyebrow reality now is out of his imagination. Knowing that defeat is more than victory, he is even more afraid to act rashly. If one move is wrong, it will be a complete defeat.
Long-browed reality sneers: "One-yuan reality! You and I are not enemies, but you should never lean your head against Li Jingxiu! Today I’ll send you to Shangdi Mansion first … "
However, his words have just been said to the general, but suddenly his face turned grim and looked to the east for a moment, and then he glanced at the real one, which seemed to be a little angry. But soon the real person with long eyebrows made up his mind to weigh the pros and cons in an instant. After that, he winked at the silly monk and left no malicious words. Set up the sword and the light disappeared into the sky. And the foolish monk was empty, and even more afraid to delay, he quickly mobilized the remaining mana on his body and set up a flying sword to follow.
Almost at the same time, you can already see three bright spots in the eastern sky, which turned out to be three sword lights flying in a hurry! The real Yuan breathed a sigh of relief. As soon as he saw the blood-red sword light, he knew that there was no danger today. To say who on earth are those three people who can scare off the arrogant long-browed reality! Presumably, I don’t need to say that you also have a good idea! As the saying goes,’ it’s not that enemies don’t get together’. The real person Li Jingxiu appeared in this place at this time, and the meaning is probably only the real person with long eyebrows. This confidant who is also an enemy and friend of him can understand!
And what attitude does the retreating of the long-browed real person show? ——
In recent months, the country located in the east of Annan is experiencing the biggest crisis in his hundreds of years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, and the extinction of the country is just around the corner! Rumors have been circulating in the streets and alleys of South Street, the capital of the kingdom. It is widely rumored that this time China is really angry, and it has touched the war of national annihilation. Millions of troops in the north are under siege. The commander-in-chief of the great army, Zou Shilang, was even said to have killed the devil, and even ordinary people didn’t let go of a prisoner. There was no one alive where the great army passed. What is even more disturbing is that. Behind the army, I don’t know how many civilian workers are building houses and farming on the occupied land.
Speaking of rumors, this kind of thing originated from people’s bad habits. Lying is an instinct for everyone. Almost everyone will say things that deviate from the truth for different purposes. When people say things by word of mouth, they have already changed their taste in the countries where they have crossed toes. 200,000 troops became millions of soldiers. While the 700,000-800,000 refugees swelled to 300,000-400,000. The whole country is immersed in the panic of lies, and a large number of rich and powerful people have fled to the western countries. The threat of death is close at hand, and even the once popular state religion can no longer arouse the crazy hearts of Chinese people.
At this time, the town of Nanguan is five hundred miles south of the front line. Under a medium-sized city called Laocheng. Twenty thousand troops are besieging the wall that is not more than ten feet high. Although the soldiers guarding the city fought bravely. Resistance is strong, but it is only a matter of time before the city is broken.
General Zou Shilang rode on a tall horse full of blood. Standing on a hill in the west of the city, looking at the battlefield from a distance. It’s just that at this time, his expression is somewhat unnatural. Obviously, the mind is not in the fierce fighting battlefield, always secretly watching the void around him floating more than three feet high Yi Yu!
After a long time, Zou Shilang finally couldn’t help but carefully worded: "This! Shangxian … You see, we can’t let go of this fight. Otherwise, you can just take the city. Why bother! "
Yi Yu is smiling. At this time, he is really cheerful. Princess Yang Zi’s eye disease has finally recovered, and she can also use seven or eight floors of her strength, and her strength is no longer under the control of others. The great changes in the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’ are smooth, and the general terrain has been settled. With the influx of Chinese people, the residents in the original "pure land of bliss" finally realized the crisis, put down their hatred and formed a joint army under the guidance of "SIRS Goddess", and began to be in the middle.
Build a fortress at the mountain pass. Shen Wuji, Qi Xiaer and other goddesses who were originally loyal to their hearts have also begun to spread their faith to the influx of people who have crossed their toes. Qin Han Calyx and Tang Wan also collected more than tens of thousands of bodies on the original battlefield and went to a peripheral island to study their belief in the undead. Perhaps it won’t be long before the first batch of necromancers will be found in the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’.
Yi Yu took a rest look at Zou Shilang lightly and said, "Oh? The general seems to be in a hurry! "
Zou Shilang didn’t know what Yi Yu really meant, so he had to bite the bullet and say, "This … is immortal! I’m afraid this army will be exhausted if it can’t fight … "
Yi Yu sneered at a track: "Oh? It turns out that the general thinks so! But being original is to ask the general, I don’t know what geometry I have conquered with 200,000 troops since I went south. Kill several enemies? How many soldiers have been injured? "
Zou Shilang’s face turned stiff and said, "This! The last town-Nanguan war was fought by the immortals to destroy the enemy. Now … "
Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Yi Yu: "It’s not a day or two for a general to be an official in the court. What virtues are those officials in the court? I think they know better than me! If such casualties are reported to the higher authorities, I will give you a claim for military exploits and a crime of deceiving you! If false casualties or deceives you … "
"ah!" Zou Shilang exclaimed and remembered that although the emperor knew about the fix true person, most of those officials in the DPRK did not. If you kill tens of thousands of enemies. There are only a hundred casualties. I’m afraid even those stupid scholars can’t cheat!
Yi Yu sneered: "So! Let them fight at the gates! Life and death are rich in the sky! " Then his face changed slightly and he looked at a high mountain in the south. Showed a playful smile and seemed to see a very fun toy! The blink of an eye has disappeared-
There is a bustling town called Yingshan at the foot of the mountain gate that flies to view, because people who come here to seek immortality and visit Taoism rely on Fairy Mountain in an endless stream. It has always been a bustling commercial city. Moreover, everyone at the foot of the immortal came with awe, and no one dared to make trouble here, even more harmonious than the good place of the king’s capital.
It’s just that there are more discordant voices in this city today, just above the street. A group of fierce men are staring at a middle-aged scribe who is obviously injured and lying on the ground. Not far away, there is still a silver flying sword. It’s just faded. I can’t fly anymore.
He saw a short man with black rod turned out from behind the big fellow. A yi tooth shows a mouthful of yellow teeth, and it looks like a local native. It’s just that this black and thin man doesn’t look good. But the strong breath of surging body is not falsely turned out to be a monk who is not weak! He walked up to the middle-aged scribe and looked at him contemptuously as if he were watching a piece of shit for a long time, and then sneered, "Ha! What a surprise! Long xuzi! It’s really a shame that our great disciple of Zhangjiao has today! Now you are not even as good as an ant in my eyes. What can you do if your heart is higher than the sky? It’s not the end of come to a bad end! "
Long Xuzi, who was lying on the ground unable to stand up, felt remorse in his heart. He thought that he thought he was self-righteous and would win. Undoubtedly, he naively thought that Master Zhang would definitely support him. He even boasted that he would expel all the disciples from Jiaojiao country. Unexpectedly, he ended up like this now!
Thinking about this, he felt ashamed and resentful: "Oh, my God! What the hell did I do, Long Xuzi? Master! Master, how can they be allowed to run amok? A group of arrogant ordinary people can stand a chance against those big schools in the Central Plains … "It’s just that it’s useless for him to think about everything now, so he just closes his eyes and waits for death.
Long Xuzi’s eyes were cold and said, "The black star falls! If I don’t die today, you and I won’t die endlessly … "He was so badly injured that a little excited words came from his throat with a rumbling sound of" Gollum "and blood mixed with minced meat gushed out from his mouth. The flesh is weaker, the face is as pale as paper, and the vitality is already weak. If it weren’t for the solid foundation of the fix true person, I’m afraid I would have died long ago.
A big man in black came to his side and stepped on Long Xuzi’s face and tried to run it over! Laughing wildly: "Ha ha ha! You thief are so hard-fated, your bones are shattered and your internal organs are in a pot of porridge, and you still have a breath! However, I am merciful and can’t bear to see your pain, so I will give you a ride! "
The black-skinned monk named Hei Luoxing sneered, "I wonder which one of you has such a blessing to know that it is a glorious thing to kill the big disciple of Zhang Jiao who came to see Fei!" Although he has betrayed our master. "
That a few strong big fellow echoed laughter madness.
How can there be a trace of calm and restraint that a monk should have!
The black man flashed his flying sword with a whisking, and looked at Long Xuzi with a ferocious look. As long as his mind moved, he could kill him. "I said! That big brother’s long pain is worse than short pain. I’m doing you a favor. Don’t hate me either. You’re dead anyway. You’re on the wrong team! As soon as the voice fell, the white flying sword went straight to Long Xuzi’s neck.
It’s too late to say that Long Xuzi will be killed by the sword. There was a sudden sound in the sky! There is no time for people to react, and a brilliant and magnificent silver sword light comes crashing. The smug man never dreamed that someone would suddenly look up in horror at this time.
Before he looked up completely, a silver "Yi" flashed into his forehead! Even if he is a monk, he can’t save his life at all. I only heard a loud sound of "poof", and the man who was about to commit a crime had been swallowed up by a flame shining with silver awn! Skin and flesh and blood are instantly steamed in high temperature, and the solid bones are not willing to turn into fly ash after a breath. Until his death, the big fellow didn’t understand what was going on. He was a confused ghost.
Next to the black star and others are very close, and the spark that jumped out of the silver flame seems to sweep them in. Immediately there are two big fellow nature was swept by Mars. The silver skyfire immediately burst into flames and was burned out of my wits. However, the black star still has some skills, and it doesn’t panic and raise my hand to hit a golden light. Resist those splashing sparks. At the same time, shout at top of voice and shoot a few feet of blue awn. The whole person is like a big blue ball of light. Those skyfires jump out of Mars, but they can’t break into it and hurt his body.
There was a gentle surprise from the air. Don’t seem to think of each other to fix for such a level. Just see the silvery white skyfire darting up and hitting the blue ball hard. Skyfire’s sudden light roared and roared like it was going to devour the black star at once.
"Boom!" Vibration with a loud noise like thunder. The blue light of the incarnation of the black star faded instantly and was almost scattered and turned into a virtual shadow, and quickly retreated back. "Rumble" a burst of disorderly ring. A street in the back was instantly destroyed. Any building was smashed to pieces. Fortunately, people in the city have long seen that it is wrong. Most of them hid out, and only the merchants who couldn’t put down their own property and a few bystanders were crushed to death in the ruins.
"Click!" A series of loud noises in the air. Dozens of deep red and bloody thunder thundered toward the blue light. However, the black star is not a straw bag. Seeing that the enemy is too powerful, he can’t be brave. The blue light split into 32 virtual shadows in an instant and fled in all directions. I don’t know which one is his real body.
But the opponent has been far out of the level of the black star, and the blood-red thunder actually struck out 32 virtual shadows at the same time like eyes. At the same time, Long Xuzi lying on the ground flashed a faint white light and disappeared without warning! After dozens of thunder wreaks havoc, Fiona Fang is just a scorched earth within 20 feet with the place of things as the center, and even the paved bluestones on the streets have been turned into dust!
"Come out! I know you didn’t die. Go back and tell your teacher that I took this person with me! " There is an arrogant and ethereal voice from the sky. If the Taoist priest of the Black Star is present, it is not hard to recognize that the owner of this voice is demon fairy Yiyu! Just now, Yi Yu was watching the scene of bustle in front of the battle, but she was always paying attention to the movement of flying to see the direction, which can show the movement here.
Long Xu Zi already knew that he would die, but suddenly he felt that his body was thin and the white light flashed around him and all changed! Now he is lying on an endless grassland, looking at a huge fire phoenix flying slowly in the blue sky, with an indescribable leisure. However, Long Xuzi soon felt the strangeness. This seemingly endless grassland doesn’t even have a bug! There is no sun in the sky except the big phoenix! He has felt that this is not the world he is familiar with.
Before he thought much, he felt a pure vitality pouring into his body from Tianling point. The peaceful energy nourishes the bones and viscera in his body, and all the injured tissues are quickly repaired, and the pain that is nothing to the practitioner is gradually disappearing. Long Xuzi closed his eyes, and he didn’t want to think about who saved him and what was the purpose of saving him.
I don’t know how long it took Long Xuzi to open his eyes again. He didn’t expect himself to fall asleep! There is no more serious pain, and the mana in the body works peacefully. Long Xuzi knows that his body is well, so does it mean that the person who saved him will also come out to talk! He never believes in doing good deeds. Generally, there is no such thing as saving people for no reason, and saving him means offending the powerful flying view. Please see the next "Cooperation" if you want to know what will happen afterwards.

The four hundred and fortieth cooperation (on)
Back to Yi Yu’s saving the son of Fei Fei Guan Zhang Jiao in a small town at the foot of Fei Fei Guan Shan, but he was never a good man who did good deeds. Why did he save a little-known monk? This problem is also plaguing Long Xuzi, who knows the skill of road flyover beam armor, and was beaten like that by Yi Yu last time, which shows that he is even more fierce and falls into this person’s hands at this time, which makes him feel uneasy.
White light flashing Yi Yu also appeared on this grassland, condescending to look at Long Xuzi lying on the ground as if he wanted to see something different.
Long Xuzi quickly rolled over and knelt down earnestly and said, "Senior! Thank you for saving your life. The younger generation will never forget each other! "